Case Profile

ETs impregnate animals in a zoo and collect the babies, occasionally giving invisibility to the abducted animals and returning them outside the zoo. M&S are caught between the zoo owners and animal activists as a mountain gorilla that can talk with sign language reaches full term.

Field Report

A minor episode not important in the mythology, written by Steven Delarnatt. The reason why the aliens would want to make a Noah's Ark is unclear, but this isn't the point in this ecology-oriented episode. Also, why would they use animals in zoos instead of animals in the wild? They could draw much less attention. Even less so if they'd return the animals exactly where they took them. Invisibility was introduced in 1X09: Fallen Angel, seen later on 7X22: Requiem; here it seems invisibility is an ability that can be given from the ETs to anyone and anything, including living animals. One shouldn't look a complete coherence with the rest of the mythology with this episode which is entertaining nevertheless.

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