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> Connected to
> User "[MN 1068-06]"
> Passw "********"
> Autorun transmission #1013
> Src: "The Lone Gunmen"
> Txt follows:
People have died to get to know this. Wars have broken out over far less than this information. But thanks to many sacrifices, we the Lone Gunmen have succeeded in gathering data from a thousand sources and making the necessary connections to unravel the most well hidden mysteries. We present to you, uncensored and fully complete, the real story of the last 60 years. Not the one you read at your local newspaper or get taught by your politically-correct history professor, but the one in which a handful of men decided the fates of billions and did everything to remain in the shadows. We will describe, point by point, the events that secretly changed the face of the world. We will expose the grim future where all of this has inevitably been leading us. Let the truth be known! Be sure to purchase our next issue of The Magic Bullet where we continue our series of articles on the reemergence of gnosticism in the internet subculture, and in what diabolic ways the government tracks it down! And remember, eat the corn!
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