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IDW Comics checklist

Season 10

Collected Volumes: V1 [#1-5] V2 [#5-10] V3 [#11-15]


  • Conspiracy: 6 issues. The Lone Gunmen cross-over with Transformers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, The Crow (!)
  • Annual 2014: April 2014. 2 stories.
  • Year Zero: 5 issues, July-November 2014. Present-day X-Files and flashback to 1940s.
  • X-Files X-Mas Special: December 2014. Features both present-day and 1940s agents from Year Zero.
  • Millennium: 5 issues, January-May 2015. Frank Black is back!

S10#18: The Lowdown

Monica & John returns to the title characters, Reyes & Doggett, after their fate was left undecided in #2 and #3 of Believers — an issue short on events but probably setting the stage for future developments. We also see the Acolytes again, and get a firm idea of how much time has passed since Season 10 started.


More after the jump.

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S10#16-17: The Lowdown

Surrounded by mytharc-related story arcs Pilgrims and Monica & John is the two-part Immaculate. This story dells into more spiritual-religious themes, with angels, demons and the Church, echoing such episodes as 3X11: Revelations, 5X17: All Souls and 7X09: Signs and Wonders. And just when I thought that Season 10 would get its second purely new stand-alone story, the only other being #9: Chitter, Immaculate evolves into a Ten Thirteen cross-over and a teaser for a new IDW series coming in just a couple of months! More after the jump, including the vindication of a long-standing fan campaign!


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S10#15: The Lowdown

The “Pilgrims” arc comes to a conclusion with this issue and sheds some light to the events that unfolded in all the previous issues — but also poses some really big stakes and questions for the future of this new mythology. We don’t know how long Season 10 will last, but Joe Harris has managed to build something that makes it for a hardcore fan of the original series a joy to unravel, and there’s enough hinted at here that would support material for years’ worth of issues to come!…


Lowdowns for #11, #12, #13, #14. Heavy spoilers after the jump.

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S10#14: The Lowdown

In the penultimate issue of the “Pilgrims” arc, more answers and more questions on the ongoing season 10 mythology! Previous issues lowdowns: #11, #12, #13.


Congratulations to colorist Jordie Bellaire for her recent Eisner Award! In this issue she tops herself, with the whitewashed flashbacks and the black dialogue boxes for when it’s the Black Oil talking.

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S10#13: The Lowdown

And so it happened: The X-Files 10X13!

The “Pilgrims” arc continues with even more mytharc shenanigans after #11 and #12, and is as confusing as any classic mytharc episode of old!


More after the jump:

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S10#12: The Lowdown

In “Pilgrims” part 2, Mulder and Scully’s adventures in Saudi Arabia continue from issue #11 while Joe Harris resurrects old foes and plot points, but also now has enough material at his disposal that he starts making plot references from within Season 10.


This is also issue #12: Season 10 is now 1 year old! Although story-wise the end of the first “volume” would correspond more to #15, with the end of the current arc, this is a landmark date — and already writer Joe Harris is teasing fans with things on “year 2″!

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