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On Volume Two : We fans have a chance to weigh in on what cues will be included in there!
If you want to contribute to making up a list of fan-favourites for La La Land's consideration,
please send me your 6 cues (say 4 absolute must-haves + 2 personal favourites)
that you are craving for for a CD-quality, no sound effects- or dialogue-burdened release!

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On May 10, 2011, La La Land Records released a 4-CD box set with Mark Snow's music from the X-Files and it was revealed that its name was "The X-Files Volume One", with a "Volume Two" in the works and estimated to be released in 2012! On top of this pure unadulterated awesomeness of this piece of news, La La Land once more opened the floor to the public for suggestions and requests for that second volume!

It might be greedy to be thinking already of a potential "Volume Three" (Would it really? 40 episodes/volume fill 5 4-CD volumes easily!) -- but considering that the second volume might be one of our last chances in the foreseeable future to have more music from the series released, this is an important opportunity.

In March 2010, La La Land released on the FilmScoreMonthly boards a preliminary list of episodes on which they were focusing their selection on. This selection contained 68 episodes. Of these, 35 did make it into the Volume 1 box set, meaning that 5 more were added that were not in the shortlist, and 33 from that shortlist did not make it in Volume 1. The 33 remaining thus have a high likelihood to find their way into Volume 2; they are listed below:

1X12 Beyond the Sea
1X15 Young at Heart
1X16 E.B.E.
2X03 Blood
2X05 Duane Barry
2X06 Ascension
2X12 Aubrey
2X21 The Calusari
2X23 Soft Light
3X01 The Blessing Way
3X04 Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
3X12 War of the Coprophages
3X13 Syzygy
3X18 Teso Des Bichos
3X24 Talitha Cumi
4X03 Home
4X15 Memento Mori
4X20 Small Potatoes
5X03 Redux II
5X04 Detour
5X12 Bad Blood
5X14 The Red and the Black
5X17 All Souls
6X02 Drive
6X10 SR 819
6X20 The Unnatural
6X21 Field Trip
6X22 Biogenesis
7X14 Theef
7X22 Requiem
8X15 Deadalive
8X21 Existence
9X05 4D

The list below complies suggestions from a great number of sources: the old and defunct X-Files music website, other bootleg recordings, the FilmScoreMonthly boards, various X-Files forums, feedback I have received directly, and of course my own suggestions. A great thanks goes to all contributors.

As of yet, I have not included additional music requests from the 40 episodes whose music was released in Volume 1. While some music from those episodes was left out, the most significant cues were included, and it's best to concentrate on the remaining 162 episodes out there!

One important thing to take into notice is that the list below features cues that were noticed by us viewers, but a great part of the X-Files' success was the atmosphere and mood created by Mark Snow's ambient soundscapes. These ambient cues were often in the background, overlayed by dialogue or sound effects, and are difficult to recall. However that does not mean that they should be overlooked: a complete X-Files soundtrack would have to include some of those difficult-to-track but essential cues. The amount of music per episode found by the podcast Snow TraX illustrates that point perfectly.
Since the list is quite long and not all cues have the same significance, I have attempted to add an "appreciation" column, with stars ranging from 1 to 3 (3 being the highest); ratings are based on the and how many times this particular cue has been popping up in requests.

Episodes previously opted by La La Land (the 33 above) have been noted with [opt].

In total, 90 episodes are listed below.

If you want to help building this list, do not hesitate to contact me! (or Mark Snow for that matter...)

This is, I believe, the fullest list around for unreleased X-Files music. Enjoy!

Season 1
1X01: Deep Throat
- Teaser: break-in
- Act I: Mulder meets Deep Throat in the bar, ca. 2min
- Piano "travelling" theme: Mulder walking from the fence towards Ellens AFB (31'), ca. 2min
- "Deep Throat's theme": end scene (used again in Mulder/DT scene in Ghost in the Machine), ca. 3min

1X04: The Jersey Devil - Motif...
1X05: Shadows
- Teaser motif, ca. 2min [video]
1X06: Ghost in the Machine - "Technology cue" (electronics/marimba sound loop): System designer tries to hack into the system, goes to the building (19'-23'), ca. 3min
- Piano loop, "Deep Throat's theme", harp (42'-end), ca. 2min
1X07: Ice - Motif...
1X10: Eve
- Mulder and Scully are with the girls in the car *
1X12: Beyond the Sea
1X15: Young at Heart
- "Omen"-esque motif/dark choir (notably: where Scully realizes she's not alone in her apartment), ca. 2min [video]
1X16: E.B.E. [opt]
- Mulder searches his appartment for bugs
- Piano chase motif: Mulder & Scully leave Washington and travel throughout the country to track the truck, ca. 2min [video]
1X18: Shapes
- Teaser cue (similar to Memoria on The Truth and The Light: the "Nature motif", used/recycled elsewhere)
1X19: Darkness Falls
- Various motifs, "bugs" motif, ca. 3min [video]
1X20: Tooms
- Teaser: Tooms theme (violin, mounts to violent violin plucking), ca. 2min
- Theme reprise when Scully finds bitemarks in her sandwich (28')
1X21: Born Again
- Mulder & Scully discover evidence; music escalates (36') *
Season 2
2X03: Blood
2X04: Sleepless
- Mulder's first meeting with Mr.X (cue begins when Mulder & Krycek find Cole's cell empty in the institute; Mulder gets a phonecall; then meeting with X; 17'-21'), ca. 3min
2X05: Duane Barry [opt]
Several atmospheric pieces:
- Teaser
- Mulder arrives at scene
- Hostage exchange
- Duane Barry wakes up at the hospital
2X06: Ascension
Several atmospheric pieces:
- Mulder at Scully's, flashes to her abduction
- Scully in Barry's trunk
- Barry reaches the top, Mulder escapes from the tram
- Mulder interrogates Barry
- Mulder goes to Matheson's and finds cigarettes
- End scene cue (melancholic music), ca. 2min [video]
2X09: Firewalker
(Reuses motifs from "Ice" and "Darkness Falls")
- Cue from helicopter flight throughout building search (05'-11')
2X11: Excelsius Dei
- Leo's painting (27'-28') - Episode climax (35')
2X12: Aubrey
2X13: Irresistible
- Scully's report and Pfaster picking up his next victim (11'-13')
2X14: Die Hand die Verletzt
- Teaser ("Omen"-esque dark choir)
- Pig dissection and satanic ritual-induced suicide (23'-24')
- Snake eats man
- Episode climax: school search, satanic worshipping, shootout at the end (38')
2X16: Colony - Teaser cue (behind Mulder's monologue)
- Moody music ("Ambrose Chapel" tells his spiel on the clones; one 'Gregor' clone meets up with 'Samantha' clone), then action piece (clone jumps from his window, street chase) (17'-23')
- Dark pulsing motif (eg, Scully finds facility, 35')
[video montage of several cues]
2X17: End Game
- "Previously on the XF" opening montage and Teaser: pulsing motif
- Act I: Scully confronts the shapeshifter/Mulder (03') - Mulder enters facility with Samantha clones (19') - Teaser motif reprise as Mulder arrives at the submarine (31')
2X18: Fearful Symmetry
- Another nature motif...
2X19: Dod Kalm
- Teaser cue (dark motif as ship finds lifeboat)
- End scenes: Scully's last journal entry; Scully falls asleep; rescue (41'-43')
2X21: The Calusari
- Gothic choir in exorcism scenes
2X22: F. Emasculata
- Act I: first scene at prison
- End scene at Skinner's office
2X23: Soft Light
- Teaser (present as Mitis Lumen in The Truth and the Light)
Season 3
3X01: The Blessing Way [opt]
- Scully gets arrested by military helicopter
- Scully finds the tape is missing in Mulder's office
- Ending scenes (Scully gets staged phonecall, gets invited by Skinner, they go to Mulder's apartment)
3X02: Paper Clip
- Mulder & Scully arrive at Klemper's greenhouse
- Mulder & Scully arrive at Strughold Mine
- UFO passing over Strughold Mine
- Mulder & Scully chased by hit squad at Strughold Mine
- Mulder & Scully & Skinner discuss at diner
- End scene at hospital
3X04: Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose
3X06: 2Shy
- Act I: first scene (policeman finds body), ca. 1min
- 2Shy theme (autopsy report; the next victim discusses her date with a friend; 2Shy awaiting her, then looks up hookers; later, reprise at hooker's death scene; 14'-19')
3X12: War of the Coprophages
3X13: Syzygy
- Angry mob stops Scully (variation on "Nature motif" from 1X18: Shapes)
3X14: Grotesque
- Teaser: dark gothic theme
- Patterson gives Scully advice and Scully finds evidence under the car, ca. 2min [video]
3X16: Apocrypha
- Car chase scene with Mulder & Krycek (07'-10')
- Krycek at the CSM's apartment, and CSM before the Syndicate (19'-21')
- Lone Gunmen on ice
- Mulder & Well-Manicured Man meet, continues into Scully at the hospital (29')
- Piano cue at the end in the cemetary, ca. 1min [video]
- Final scene with Krycek in silo, ca. 1min
3X17: Pusher
- Pusher's hypnotism theme (03')
- Lead up to the arrest and Pusher forcing officer to lit himself on fire (11'-14')
- Pusher in the FBI and Molly assaults Skinner (20'-24')
- Mulder with camera in the hospital, sees Pusher has a tumor (34')
3X18: Teso Dos Bichos
3X23: Wetwired
- Motif (in teaser)...
3X24: Talitha Cumi
- Mrs Mulder writes "palm"
- Mulder searches the stiletto in his family cottage, ca. 3min [video]
- Scully on computer finds Jeremiah clones
- CSM and henchmen arrest Jeremiah Smith at Social Security offices, ca. 2min
- Choral background during scenes between Jeremiah and CSM, ca. 3min [video]
Season 4
4X01: Herrenvolk - Teaser
- Act I: Action cue (chase with the Alien Bounty Hunter), ca. 4min
- Scully tapes an 'X' at Mulder's apartment
- Mr.X followed in Mulder's apartment building, and shot
- Mr.X writes SRSG
- End scene (the Alien Bounty Hunter heals Tena Mulder) [audio]
4X02: Unruhe
- Chorus and action cue as Scully is abducted and Mulder chases, ca. 1min
4X03: Home
4X09: Tunguska
- Piano motif (notably used when Krycek first talks to Mulder & Scully, after FBI bust; reused in Terma for scenes with Vasili Peskow), ca. 2min [video]
- Mulder & Scully chase man in airport
- Ambient strings & piano when Mulder goes to Marita's, ca. 1min [video]
- Dramatic music as Mulder & Krycek reach gulag, ca. 2min [video]
4X10: Terma
- Mulder wakes up to whispers of his Russian cell neighbour, ca. 2min
- Action cue, percussion & piano: Mulder & Scully reach rig by helicopter, explosion, ca. 3min [video]
- End scene (Krycek & tea; reprise of 1st cue), ca. 1min
4X13: Never Again
- Background soft oboe (?) during tattoo talking scenes
- Similar instrumentation when Scully getting tattooed
- Action cue and electronic tempo as Scully & Ed fight [video]
4X15: Memento Mori
- End of Act I (Grey-haired Man executes Kurt)
- Piano theme: Scully's diary scenes
- Mulder infiltrates facility
- Piano in penultimate scene: Mulder & Scully at hospital
4X17: Tempus Fugit
- Mulder checks body bags, ca. 2min [video]
4X19: Synchrony
- Theme: used in final scene; extended version when old Jason folllows Lisa (20'-22')
4X20: Small Potatoes
- Motif... (used in final scene, "I'm no Eddie Van Blundht either, am I?")
- Mulder trapped in storage locker)
4X24: Gethsemane
- "Heroic trekking" theme during the Yukon scenes, ca. 3min [video]
- Scully's reaction when Kritschgau's fingerprints indetify him on FBI computer (28'-29'), ca. 1min
- Piano as Scully follows Kritschgau, and action cue when she arrests him in basement garage (31'-33'), ca. 3min [video]
Season 5
5X02: Redux - Undercover, Mulder feels guards approaching; then sees greys bodies
- With Scully's voice-over to Blevins, Mulder has trouble with access card
5X03: Redux II
[Actually both Redux I & II were confirmed by LLL]
- Mulder watches as Samantha leaves with CSM, ca. 1min
- Mulder at Scully's bedside
- "Godfather" debacle: Mulder's testimony, CSM shot
- End scene (Mulder crying)
5X04: Detour
- Wooden instruments chase theme
5X08: Kitsunegari
- Teaser: prison break cue
5X11: Kill Switch
- Teaser: choral samples in music building tension
5X12: Bad Blood
- Act I: Funny music, Mulder & Scully in XF office
- Mulder in trailer park, finds Ronnie sleeping in coffin
5X13: Patient X
- End scenes (Marita's phonecall to Mulder; Mulder at phone booth; Scully on the bridge) [audio]
5X14: The Red and the Black
- Piano theme at teaser and end scene, ca. 2min [video]
- Dramatic theme (first scene at the bridge in Act I and when Scully first wakes in hostpital)
- Discomforting music during Scully's hypnosis
- Motif: The Alien Bounty Hunter steps in the truck
5X16: Mind's Eye
- End scene
5X17: All Souls
5X18: The Pine-Bluff Variant
- "Undercover" theme (teaser; climax scenes)
Season 6
6X02: Drive [opt]
- Haunting motif: Scully investigates the Crump residence
- End: Mulder reaches the ocean
6X06: Terms of Endearment
- The two digging up scenes (reuses motif from 4X05: The Field Where I Died)
6X07: The Rain King
- Sheila tells Mulder & Scully it's all her fault (20'-22')
- Mulder confronts Holman (28'-30')
6X09: Tithonus
- Teaser: dark ambient music [video]
- End: dark ambient and piano, ca. 1min [video]
6X10: S.R. 819
- Theme: used throughout, notably when Skinner tells Scully he remembers seeing a bearded man/Krycek, ca. 3min [video]
- Piano when Scully examines Skinner's blood [video]
- End scenes: Skinner 'healed' [video]
6X18: Milagro
- Teaser (heartbeat motif), ca. 2min
- End: piano after "Agent Scully is already in love"
6X19: Three of a Kind
- Byers first sees Susanne Modeski at the Casino
6X20: The Unnatural
6X21: Field Trip
- Act I: 'Trekking' strings cue as Mulder investigates field [video]
6X22: Biogenesis
- Teaser: Scully's monologue
- Scully chases Barnes
- Scully's monologue ("Who tends the flames?")
- End scene: Scully in Africa ("Dies Irae" quotations)
Season 7
7X07: Orison
- Dark theme (Scully kills Pfaster; reprise at end scene) [video]
7X08: The Amazing Maleeni
- Teaser
7X14: Theef
7X15: En Ami
- CSM & Scully at dinner (33'-36')
7X22: Requiem
- Mulder's abduction scene ("Stairway to Heaven")
Season 8
8X05: Invocation
- Teaser: piano rendition of "All the pretty little horses"
8X07: Via Negativa
- Dark music during Doggett's vision
8X08: Per Manum
- Soft wind instruments turn into dark ambient as Scully explores Zeus Genetics, ca. 2min [video]
- Scully discovers videotape recording of ultrasound
8X10: Salvage
- Ending (41'-44'), ca. 3min
8X15: DeadAlive [opt]
- End scene piano and chorus (Mulder is alive), ca. 3min [video]
8X20: Essence
- Teaser: ambient music with horn [video]
- End scene: action cue (FBI garage chase), ca. 4min [video]
8X21: Existence
- Motif...
Season 9
9X01: Nothing Important Happened Today
- End scene: piano and dark choir samples, ca. 1min [video]
9X05: 4D
- Motif...
- Piano as Reyes unplugs Doggett [video]
9X07: John Doe
- Doggett discovers his tattoo ("Semper fi.")
9X13: Audrey Pauley
- Reyes released (39'-41')
- End scene: Reyes & Doggett (43'-44')
9X17: William
- Teaser: piano cue
- Piano as The Breather holds William ("For Mulder")

- Alternate main title ideas?

- 1X79: Pilot: Alternate end credits

- "Secrets of the X-Files" documentary theme *

- Alternate cues?

Oh, and the most important part: Thank you Mark Snow and thank you La La Land!

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