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12.22.05 | Countdown

The date is set and there are 7 years remaining to reach it. Tick, tick, Scully.

The DataBase hase been updated. More is on the way.

11.25.05 | Launch

After too many years of laying around in different hard drives, it is time for all the data I compiled over my X-phile career to see the light of the global net. Exactly 9 years after I first saw an X-Files episode, Eat The Corn launches! The data online is scarce but there is much that is already written, data that will be uploaded imminently. And there is still much work to do. Years after the series left the center of public attention, years after the bulk of the fansites were left over and the buzz died down, this fresh all-new site will fight to keep the memory and the fandom alive. Fellow followers of the Lone Gunmen from all over the world, come and join the cause!

– Orodromeus

<ideologial rant>

“The answers are there. You just have to know where to look.”
-Scully, 1X79: Pilot

…and in E.T.C we know where to look: all the answers lie in the episodes. And analyzing the episodes, we will understand The X-Files’ complex mythology.

</ideological rant>

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