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This last page concerns special cases that could, to some extent, be considered hybrids, or, because the Syndicate aimed to produce a hybrid in order to make a human immune to the Black Oil, cases where that immunity has manifested itself.

The Huichol, the Anasazi, the Tunguska folk

The Huichol Indians, a group of Indians in Mexico that historically mixed little with other groups of people, have developed a natural immunity to the Black Oil. Thanks to a particular gene strain found in them, their immune system promptly responds to a Black Oil virus infection and makes it impossible for the Black Oil to use them as hosts.

It is possible that the Anasazi Indians were also related to this people, and that their natural immunity was the reason why they were abducted and exterminated by the alien Colonists centuries ago.

It is also possible that this naturally-occurring genetic immunity was passed on to the Huichol and the Anasazi from their ancestors, before they crossed the Bering Strait and colonized the Americas some 40,000 years ago: a people that originated from the Siberian plains, in the region of Tunguska. Possibly through violent exposure to the Black Oil and/or magnetite that arrived in that area in meteor crashes, the folk that lived there built up a resistance to the Black Oil -- in the same way one builds up a resistance to the flu virus, through repeated exposure -- and naturally mutated and incorporated this immunity in their genome. It is thus likely that their descendants in Siberia also kept this immunity, and that they were the source of the vaccine against the Black Oil developed by the Russians in the Tunguska region in the 1990s.

The chimeras

The chimeras are an artificial life form created by the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) in secret, based on DNA from humans, the Black Oil and other unknown species; as a mixture of these different genomes, the chimeras can be described as hybrids.
They present a somewhat alien appearance, with some human characteristics, and they were not designed to be living organisms, they probably died as soon as their bodies were (artificially) fully grown.

DARPA, and the Pentagon in general, was not aware the Black Oil DNA really was of alien origin. Nevertheless, the deceased chimera bodies would serve as biological evidence of alien life, as a lure to believers to cover for the true illegal research conducted by the Pentagon, such as experimentation on humans. Only the Syndicate, whose members included officials working in the Pentagon, were aware of the true alien origin of the material used to create these chimeras. The production of such bodies must continue to the present date, independently of the happenings in the Syndicate and the Supersoldiers.

Gibson Praise

Gibson Praise is a boy that can naturally read minds, an attribute that is also found in the alien Colonists. Since humans were originally created from terrestrial and alien genetic material, it seems that the genes necessary for mind reading, of alien origin, were included in the human genome, but were shut down -- for evolutionary reasons, or because the Colonists considered the idea of having their own creations read their minds disturbing. In Gibson Praise, the parts of his genome that coded for proteins, organs and activity necessary for mind reading were turned on. As a result, Gibson can also identify who is human, who is alien and who is a Supersoldier.

It is possible that this "turning on of genes" in Gibson has the same origins as the Huichol genetic immunity (see above); indeed, Gibson being of Filipino descent, his ancestors might have been the same people in Siberia whose genome was modified due to exposure to Black Oil and/or magnetite thousands of years ago.

Fox Mulder

For a time, FBI Agent Fox Mulder was an alien/human hybrid immune to the Black Oil. In 1996, Mulder was exposed to a weakened form of the Black Oil in Tunguska, Russia, and injected with an incomplete version of the anti-Black Oil vaccine. This killed the Black Oil in him, however some of it remained, even more weakened, incapable of taking control of Mulder and using him as a host: inactive.

In 1999, Mulder was exposed to Galactic Cosmic Radiation, which reactivated to some extent the dormant Black Oil: it was still weak enough and incapable of controlling Mulder, but it began behaving like a true living organism, using its genome to code for proteins and other functions as if Mulder's body was the body of a grey Colonist: a Black Oil that was genetically active, but dormant. Mulder's own genome was not modified, however in his body two concurrent genomes were being expressed: human and alien, thus making him a hybrid. But how can someone who carries the Black Oil inside him be called immune to that same Black Oil? Because of the fact that Mulder's body carried Black Oil, any other Black Oil that would enter his body would recognize the already present Black Oil and consider this body infected. Mulder was saved from being taken over by the fact that his Tunguskan Black Oil was weakened and inactive.

C.G.B. Spender (commonly known as the "Cigarette Smoking Man") perceived what had happened to Mulder and attempted to transfer this artificially-occurring hybridization/immunity on himself. This he intended to achieve by brain surgery that would physically remove the Black Oil from Mulder's pineal gland and placing it on his own. The surgery succeeded on Mulder's side: he was no longer a carrier of the Black Oil and he safely recovered from the surgery. However, the immunity was not passed down to Spender; he got terminally ill as a result of the surgery. Mulder's immunity was a one-of-a-kind event.


William is the son of (ex-) FBI Agents Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. He was conceived in 2000 and born in 2001, simultaneously to several experiments by Zeus Genetics and to the chloramines-influenced 'organic Supersoldiers' generation of babies (see page 5). However, William's conception was not tampered with by Zeus Genetics or the modified Black Oil in chloramines: his conception was entirely natural and the fruit of love.

After his natural conception though, William was indeed influenced by the modified chloramines since he was targeted through the implants in his mother's neck. This influence continued after his birth and William exhibited all the signs showing that he was on the path to being changed into an 'organic Supersoldier': telekinesis, and an iron buildup in his blood stream that would eventually result in a metallic vertebra. All these extra-human capabilities were not due to his parents' history: despite the fact that both Scully and Mulder had been exposed to the Black Oil and otherwise experimented on during their lives, by the time William's conception came they were both cleansed of any alien biological material in them (either from a vaccine injection or by brain surgery). William's abilities were given to him through the Supersoldier-led chloramine project.

His development into a Supersoldier was cut short though, by an injection of a magnetite solution by Jeffrey Spender, who knew what William was turning into. Ever since, William was rid of any alien biological influence and continued to grow as a normal human child.

Nevertheless, his conception was deemed miraculous because Willam's mother, the victim of experimentation by the Syndicate and the alien Colonists, was left barren. Scully's fertility was given back to her, inadvertently, by her coming into contact with one of the original Ships of the Colonists in Côte d'Ivoire, Africa, in 1999; this Ship was capable of healing or even resurrecting all life forms and healed Scully of her ailment.

Thus William was also the result of the Ship's will to conceive him, for William is the subject of an ancient prophecy of the alien Colonists (or so it would appear to us humans): that William is the prophesized leader of the colonization that will happen in 2012. His status as a leader is unquestioned and is not dependent on his biology, William is simply the chosen one. Once the prophecized leader was identified, still an unborn fetus, the Colonists, or their representatives the Supersoldiers decided to make him also biologically alien and controlled by an alien conscience: that is why it was attempted to convert him into a Supersoldier. This was deemed necessary because it is also prophesized that William could become, quite contrarily, the leader of the resistance to the colonization and be the cause of the Colonists' demise.

In 2002, after he was got rid of the alien influence on him, and in an attempt to have the Supersoldiers lose track of him, William was given up by his mother, anonymously, and was adopted by the Van de Kamps, a rural couple in Wyoming. It is important to note that these last paragraphs are based on scarce information and, particularly given our human, and thus incomplete, understanding of alien-related lore and science, the information provided herein may be misleading. The nature of William's role in the coming colonization remains unclear, but it is certain that it will be an important one. On December 22, 2012, he will nearly be 12 years old.

Wildcards in the fateful events surrounding mankind's future and its colonization by Purity are the alien Rebels -- last seen in 1999 and who might have been utterly destroyed -- and the Walk-ins -- immaterial spiritual beings for whom 2012 is also an important date.

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