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Social media archive: 2019 (part 3)

Archived from the Eat The Corn Facebook page.

Jun 06, 2019 18:01

A video featuring one second from every episode of #TheXFiles! So many memories! I’ve been thinking about something like this ever since I saw the same for #TwinPeaks…


Jun 09, 2019 14:01

Happening right now in Illinois: #XFest19 #XFest2, surprisingly successful! By @[250161418735011:274:This Con Life]


Jun 11, 2019 10:20

@[300230613978960:844:I Wanna Believe!\: An X-Files Parody Musical] is a reality, and it’s entirely on YouTube for those not living close to Illinois! Enjoy! (I haven’t watched yet but I’ve heard good things from #XFest19 @[250161418735011:274:This Con Life] attendees) So who is up for a synchronized virtual meet-up to watch this? @[177236248979145:274:XFilesNews] @[930414780360852:274:The X-Cast\: An X-Files Podcast] #TheXFiles


Jun 14, 2019 18:38

“To me, their journey is not done.” “I don’t think Chris intended season 11 to be the end.” – Frank Spotnitz on potentially more Mulder and Scully
“I was surprised by seasons 10 and 11. […] I’m not convinced that at least some of that wasn’t going to be twisted yet again if there had been another season.” – on William’s father
“A lot of the things that Chris and I talked about are sort of in conflict now with what happened in the last two seasons. […] I don’t really want to give away what I would do because part of me thinks that I would still have a chance to do it.” – on continuing the mythology

My new must-have goal in #TheXFiles fandom is to know what were Carter & Spotnitz’s original plans for continuing the mythology!

@[177236248979145:274:XFilesNews] has posted online all the panels from @[250161418735011:274:This Con Life] #XFest2 #XFest19, a lot of material her, but Spotnitz’s panel in particular is a must, just to see him balance his justified gratefulness to Carter with his own frustrations with how some things turned out.


Jun 19, 2019 10:27

Confirmed! @[114444205294473:274:Mark Snow] goodness by @[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records]:
June 25th
X Files Season 11 2 cd set
Limited edition of 3000 units
NO autographs

X Files Volume 4 still expected for this summer. July perhaps?

Jun 25, 2019 11:23

LLLCD 1470
Music by Mark Snow
Limited Edition of 3000 Units
Order at www.lalandrecords.com starting 6/25 at 12noon (pst)

See tracklist below
@[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records] #MarkSnow #TheXFiles #soundtrack


Jun 25, 2019 21:14

Your order number is: 181970


Available to order now at www.lalalandrecords.com
#TheXFiles Season 11 (2-CD) limited edition by #MarkSnow !

Jul 04, 2019 14:42

@[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records]’ #TheXFiles S11 soundtrack by #MarkSnow has started shipping and should be in your CD player soon! There was not *that* much music that I remember from S11 that sounded interesting — a lot of it was reusing music from S10 and IWTB (the Struggles), the only noticeably interesting episodes for their music were “Familiar” and “Nothing Lasts Forever”. However I was surprised with the S10 soundtrack when it came out, so we will see!


Jul 20, 2019 11:47

50th anniversary of humankind’s biggest achievement so far! A young Mulder was one of the two billion people watching #Apollo11 land on the moon live in 1969, and learnt “something about teamwork” – relevant #TheXFiles episodes are Space, Tempus Fugit/Max and Founder’s Mutation. Congratulations to the 400,000 people involved! Space aficionados can follow the whole #Apollo50th mission “live” here:

Apollo 11 in real time

Jul 29, 2019 21:10

The Big Light social network is closing in just a few days. This was on Frank Spotnitz’s website that was launched in the run-up to I Want To Believe. It was flooded by #TheXFiles fans and held some interesting discussions, but quite suddenly it was completely deserted around 2011, as news of an “XF3” film never came. These were the innocent times, when fans still optimistically fantasized what would be next for Mulder & Scully!