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--- Sites active today ---

The X-Files Lexicon
Launched in the same period as EatTheCorn, with analyses and frequent updates, the Lexicon has been a tireless force in the fandom and a reference for X-philes.

Millennium - This Is Who We Are
The definitive gathering point for all MillenniuM fans

Universe 1013
News on all 1013 alumni - particularly the crew

X-Files Universe
A fresh XF site with new forums!

The X-Files Truth
An all-new (2011) podcast with a dynamic team.

See also the Snow TraX podcast, exclusively dedicated to Mark Snow's music!

--- International X-Files/1013 ---

Autopsie d'une série culte
A courageous project with in-depth analyses of each episode and story arcs progression over seasons, in French (Québec).

X-Files Memories
A very active French forum

La Vérité Est Ici
The historical French site where the most in-depth discussions happened

X-Files Blue Book
Italian site, publisher of the international XF web magazine "Blue Book"

Expedientes X
Active Spanish site (from Spain)

--- Sites online but no longer active, or sites offline ---

XF Timeline
All events referenced and catalogued chronologically.

The X-Files Music - German
Offers recordings from episodes with Snow's music. There is material enough for many sequels to The Truth and the Light! In German.

Inside The X
Everything in .txt and some in .pdf avaiable

XF In-jokes list
Trivia by the thousands!

XF Script Differences
Part of the above site, now taken down by FOX... (accessed through web.archive.org)

The X-Files Underground
A text-heavy page on the  whole of the mythology.

Mytharc & Newsgroup Information Resource
The remenants of the original mid-90s a.t.x-f discussions.

The Official Site
Once upon a time, it was the reference meeting place for XF fans, the place where discussions took place right after an episode aired. Now it has nothing to offer apart from promotion for the DVD sets.

Morgan & Wong Online
...and a Darin section! -- OFFLINE!

The X-Files Music
The original source for Mark Snow recordings recordings from episodes. -- OFFLINE!

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