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If you want to contribute to making up a list of fan-favourites for La La Land’s consideration, please send me your favourite cues that you are craving for for a CD-quality, no sound effects- or dialogue-burdened release!

After a very, very long wait since 1996’s “The Truth and the Light“, La La Land Records released audio CDs with Mark Snow’s original music for The X-Files in 2011, 2013 and 2016. Pure unadulterated awesomeness of ambient and thematic works by Mark Snow, without any dialogue layered on top!

On May 10 2011, La La Land Records released a 4-CD box set; it was revealed that its name was “The X-Files Volume One“, with a “Volume Two” in the works and estimated to be released in 2012. The second volume, 4 CDs also, was released on September 10 2013, to mark the show’s twentieth anniversary (as suggested by Eat The Corn!). A “Volume Three” was expected for 2015; it was released on October 25 2016 in the wake of the show’s revival. La La Land also released Mark Snow’s music for Millennium: 2-CD first outing in 2008 (at the time thought to be the one and only) and the 2-CD Volume Two in 2015. Their 2-CD set for the music in the 6-episode revival was released on April 25 2017.

A “Volume Four” is something La La Land is considering, given strong sales. The focus is expected to be on episodes not covered in previous volumes, however requests for important cues that were skipped the first time around are so recurring that I hope LLL might reconsider. More limited editions of full episodic scores are also things LLL is exploring. Throughout this process, La La Land opened the floor to the public for suggestions and requests.

And so Volume 1 covered 39 episodes; Volume 2 covered 33 episodes; Volume 3 just 17 episodes; 89 total. That’s close to half of the series’ episodes over 12 CDs, and with much music among the covered episodes that was not released. Surely there is space for more! However, these are limited editions with few copies; considering that the fourth volume might be one of our last chances in the foreseeable future to have more music from the series released, this is an important opportunity — especially since the BluRay box set of the series (December 2015) did not contain a separate audio track for music, which could have been an option. However, the 5.1 mix of the BluRay opens some new possibilities for bootleggers…

In March 2010, La La Land released on the FilmScoreMonthly boards a preliminary list of episodes on which they were focusing their selection on. This selection contained 68 episodes. Of these, 35 did make it into the Volume 1 box set, 18 made it in Volume 2, and 5 in Volume 3. The 10 remaining thus have a high likelihood to find their way into Volume 4; they are listed below:

1X12 Beyond the Sea 2X05 Duane Barry
2X06 Ascension
2X12 Aubrey
2X21 The Calusari
3X12 War of the Coprophages
3X13 Syzygy
3X18 Teso Des Bichos
4X15 Memento Mori 6X20 The Unnatural

Same as with most frequent fan requests, the remaining optioned episodes are from the earlier seasons.

Some very frequent requests that do not fall under the category of “original soundtrack”:

  • 6X03: Triangle: the explosive jazz during the climax of the episode is Dick Walters’ “Hot Liquorice”
  • 7X11: Closure: the ethereal piece heard in the teaser and at the climax when Mulder reunites with Samantha is Moby’s “My Weakness” (although…there are some Mark Snow overlays?)
  • 7X18: Hollywood A.D.: the dancing zombies that close the episode is actually “Pueblo Nuevo” by Buena Vista Social Club, although this is a Mark Snow rendition.
  • 8X06: Invocation: the rendition of “All the pretty little horses” is original enough that it is included in the list
  • 9X08: Trust No 1: the piano piece heard in the teaser montage and the train station scene is Chaikovsky’s “Barcarolle”
  • and of course all the other obviously non-Mark Snow music, such as Nick Cave’s “Red Right Hand” (in 2X06: Ascension) or Johnny Mathis’ “Wonderful, Wonderful” (in 4X03: Home), et caetera.


The list below complies suggestions from a great number of sources: the old and defunct X-Files music website, other bootleg recordings, the FilmScoreMonthly boards, various X-Files forums, feedback I have received directly, and of course my own suggestions. A great, great thank you goes to all contributors! (especially muldfeld, fommes, Nightwalker…)

One important thing to take into notice is that the list below features cues that were noticed by us viewers, but a great part of the X-Files’ success was the atmosphere and mood created by Mark Snow’s ambient soundscapes. These ambient cues were often in the background, overlayed by dialogue or sound effects, and are difficult to recall. However that does not mean that they should be overlooked: a complete X-Files soundtrack would have to include some of those difficult-to-track but essential cues. This is particularly true of several episodes throughout seasons 1 and 2. The amount of music per episode found by the podcast Snow TraX illustrates that point perfectly.

Since the list is quite long and not all cues have the same significance, I have attempted to add an “appreciation” column, with stars ranging from 1 to 3 (3 being the highest); ratings are based on the and how many times this particular cue has been popping up in requests. There are requests for individual cues in top of episodes as a whole — there are important 3-star cues in episodes that as a whole are less interesting!

  • Episodes that were covered are in gray (just 28 episodes).
  • Episodes that were covered but for which we still think there is some very good music that was, sadly, not included in the released volumes, are in brown (no less than 62 episodes!).
  • Episodes previously opted by La La Land have been noted with [opt] (the 10 remaining above).
  • The rest is episodes not yet covered by the first 3 Volumes (75 episodes!).

If you want to help building this list, do not hesitate to contact me! (or Mark Snow for that matter…) In total, music requests for 147 episodes are listed below + 28 episodes considered as “covered”: that’s over three quarters of the series’ 202 episodes! This is, I believe, the fullest list around for unreleased X-Files music. Enjoy!

Episode Description ***
Season 1
1X79: Pilot [covered] Additional requests
– Mulders sprays the X on the road; drive to Bellefleur
** – Motel mosquito bite (ca. 2min)
– Peggy is dead/Fire at the motel (ca. 1min40)
– Billy’s hypnosis (ca. 1min30)
– Scully writes report/watches the implant
1X01: Deep Throat [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: break-in (very similar queue as the Vol.3 track “Eye Poke”) (0:07-1:22)
– Opening piano, shot of Washington DC, Scully and Mulder at the bar (2:07-2:36)
– Scully and Mulder at the bar, Mulder meets Deep Throat in the toilets, (4:10-6:30) [video]
– Mulder and Scully discuss the case in the motel (29:20-31:30) (similar to start  of the Vol.3 track “Trek to Yellow Base”)
** – Mulder drugged in hangar (37:28-38:00)
– Mulder and Scully in front of the Budahas house, Scully writes her field report (41:48-43:10) (similar queue as the start of the Vol.3 track “UFO Technology”)
*** – End scene: Mulder meets Deep Throat (“they’ve been here for a long, long time”), “Deep Throat’s theme” (43:10-45:20) (longer version with closing chords of Vol.3 track “UFO Technology”) (used again in Mulder/DT scenes in 1X06: Ghost in the Machine, 1X09: Fallen Angel) [video]
[video] with compilation of above cues
1X02: Squeeze [covered]
1X03: Conduit [covered] Additional requests
** – Mulder and Scully first meet Darlene Morris and Kevin (7:59-8:45 ) (variation of and immediately follows the Vol. 3 track “Weather Balloons”) [video]
– Ominous strings as NSA agents arrive (17:04-17:44)
** – M&S follow Ruby’s friend into library (13:13-13:50)
– M&S investigate the house and discover the “01” Ruby picture (33:45-35:23)
1X04: The Jersey Devil – Teaser
– Various dark motifs (repetitive strings)
1X05: Shadows *** – Teaser synth and piano motif, ca. 2min (e.g. Teaser) [video]
– Various moods during episode [video]
1X06: Ghost in the Machine *** – “Technology cue” (electronics/marimba sound loop): Lamana follows Wilczek to Eurisco Building, Wilczek sees on Monitor how Lamana gets killed by COS (18:34-22:19)
– Mulder watches recording (23:12-24:02), ca. 1min
– Mulder driving to Wilczek’s, is stopped by suited Agents, meets with Deep Throat (24:07-25:11)
– Mulder meets Wilczek in prison, Scully has her computer hacked at night (28:38-30:44)
– Piano loop, “Deep Throat’s theme”, harp (42′-end), ca. 2min
1X07: Ice – Spooky motif in the base interiors… **
1X08: Space [covered]
1X09: Fallen Angel [covered] Additional request
** – “Deep Throat theme”: montage as Deep Throat tells Mulder about the crash site and Mulder investigates (4:18-6:40)
– Mulder sneaks into the guarded crash site (7:11-8:55)
1X10: Eve [covered] Additional request
– Action music at the end of the chase between M&S and the Eve girls (41:40-43:00)
1X11: Fire ** – Spooky string motifs… *
1X12: Beyond the Sea [opt] *
1X13: GenderBender [covered] Additional requests
(First use of the “Nature” motif, a repetitive two-note horns motif, reprised in 1X18: Shapes, 2X18: Fearful Symmetry and elsewhere)
– Teaser: “techno” music (0-1:51) (similar to Mark Snow’s work for “In the Line of Duty”, track “Street War” [video])
– ‘Sepulchral music’ as Scully talks to Brother Andrew, Mulder inspects the caverns (25:05-26:08)
– Mulder and Scully pursue killer (38:43-42:41; 42:58-44:16) (Found in The Truth and the Light)
1X14: Lazarus ** – End of Act II: Willis and Scully arrest Lula at her apartment (bass lines, percussion) (ca. 2min) **
1X15: Young at Heart [covered]
1X16: E.B.E. [covered] Additional request
– Final Act: Inside the power plant/Chase action music, ca. 2min20
1X18: Shapes – Teaser cue (similar to Memoria on The Truth and The Light: the “Nature motif”, used/recycled elsewhere) **
1X19: Darkness Falls *** – Various motifs, “bugs” motif during the tense nights in the cabin, ca. 3min [video]
– Night to day/Mulder lets Spinney go, ca. 2min10
– End scene: Rescue arrives/Recovering at military hospital, ca. 1min35
1X20: Tooms [covered] Additional request
– Theme reprise when Scully finds bitemarks in her sandwich (28′)
** – End: M&S watch at the cocoon [video]
1X21: Born Again [covered]
1X22: Roland [covered]
1X23: The Erlenmeyer Flask [covered] Additional requests
*** – Mulder discovers the hybrids in a warehouse (21:37-23:26)
** – Mulder runs from Men In Black (24:52-26:00)
– End scenes: Deep Throat is shot/Mulder tells Scully the X-Files have been closed/CSM leaves Pentagon (41:15-45:17)
Season 2
2X01: Little Green Men [covered] Additional request
– End scene: dark and mysterious mood, piano at the final
2X02: The Host [covered]
2X03: Blood [covered]
2X04: Sleepless [covered]
2X05: Duane Barry [opt]
Several atmospheric pieces:
– Teaser
– Mulder arrives at scene
– Hostage exchange
– Duane Barry wakes up at the hospital
2X06: Ascension [opt]
Several atmospheric pieces:
– Teaser: Mulder hears Scully’s phonecall on his answerphone, gets to her apartment, re-lives the abduction in his mind (0:00-2:40)
– Mulder talks to Scully’s mother in Scully’s apartment/FBI briefing, Skinner tells Krycek to make sure that Mulder is going home (3:25-6:19)
– Scully in Barry’s trunk
*** – Ascension cue: Mulder and Krycek drive to Skyland Mountain, Duane Barry driving, Mulder ascends with tram, Krycek tries to stop him, Mulder finds the deserted car and Scully’s cross, finds Duane Barry and a bright light appears (14:06-22:33)
– Mulder interrogates Duane Barry, has a vision of Scully being tested on, finds Krycek interrogating Duane Barry and confronts him/Skinner arrives//They find Duane Barry dying (22:35-29:31)
– Mulder meets Mr.X at Senator Matheson’s office, finds cigarettes in car (33:38-36:37)
*** – Mulder discusses Krycek with Skinner, Skinner reopens the X-files/Mulder meets with Scully’s mother (37:04-42:49)
*** – End scene melancholic music: Mulder watches the stars (43:46-44:35) [video]
2X07: 3 [covered] Additional requests
– Mulder interrogates John the vampire in the police department, then John anxious at growing light (14:19-15:44) (very similar to parts of the Vol. 3 track “Blood in the Loaf”)
** – Action and tense cue as Mulder and Kristen are attacked by the three vampires, Kristen burns down the house (39:48-43:24)
2X08: One Breath [covered] Additional request
** – Mulder pursues man who stole Scully’s blood sample/X saves Mulder (14:39-16:52; 16:59-18:43)
2X09: Firewalker (Reuses motifs from “Ice” and “Darkness Falls”)
** – Cue from helicopter flight throughout building search (guitar, synth) (05′-11′)
2X11: Excelsius Dei – Leo’s painting/Dorothy sees spirits/Mulder talks to Scully and finds mushrooms (26:44-32:35)
– Episode climax (35′)
2X12: Aubrey [opt]
– Mulder, Scully, and BJ Morrow figure out “BROTHER” is carved on remains and go to new crime scene (13:03-15:50)
– BJ recognizes Cokely, Mulder and Scully discuss if he’s the right suspect (19:22-20:20)
– Mrs. Thibedault discusses Cokely with Mulder and Scully (31:30-32:25)
2X13: Irresistible ** – Scully’s report and Pfaster picking up his next victim (11′-13′) **
2X14: Die Hand die Verletzt [covered] Additional requests
– Mulder provokes Mr. Ausbury and angers him/Mrs. Paddock kills Shannon (23:10-25:39)
– Scully and Mulder question Mrs. Paddock/Teachers decide to frame Shannon (25:42-27:44)
– Mrs. Paddock calls Mulder, pretending to be Scully/Mulder leaves Mr. Ausbury handcuffed (34:16-35:22)
– End scenes: Teachers attempt to sacrifice Mulder and Scully/Mrs. Paddock kills teachers/Mulder and Scully find goodbye note (42:09-44:39)
2X16: Colony [covered] Additional requests
– Moody music (“Ambrose Chapel” tells his spiel on the clones; one ‘Gregor’ clone meets up with ‘Samantha’ clone; 18:03-20:13), then action piece (clone jumps from his window, street chase) (17′-23′)
– Mulder arrives at his father’s house
** – Mulder leaves his mother and talks to Samantha (31:51-33:49)
*** – Samantha tells Mulder of her alien parents (34:54-36:05)
[video montage of several cues]
2X17: End Game [covered] Additional requests
*** – “Previously on the XF” opening montage and Teaser: pulsing motif (0′-3′)
– Act I: Scully confronts the shapeshifter/Mulder (0:00-2:38)
*** – Samantha tells of her parents; Mulder trades Samantha for Scully (6:39-14:14)
** – Mulder tells his father of Samantha’s death; he enters facility with Samantha clones (15:40-18:20)
2X18: Fearful Symmetry [covered] Additional requests
– Ambient strings as Scully and Mulder talk to Wild Again Organization (9:21-10:57)
– Investigation, meeting Sophie the gorilla and elephant autopsy (18:00-21:18)
2X19: Dod Kalm – Teaser cue: ship finds lifeboat (dark metallic clanging motif) (0:00-2:48)
– Trondheim agrees to take M&S on his ship/Transfer from ship to ship (9:39-10:46)
– Boarding the missing ship (11:06-13:31)
– Halverson, Mulder captures Olafsson (14:57-20:33)
*** – End scenes: Scully’s last journal entry; Scully falls asleep; rescue (39:19-43:19)
2X21: The Calusari [opt]
– Gothic choir in exorcism scenes (in The Truth and the Light, track 6)
2X22: F. Emasculata [covered] Additional requests
– Scully takes insect from dead body/Prisoner’s wife becomes infected (21′-23′)
** – Scully finds she’s not infected, phone call with Mulder (32:10-38:36)
– End scene at Skinner’s office
2X23: Soft Light [covered] Additional request
** – Mulder meets Mr.X (variation on the theme from the teaser) / Mr.X kidnaps Dr.Banton (28:29-32:44)
2X24: Our Town – Scully inspects remains/Doris Kearns is told husband’s remains have been found/Chaco Chicken plant manager to Dr./Mulder suspects cannibalism (23:39-27:38)
– End scene: Scully narration as Chaco plant is shut down (42:16-43:38)
2X25: Anasazi [covered] Additional request
** – Act I: The Thinker hacks the MJ Files, stirs chain of phonecalls among the conspiracy (3:59-6:13)
** – The Thinker gives Mulder the digital tape/Scully figures out encryption is Navajo/Mulder punches Skinner (9:13-12:16)
** – Undulating drone as Scully leaves FBI, CSM presents himself at Bill Mulder’s doorstep (13:44-14:45)
Season 3
3X01: The Blessing Way [covered] Additional requests
– Scully gets arrested by military helicopter (3:00-4:33)
– Strings as Scully finds the tape is missing in Mulder’s office; dissonant piano as we have our first encounter with the Syndicate in W 46th NYC (6:20-7:50)
– Albert Hosteen and his men find Mulder buried (8:25-9:48)
– Ending scenes (Scully gets staged phonecall, gets invited by Skinner, they go to Mulder’s apartment)
3X02: Paper Clip [covered] Additional requests
– Mulder & Scully arrive at Klemper’s greenhouse
– M&S leave Klemper’s, Klemper calls Syndicate (12:15-13:42)
– Mulder & Scully arrive at Strughold Mine
– UFO passing over Strughold Mine
– Mulder & Scully & Skinner discuss at diner
– End scene at hospital
3X03: D.P.O. – Scully disputes that the victim died of a lightning strike (5:46-7:47)
– Scully and Mulder search DPO’s bedroom (21:57-23:30)
3X04: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose [covered]
3X05: The List – End scenes: Warden interrogates and beats John Speranza/Mulder questions closing the case/Neech kills the warden (39:52-44:36) *
3X06: The Walk ** – Swimming pool attack scene **
3X06: 2Shy ** – Act I: first scene (policeman finds body), ca. 1min
– Mulder and Scully inspect crime scene/2Shy talks to interrupting neighbor (3:57-8:28)
– 2Shy theme (autopsy report; the next victim discusses her date with a friend; 2Shy awaiting her, then looks up hookers; later, reprise at hooker’s death scene; 14′-19′)
– Scully and Mulder inspect dead hooker’s body/neighbor asks 2Shy out/Mulder explains his theory (17:27-22:11)
– 2Shy reads his email/2Shy’s door is knocked upon/Scully questions another man (23:04-24:03)
– Mulder tells Scully 2Shy isn’t going to New York/2Shy persuades Ellen to let him in (33:28-35:34)
– Scully and Mulder pursue 2Shy/Ellen shoots 2Shy/Scully and Mulder interrogate 2Shy (35:59-44:23)
3X08: Oubliette – Chase music (in Truth and the Light, track 9)
– Mulder arrives at Amy Jacobs’ home (4:40-7:39)
** – End scenes: Lucy is found at crime scene/Mulder and Scully pursue and save Amy/Scully comforts Mulder (34:19-44:35) (ending in Truth and the Light with dialogue, track 19)
3X09: Nisei [covered] Additional request
** – Scully at MUFON meeting/Mulder searches for the Talapus (17:30-22:18) [video]
3X10: 731 [covered] Additional request
*** – Act I, right after the opening titles: Mulder on the train trying to get in (0min40)
3X11: Revelations – Mr. Kryder says Scully must come full circle to find the truth/Owen Jarvis finds Kevin in the foster home (11:39-13:56)
** – Jarvis keeps Kevin captive/Jarvis escapes Mulder and Scully/Simon Gates kills Jarvis (15:30-23:55)
3X12: War of the Coprophages [opt] *
3X13: Syzygy [opt]
– Angry mob stops Scully (variation on “Nature motif” from 1X18: Shapes)
3X14: Grotesque [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: dark gothic theme
*** – Patterson gives Scully advice and Scully finds evidence under the car/Mulder asks John Mostow how to find evil (25:45-30:08) [video]
– Scully calls Agent Nemhauser’s cell phone and Mulder answers (36:11-37:04)
3X15: Piper Maru [covered] Additional requests
** – Teaser: Queb…French crew salvage (4min20)
– Mulder meets G. Kallenchuk/Kallenchuk stakeout (2min45)
– Mulder talks to Scully from the airport (27:53-29:19)
– Mulder handcuffs Kalenchuk, Krycek closes a door between them (35:59-37:26)
** – End scenes: Scully hears Skinner was shot/Mulder corners Krycek at the Hong Kong airport/Black Oil hijacks Krycek (41:03-44:09)
3X16: Apocrypha ** – Mulder and Krycek rent a car (6:06-7:11); car chase scene (7′-10′)
– Scully updates her case file/Scully enters Mulder’s office to find deep sea diver suit (15:57-17:02)
– Krycek at the CSM’s apartment (19′-21′)
** – The Syndicate challenges CSM (21:12-23:33)
– Lone Gunmen on ice
*** – Mulder & Well-Manicured Man meet in Central Park, continues into Scully at the hospital (26:26-30:25)
*** – Car rental papers/Scully and Mulder search silos/CSM has them arrested and leaves Krycek to cough up the black oil (33′-39:35)
*** – Piano cue, Scully at Melissa’s grave (39:53-41:21), ca. 1min [video]
– End scene: Krycek in silo (42:57-43:34)
3X17: Pusher – Pusher’s hypnotism theme (03′)
– Lead up to the arrest and Pusher forcing officer to lit himself on fire (11′-14′)
– Pusher in the FBI and Molly assaults Skinner (20′-24′)
– Mulder with camera in the hospital, sees Pusher has a tumor (34′)
– End scene: at Pusher’s bedside (42:47-43:50)
3X18: Teso Dos Bichos [opt]
– Ruins being excavated in Ecuador (0:00-1:27)
– Scully pulls partial rat body part from car (17:12-18:12)
** – Scully goes to Dr. Bilac’s home/Mulder searches the museum and finds Bilac (25:50-33:06)
3X19: Hell Money – “Asian” motifs… *
3X20: Jose Chung’s “From Outer Space” [covered] Additional request
– Parodic low-fi synth during alien autopsy video scene
3X21: Avatar – Scully show Mulder video, Mulder theorises succubus/Morgue, Scully shows fluorescent leftovers (16:00-19:27)
*** – Mulder visits Skinner in the interrogation cell, Vietnam War story/Mulder and Scully examine Skinner’s crashed (23:28-27:46)
** – Mulder and Scully make employee call the real killer and arrange a meeting/Skinner visits his wife in hospital, sees the old woman again (33:08-37:16)
*** – End scene: Skinner’s office, Mulders questions Skinner; Skinner puts on his wedding ring (40:55-42:22)
3X22: Quagmire – Teaser (lone horn)
– Scully distraught over Queequeg’s death/Scully drives boat (24:13-25:15)
– Mulder and Scully see Dr. Faraday off/talk about not finding Big Blue (40:22-42:17)
3X23: Wetwired – Motif (in teaser)…
– Scully goes crazy in her hotel room
** – Mulder talks to informant in parking garage/identifies body isn’t Scully’s/finds Scully at her mom’s home (28:34-33:03)
** – Mulder enters Dr. Strollman’s motel room/finds Strollman in a house killed by X, whom Mulder confronts (36:42-41:42)
** – End scene: X meets CSM in a car (42:30-43:44)
3X24: Talitha Cumi [covered] Additional requests
*** – Mrs. Mulder and the CSM meet at Quonochontaug (7:09-8:37)
– Mulder is told by Skinner that his mother Teena is in hospital/Mulder and Scully visit her/She writes “PALM” (9:17-11:46)
– Mulder in the cottage meets Mr.X/FBI building, a man looking like Jeremiah Smith turns himself in (16:04-19:12)
*** – Mulder searches the stiletto in his family cottage (20:06-24:30), ca. 3min [video]
*** – Choral background during interrogation scenes between Jeremiah and CSM + Bounty Hunter finds Smith gone (24:31-28:00; 30:00-33:43), ca. 3min [video]
*** – Mulder at hospital with Teena/Mulder confronts CSM (34:16-36:43)
*** – Scully searches Social Security database/Mulder meets X in parking garage (36:43-38:46)
** – Scully and Jeremiah arrive at Bonmill Road to meet Mulder/Bounty Hunter arrives (42:26-44:04)
Season 4
4X01: Herrenvolk [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: Repairman stinged
** – Mulder and Smith explore the bee farm and escort Samantha and boy clones to doorstep of a house (17:08-21:16)
– Scully puts ‘X’ tape on Mulder’s window and receives Mr.X at the door (22:09-23:13)
** – X is lured and shot/Scully comforts Mulder at the hospital/X leaves ‘SRSG’ message (35:25-39:39)
– Mulder meets Marita Covarrubias (39:40-41:21)
*** – End scene: CSM has the Bounty Hunter heal Mrs. Mulder (41:23-43:15) [audio]
4X02: Unruhe – Mulder and Scully find policeman dead/Chorus and action cue as Scully is kidnapped and Mulder chases (29:12-32:22) *
4X03: Home [covered]
4X05: The Field Where I Died [covered] Additional requests
– Scully and Mulder take Melissa back to the compound, her personality Lily emerges (dissonant piano; then piano melodies) (14:03-16:19)
– Melissa recalls Civil War era past life Sarah Kavanaugh (piano and choir, some echoes of martial drums from Vol.1 CD2 Track 10) (17:03-20:47)
– Melissa talks with Mulder (piano), Vernon Ephesian walks into the interrogation room (35:23-36:07)
4X07: Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man [covered] Additional requests
Many piano pieces
** – CSM listens to the beginning of Frohike’s narration (3:02-4:02)
** – CSM and Deep Throat decide on who kills the EBE (32:19-35:48)
** – CSM brings in Scully to spy on Mulder/Back to Frohike’s narration (35:51-38:03)
– CSM resigns and quits smoking (39:33-40:12)
4X08: Paper Hearts [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: Mulder’s dream (0:00-3:07)
** – Act I opening: Mulder excavates body/Mulder tells Scully about John Lee Roche (3:39-5:00)
** – Mulder questions Roche (16:12-18:21)
– Mulder asks Teena Mulder about vacuum cleaner (20:31-21:15)
** – Roche asks Mulder to pick a cloth heart/Mulder and Scully dig up body (23:03-25:01)
** – Mulder and Scully examine body (25:02-26:50)
** – Roche tells Mulder of Samantha’s supposed kidnapping (30:54-32:44)
– Mulder tells Roche he’s wrong/Mulder dreams of saving Samantha/Roche is gone (32:55-35:47)
*** – Search for Roche/Mulder shoots Roche (38:21-41:45)
– Scully comforts Mulder (41:45-44:01)
4X09: Tunguska [covered] Additional request
– Mulder contacts Marita Covarrubias (24:33-25:50)
– Ambient strings & piano when Mulder goes to Marita’s, ca. 1min [video]
*** – Mulder almost leaves Krycek in the car at the airport (29:05-30:05)
** – CSM visits Well Manicured Man (30:05-31:58)
*** – Mulder and Krycek arrive at Tunguska gulag (plaintive synth), chased (percussions later developed in Terma) (before act break and Vol.2 CD2 Track 19) (32:23-36:12)
4X10: Terma [covered] Additional request
– Mulder in his cell, walk out of gulag, kidnaps Krycek and escapes from gulag (11:04-13:22)
** – CSM talks with the Well Manicured Man at night (14:50-17:20)
– Riders find truck empty/Krycek is surrounded by escaped prisoners/Mulder hiding under leaves (17:21-19:13)
** – Mulder with truck driver’s family/Krycek’s arm is cut off (22:00-24:38)
** – Mulder and Scully chase Vasily Peskow to the convalescent home (variation on the piano arpeggios from Vol.2 CD2 Track 18) (31:23-33:19)
4X11: El Mundo Gira [covered]
4X12: Kaddish [covered] Additional request
– Mulder & Scully at Ariel’s house (Yiddish clarinet, variations on Vol.1 CD2 Track 17)/Conversation in red car (piano) (6:29-10:35)
4X13: Never Again – Background soft oboe (?) during tattoo talking scenes
*** – Scully gets tattooed: similar instrumentation, new-agey synth texture/electric sitar-like instrumentation (28:34-32:15) [video]
** – Soft piano moods [video]
*** – Scully & Ed fight: aggressive action cue, electronic tempo, synth guitars (sound edit with Jodie Foster’s laughs) [video]
4X14: Leonard Betts – Scully and Mulder investigate at the morgue (4:50-5:30)
– End scenes: Medics find Leonard Betts dying in front of hospital/Mulder drives Scully home/Scully’s nose bleeds (41:06-43:44)
4X15: Memento Mori [opt]
– Piano theme: Scully’s diary scenes
– Teaser: Scully’s voiceover
*** – Mulder brings flowers to Scully (2:10-4:27)
** – Mulder hears Betsy Hagopian’s modem in use/He and Scully search for Kurt Crawford/Scully’s nose bleeds (6:44-9:05)
** – End of Act I: Scully finds Penny Northern/Mulder leaves Kurt Crawford, who is killed by the Gray Haired Man (11:28-15:50)
– Mulder talks to the Lone Gunmen about Scully’s DNA/Skinner makes a deal with CSM in Mulder’s office (25:30-28:17)
** – Mulder infiltrates facility and enters the Kurts’ lab (before a Kurt shows him the vault with the ova) (31:59-33:47)
*** – Mulder escapes the Gray Haired Man/Mulder and Scully hug at hospital (piano)/CSM in Skinner’s office (35:22-44:02)
4X16: Unrequited – Teaser (3min10)
– Mulder and Scully talk to Skinner/question Renee Davenport (14:44-17:30)
– Skinner’s team spots and kills Teager (35:57-40:25)
– Mulder and Skinner at Vietnam Memorial (41:25-42:06)
4X17: Tempus Fugit [covered] Additional request
– Mulder and Scully drive military air traffic controller and avoid capture/UFO spotting (32:02-35:46)
4X18: Max – Max’s voice-over (militaristic theme)
** – Mulder boards plane, talks with Scully (mysterious piano music) / Plane under attack (frantic cello and low register piano notes)
4X19: Synchrony *** – Old Man follows Lisa, she confronts him – extended version of singing theme (20′-22′, 2min20)
– Final scene: Lisa on the computer – singing theme
4X20: Small Potatoes [covered]
4X21: Zero Sum – No dialogue scene as Skinner covers up evidence, violent brass and keyboard with mellow strings (4:16-11:02) *
4X22: Elegy – Scully consoled by Mulder and sees a vision of Harold Spuller (42:23-43:59) *
4X23: Demons – Mulder and Scully visit Teena Mulder, Mulder confronts her about her affair with CSM (32:08-34:51) *
4X24: Gethsemane [covered] Additional requests
** – Teaser: FBI panel, Scully tells of Mulder’s belief in a lie (1:33-2:32)
*** – Act I, after opening titles: First trek, 1st “trek theme” statement (2min30)
– Yukon: Expedition team saws through ice/Guide hikes back down/Ostelhoff shoots everyone in the encampment (before act break and beginning of Vol.2 CD3 Track 6) (14:05-15:46)
Season 5
5X01: Unusual Suspects [covered] Additional requests
** – Byers first sees Susanne Modeski (4:55-6:18)
** – X arrives with his men into the warehouse and orders Mulder sanitized (32:11-33:16)
5X02: Redux [covered] Additional requests
** – Teaser: Mulder contemplates suicide (1:03-2:37)
– Mulder’s hallway: Scully lies to Skinner about the body’s identity/Mulder uses Ostelhoff’s ID to enter the DoD (8:25-10:26)
– Kritchgau reveals all to Mulder
*** – CSM’s feelings at Mulder’s apartment (13:48-15:00)
** – CSM confronts the First Elder at the race track (22:01-23:52)
*** – (After act break at end of Vol.2 CD3 Track 9) Scully testifies/Mulder escapes Pentagon/Scully collapses (37:24-42:05)
5X03: Redux II [covered] Additional requests
– Mulder arrives at the hospital (1:05-1:42)
*** – Mulder sees Samantha (19:42-20:44)
*** – Mulder speaks with Samantha, watches as she leaves with CSM (22:59-25:54)
** – CSM offers Mulder a job working for him (26:53-29:42)
*** – Mulder cries at bedside of a sleeping Scully at (reprise from earlier, 32:45-33:50)
5X04: Detour [covered]
5X05: Christmas Carol [covered] Additional request
– Scully sees two men parked outside the Sims’ home/PCR test shows Emily is Melissa’s daughter (22:46-25:38)
5X06: The Post-Modern Prometheus [covered]
5X07: Emily [covered] Additional request
– Teaser (“It begins where it ends”; reprised in end scene)
– Mulder has Frohike look up information/Scully talks to Emily before her test (28:55-30:48)
5X08: Kitsunegari – Teaser: prison break cue *
5X10: Chinga ** – Teaser: self-mutilations in supermarket (0:00-2:50)
– Melissa tries to light a match/Scully and Sheriff rescue Polly and Melissa from the doll (37:48-41:01)
5X11: Kill Switch *** – Teaser: choral samples in music building tension **
5X12: Bad Blood [covered]
5X13: Patient X [covered]
5X14: The Red and the Black [covered] Additional requests
– Dramatic theme: Act I opening (Helicopter over the victims of Ruskin Dam, Mulder looks for Scully) and later (when Scully first wakes in hospital) – longer version of “Crater Hug” from Fight the Future (2:42-5:40)
** – Discomforting music during Scully’s hypnosis
5X15: Travelers – Teaser: Edward Skur in 1990 (0:00-3:16)
– Agents Dales and Michel find dead German/Dales meets William Mulder in a bar (20:40-22:30)
5X16: Mind’s Eye – In interrogation, Marty Glenn refuses to answer if she knows Paco Ordonez and Mulder provokes her (7:24-8:54)
– Mulder tells Marty how she acquired her ability to see Gotts’ actions (31:20-33:07)
** – End scene: Mulder talks to an imprisoned, happier Marty (a happier variation on the prior melody) (42:54-44:40)
5X17: All Souls [covered] Additional requests
– Scully and Mulder question Father Gregory at his church (18:05-21:47)
– Aaron Starkey kills Father Gregory (32:39-33:28)
5X18: The Pine-Bluff Variant [covered] Additional requests
*** – Scully searches for Mulder’s bank robbery/Mulder’s false execution – better rendition of the theme than teaser (38:06-41:57)
5X20: The End [covered] Additional requests
** – Krycek is sent to bring CSM back (3:29-6:07)
** – CSM reunites with the Syndicate (9:34-11:20)
** – Scully thinks about Mulder in her car, sees Spender/Mulder sees Spender talking to CSM in an underground parking lot (24:34-28:04)
*** – Mulder gets an immunity deal for the prisoner/Well-Manicured Man doubts CSM (30:43-33:48)
Season 6
6X01: The Beginning ** – CSM oversees Gibson’s operation (12:53-14:43)
– Scully shows Mulder her DNA analysis (41:26-42:30)
6X02: Drive [covered]
6X03: Triangle [covered] Additional requests
** – Teaser (with accordion at the end): Mulder floats in the Saragossa Sea (0:00-1:24)
*** – Cue on the Queen Anne: Betrayed (traitor tells of Thor’s Hammer)/Kersh wants to go “To Jamaica!”/Mulder thrown in the ballroom (“Quest for Swath” dramatic reprise) (ca. 3min)
*** – Final scene at hospital: piano version of the X-Files theme (43:38-44:43)
6X04: Dreamland [covered]
6X05: Dreamland II [covered]
6X06: Terms of Endearment – The two digging up scenes (reuses motif from 4X05: The Field Where I Died)
– Teaser: Wayne Weinsider gives his wife Laura a drink before she sleeps and tells her he loves her (1:31-2:47)
– Spender shreds Sheriff’s report/Mulder meets Sheriff and interviews the Weinsiders (6:23-9:03)
– Wayne rushes to 2nd wife’s side (29:07-30:01)
6X07: The Rain King ** – Sheila tells Mulder & Scully it’s all her fault (20′-22′)
** – Mulder confronts Holman (28′-30′)
6X08: How the Ghosts Stole Christmas [covered]
6X09: Tithonus – Teaser: dark ambient music [video]
– Alfred Fellig runs into Scully outside his home (28:15-29:00)
– Fellig tells Scully his story and steals her phone/Mulder discussed Fellig with Ritter (29:39-35:40)
– End: dark ambient and piano, ca. 1min [video]
6X10: S.R. 819 [covered] Additional request
** – End scenes: Dr. Cabrera refuses to revive Skinner/Skinner ‘healed’/Skinner closes Scully and Mulder’s case/He finds Krycek in his car (40:21-44:49) [video]
6X11: Two Fathers [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: Doctors examine Cassandra in train car, Rebel attacks (0-3:33)
* – Pensive piano as CSM visits Dr. Openshaw, then calls Elder on the phone (11:49-15:10)
** – CSM explains that he can’t kill his wife (22:12-23:44)
** – Krycek and CSM encourage continuing collaboration/Mulder and Scully discover CSM’s name (24:49-26:50)
*** – CSM sends Spender to kill an alien Rebel, Spender arrives at Rebel’s door (31:18-34:28)
** – Krycek reveals the truth about Spender’s parents to Spender (38:39-39:39)
* – Diana Fowley is revealed to be who CSM is confessing to (39:39-41:02)
– End scenes: Skinner runs into Spender searching for Cassandra/Cassandra knocks at Mulder’s door (40:56-43:00)
6X12: One Son [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: Mulder’s voiceover with 1973 flashback (mix of the 5X14: Patient X track in Vol. 3 “Bridge of Sighs” and music from Fight the Future) (0-1:19)
– CDC quarantine, Scully and Mulder take showers (2:58-3:50)
* – Mulder finds Marita Covarrubias, Jeffrey tries to comfort Cassandra (8:22-11:59)
*** – Recurring piano motif as CSM tells Mulder all about the Syndicate (16:14-22:11) (music right before and right after that is from Fight the Future)
– CSM visits Cassandra at Fort Marlene (24:50-27:33)
** – Syndicate assembles/Krycek runs into Spender and Covarrubias/Syndicate is burned alive (34:06-39:57)
– End scenes: Spender defends Scully and Mulder to Kersh/CSM kills Spender (41:11-43:45)
6X14: Agua Mala – Mulder chases after the looter and is attacked by the sea monster (36:00-36:51) *
6X15: Monday – Act I: First hold-up, Scully talks with Bernard – action music (5min45)
– Mulder talks with Pat (esp. moving strings as Mulder is outside the bank) (3min45)
6X17: Trevor – Teaser: Rawls boxed, tornado hits (1:53-3:36)
– Mulder and Scully find Jackie Gurwitch alive in her bedroom (21:41-22:39)
– Mulder finds Jackie alive/Scully tries to save Trevor from Rawls/Rawls is killed (40:43-44:45)
6X18: Milagro *** – Teaser (heartbeat motif), ca. 2min
– Padgett first sees Scully while taking the elevator to his apartment (2:35-4:13)
– Padgett approaches Scully in a church (12:10-16:18)
– Padget writes about Scully’s arousal/Scully visits Padget before Mulder intrudes (19:42-28:17)
– Padget talks with killer Ken Naciamento/Padget leaves to burn pages, while Naciamento tries to kill Scully (38:13-44:43)
– End: piano after “Agent Scully is already in love”
6X19: Three of a Kind ** – Byers first sees Susanne Modeski again at the Casino [video] **
6X20: The Unnatural [opt] *
6X21: Field Trip [covered]
6X22: Biogenesis [covered] Additional requests
– Teaser: Scully’s monologue
– Scully chases Barnes
** – Scully’s monologue (“Who tends the flames?”) (34:12-35:56)
Season 7
7X02: The Goldberg Variation [covered]
7X03: The Sixth Extinction [covered] Additional requests
** – Act I opening: Mulder attacks Skinner in the psych ward (piano)/Amina meets Scully (3:43-7:21) (before Vol.1 CD4 Track 3)
** – Skinner gets Kritschgau to visit Mulder (14:38-17:43)
– Diana leaves Mulder’s bedside/Scully arrives at Skinner’s office (35:21-36:24)
** – End scenes: Scully arrives at Mulder’s bedside/Amina finds the Ship has disappeared (40:02-43:00)
7X04: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati [covered] Additional requests
** – Teaser: CSM takes Mulder out of his bed (1:33-4:48)
– Dream sequences: Mulder on a beach (7:56-8:25)
7X05: Millennium [covered]
7X06: Rush – Teaser: meetup in the park (0:00-3:23)
– Tony follows Chastity to the cave (25:45-27:03)
7X07: Orison – Prostitute escapes Donnie Pfaster/Mulder and Scully find Rev. Robert Gailen Orison gone/Orison captures and digs a grave for Pfaster (25:52-31:03)
** – Dark theme (Scully kills Pfaster; reprise at end scene) [video]
7X08: The Amazing Maleeni – Teaser *
7X10: Sein und Zeit ** – Mulder questions the LaPierres/Scully finds Mulder at his motel (8:17-11:50)
– Mulder leaves FBI room/Scully and Mulder discuss the case (15:15-16:41)
** – End scene: Skinner, Scully, and Mulder arrest Ed Truelove (40:08-43:52)
7X11: Closure ** – Excited piano as Harold and Mulder discuss Walk-ins at grave site (10:00-10:50)
** – Piano and strings with Harold, Scully and Mulder séance (strings and soft piano), then Mulder and Scully read Samantha’s diary (27:53-33:50)
7X14: Theef [covered]
7X15: En Ami – Teaser
** – CSM & Scully at dinner/CSM leaves restaurant to talk to hunchman/Scully receives message from Cobra (32:52-35:34)
7X17: all things [covered]
7X18: Brand X – Morley tobacco’s Dr. Voss drives home (10:19-11:40) *
7X19: Hollywood A.D. [covered]
7X20: Fight Club – Crazy electronic percussion accompanied by whimsical piano during fight scene (5:35-6:35) *
7X22: Requiem [covered] Additional requests
*** – Mulder’s abduction scene (“Stairway to Heaven”) / Krycek throws CSM down the stairs (38:19-41:13)
– End: pregnancy reveal
Season 8
8X01: Within [covered] Additional requests
– Scully and Skinner at FBI/Scully sits next to Doggett (6:21-8:26)
8X02: Without [covered] Additional requests
– ‘Hunting theme’: Scully follows girl on bike and discovers Gibson hiding underground (10:17-12:31)
*** – Piano and strings: hunting for Gibson Praise in the desert (25:33-26:59) [video]
– Ending scene: Dissonant cymbals as Mulder surrounded by Alien Bounty Hunters (42:37-43:21)
8X03: Redrum – Scully believes Martin Wells’ account (22:35-23:50)
– Wells talks with Cesar Ocampo (32:12-33:00)
8X04: Patience – Scully and Doggett surveil Myron until they find Ernie (27:58-31:58)
– End scenes: shooting the batman/Doggett and Scully in the XF office (37:43-43:51)
8X05: Roadrunners – Climax: The town chases Scully & Dogget down/Cutting the worm out *
8X06: Invocation *** – Teaser: piano rendition of “All the pretty little horses” – Billy is kidnapped from his mother in 1990 (0:00-1:55)
– Doggett questions Billy and Billy’s parents object to his coercive questioning and leave with him (6:39-8:55)
** – Brief chase sequence in the woods
– Doggett interrogates Ronald Purcell at the police station/Scully and Doggett rescue Josh Underwood from Cal and realize Billy is dead (36:38-42:05)
8X07: Via Negativa – Skinner and Doggett investigate cult victims (5:34-7:10)
– Skinner and Doggett find Angus Stedman dead (7:54-9:04)
– Skinner and Doggett arrest Dr. Bormanis/Doggett sees a vision of Tipet (17:23-21:39)
– Dr. Bormanis is attacked by rats (23:02-24:57)
** – Dark music during Doggett’s vision
8X08: Per Manum ** – Scully and Doggett talk to Duffy Haskell and with each other (5:03-8:08)
** – Flashback: Mulder and Scully about stolen ova (9:09-10:29)
– Scully calls Dr. Parenti (12:59-14:56)
– Soft wind instruments turn into dark ambient as Scully explores Zeus Genetics, ca. 2min [video]
– Scully discovers videotape recording of ultrasound
** – End scenes: Doggett will help Scully/Flashback: Mulder consoles Scully; extended variation of “Scully’s Serenade”) (41:28-43:32) [video]
8X10: Salvage – Melancholy piano theme (throughout episode)
*** – End scene: Scully explains the case to Doggett (40:55-43:36)
8X11: The Gift – Doggett and Skinner question Sheriff (15:37-17:12)
– Doggett finds underground passage (29:13-31:12)
8X14: This Is Not Happening [covered] Additional request
** – Skinner tells Scully Richie found Teresa/Scully, Skinner, and Doggett talk to Dr. Desai about Hoese (5:25-7:56)
** – Reyes sees a spaceship from her car/Absalom and Jeremiah Smith collect Mulder’s body and leave Gary (23:22-25:26)
** – Unedited finale! (longer than Vol.1 CD4 Track 15)
8X15: DeadAlive [covered] Additional request
*** – Scully asks Doggett about Mulder’s condition, enters Mulder’s hospital room (13:22-15:10)
8X16: Vienen – Doggett promises Diego Garza he’ll help him escape/Mulder rescues Doggett from Bo Taylor and they try to fix the radio (33:21-36:29)
– Mulder realizes the oil workers stopped trying to break down the door/Doggett finds Diego Garza dead (38:22-39:43)
8X17: Empedocles – Theme… *
8X18: Three Words – Teaser: Man enters White House lawn
– Act I opening: Mulder recovers in hospital
** – Militaristic motifs (Absalom escapes, Absalom in Doggett’s apartment, Absalom and Doggett enter the Federal Statistics Center, Mulder and Doggett infiltrate the Center)
** – End scene: Doggett meets with Knowle Rohrer
8X20: Essence [covered] Additional request
– Teaser: ambient music with horn (0-1:29) [video]
8X21: Existence [covered] Additional request
– Teaser: metallic vertebra replicates (0-2:12)
– Krycek taunts and meets his end (27:41-31:41)
Season 9
9X01: Nothing Important Happened Today – End scene: Doggett is dragged underwater by Sharon McMahon, piano and dark choir samples, ca. 1min [video] *
9X02: Nothing Important Happened Today II – End scene: Scully goes to sleep, William moves his mobile (41:50-43:01) *
9X04: Hellbound – Reyes and Doggett find Terry Pruit skinned alive/Ed Kelso kicks girlfriend out and is arrested by Doggett (18:21-21:52)
** – Reyes tells Doggett the victim has a rag in his mouth/They search the coal mine before Reyes is attacked (28:52-36:53)
9X05: 4D [covered] Additional request
– Teaser: Lukesh under surveillance (0:00-1:35)
9X06: Lord of the Flies – Doggett and Reyes talk to local coroner about the victim (4:32-5:38)
– End scenes: Scully finds bodies/Anne and Dylan ride off/Natalie watches Dylan’s light show (39:39-43:40)
9X07: John Doe – Doggett discovers his tattoo (“Semper fi”) *
9X08: Trust No 1 [covered]
9X11: Providence – Teaser: Josepho’s vision in the Gulf War (0-3:20) (uses horns like in 8X14: This Is Not Happening, Vol. 2 track “Hidden Truths / Big Happening”)
– UFO departs, Scully and Reyes find William among the wreckage on fire (36:37-38:49)
9X13: Audrey Pauley – Reyes released (39′-41′)
– End scene: Reyes & Doggett (43′-44′)
9X15: Jump the Shark [covered]
9X16: Release [covered] Additional request
– Act I opening: Rudolph Hayes explains Jane Doe’s lonely life and how she was killed to Scully’s class (4:01-5:09)
9X17: William – Teaser: piano cue- Jeffrey Spender applies prosthetics to his face/Scully and Reyes take him to Mulder’s office (16:29-17:01)
– Spender can’t find certain files in Mulder’s office and Scully lets him peruse the files found in her bedroom (17:46-19:01)
– Piano as The Breather holds William (“For Mulder”)
– Scully talks about William’s fate with Monica (39:49-41:42)
9X19/20: The Truth I/II [covered] Additional request
– Doggett and Reyes at Scully’s apartment announcing they found Knowle Rohrer’s body
– Alternate main title ideas or demos?
– 1X79: Pilot: Alternate end credits
– “Secrets of the X-Files” documentary theme
– Alternate cues?
– Music from the 20sec promo trailers? [video]

Oh, and the most important part: Thank you Mark Snow and thank you La La Land!

22 Responses to “More Music from the X-Files”

  1. LeMartien says:

    Et la fameuse chanson entendu dans Dreamland à la radio dans un bar, personne ne sait? ^^

  2. gunnar says:

    4×13(Never Again): Mark Snow – “Tattoo”

  3. Tessa says:

    I would really like to hear some of the more melodic cues on the new compilation.

    The cues I would be really disappointed if they were not included are:
    – additional music from Paper Hearts (there is a lot of music from this episode I’d still like on a CD, but ever since the episode came out, I’ve been waiting for the last 20 seconds before the credits, where Mulder puts away the last heart in his desk),
    – The Field Where I Died (the scene where Melissa tells Mulder and Scully about her past life as Sarah, from about 15.30 minutes, but certainly from 17.00-20.50 minutes);
    – Avatar (where Mulder and Skinner talk in the interrogation room and where Skinner talks to his unconscious wife at her hospital bedside);
    – Redux II (where Mulder cries at Scully’s bedside; I kept this episode on video catalogued as ‘One with nice music’ for this cue. I couldn’t believe this cue was used in the trailer to promote Volume 1 and then not included on the compilation!);
    – Mind’s Eye (particularly the end);
    – Terms of Endearment;
    – The Rain King;
    – Sein und Zeit;
    – Closure;
    – the piano melody at the end of Triangle.

    I would also be very happy for the dinner scene from En Ami to be included. Episodes with three stars on Eatthecorn.com I would also like to see on the CD are:
    – Duane Barry;
    – Ascension;
    – Apocrypha;
    – Tunguska;
    – Terma;
    – Memento Mori.

    (I have a much more comprehensive list; can I send this to you? If so, where can I send it?)

  4. DuaneB says:

    Je suggère au moins trois idées:

    1. Dans Elegy, la scène où Mulder fait craquer Harold Spuller lors du premier interrogatoire. Il y a en fond une partie de piano façon contemporaine qui est très interessante et que je serais ravi de voir figurer dans le vol 4.

    2. Dans Christmas Carol, il y a une séquence piano clarinette quand Scully rentre à la maison familiale et compare son ADN avec celui d’Emily, magnifique et typique des élans dramatiques de Snow. Cette section ne figure pas dans le vol 1 qui en a fait figurer d’autres du même épisode.

    3. Dans Kill switch, il y a un très bel accompagnement de piano sous forme de plainte mélodique lors de la scène entre Esther et Scully quand Esther se livre enfin.

    Merci de transmettre si possible. À très vite sur XFM…

  5. Lami says:

    The list is really long, but I would like to add my modest request:
    3×02 Paper Clip – the last M / S scene in the hospital by the bed of dead Melissa (piano)
    4×23 Demons – the last scene when Scully is writing a case report, the melody (solo oboe) takes about two minutes
    7×22 Requiem – the last scene when Skinner visits Scully at the hospital
    8×15 Deadalive – Scully comes to the hospital for the first time to see half-dead Mulder and cries in his room (piano)
    Thank you.

  6. A.C. says:

    I’d like to put in a request for the “previously on…” segment at the beginning of the episode ‘Apocrypha’.

  7. Lachlan says:

    I’d love to see the soundtrack playing season 7s En ami; When Scully hides the microphone in her chest and begins her road trip with the CSM, especially the scene where they are driving at night.

  8. adiny says:

    I would like to see Season 9 Main Title.
    I found this track in The X Files: The Event Series but it have different version. It’s more mystical in video, with some echo, maybe with equalizer.

    Also I would like to see “All The Pretty Little Horses”.
    I don’t understand this “the rendition of “All the pretty little horses” is original enough that it is included in the list” but t’s good to see it in Vol. 4.
    Does somebody know similar versions?

  9. Fight4Future says:

    The “synth pad / delayed piano” motif that was used in the first Mulder/Scully night forest scene of “Pilot: X-Marks the Spot” as well as in the teaser of “Conduit”. It’s one of the most eerie and spooky atmospheres created by Mark, and it would be important to include it in Vol.4.

  10. Do you have the soundtrack when Duane Barry and Mulder talk about his encounters with the aliens either season 2 episode 5 or 6

  11. Can you or anyone on this board get the theme that primarily plays in Duane Barry when Mulder talks with Duane about his alien encounters?
    It starts around 13 minutes into Season 2 Episode 5 Duane Barry, it begins playing when Mulder is talking to Duane about releasing some of his captured hostages and his encounters with the aliens. The theme is somewhat quiet and very ominous, I think the only instrument is the synth.
    It gets interrupted with loud piano jump scare sounds when the alien flashbacks appear.
    If anyone can rip this please show me and if anyone already has access to it please link me, Thank you so much if anyone can get it

  12. Roland Deschain says:

    I would kill for the piano music from 06×07, Terms of Endearment.

  13. B. H. says:

    I would also murder for the OST from Kill Switch and Wet Wired, but not limited to.
    I honestly do not understand what anyone stands to gain from not releasing all of the tracks.

    • orodromeus says:

      The best opportunity would have been a separate audio track in the BluRay, we would have got the whole thing. I asked Mark Snow about it, he said it was entirely dependent on Fox and he was not involved in that process at all, unsurprisingly perhaps.

      • B. H. says:

        Well I understand Mark not having a say in these things, this is generally how it goes in that industry.
        However what I cannot understand is who gains from not releasing the music? What good is it just standing in someone’s harddrive?
        It is not like the old days, where you needed physical medium in order to get sell it, which could cause a loss of money if it did not sell well. These days you can just release it digitally only and it is really difficult to not make a profit.
        It boggles the mind.

        • orodromeus says:

          It’s really a rights issue, and lack of interest from the mother company (Fox? Disney?). In my dreams, Carter and Mark Snow get Fox’s approval and do what Lynch and Badalamenti did with Twin Peaks: a complete digital release of all the music, all of it, including slight variations heard in different episodes. They released this “Twin Peaks Archive” initially track by track with dedicated artwork and eventually you could buy the whole bundle. It was an event for fans and it set a precedent with a high standard that TXF should follow.

  14. Antonis Bestas says:

    It should be a marvelous gift for anyone out there who is really appreciates Mark Snow’s music from X-Files to have a fully and completely release from entire the show digitally.
    Back to the tracks now, in 2X08: One Breath, there is a music where Mulder is at his home waiting for X’s contact(08:43-09:40). No one ever noticed this track?

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