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Story and visual influences on The X-Files

The X-Files” is of course known for bringing television series to a whole new level of quality in terms of storytelling and cinematography, however no work of art is devoid of influences from what has come before it, and the X-Files is no exception. These pages illustrate some of the influences identified throughout the X-Files’ 202 episodes and 2 feature films.

Image “proof” of the influence is provided in the case where the influence is visual only; no image is provided if the influence is in the story only (and of course no image in the case the source material is a book). Images from the X-Files episode are on the left, from the source material on the right. For each episode, influences are listed roughly chronologically. In the case of movies, the director is provided; in the case of TV series it’s the creator. IMDb links are provided for each movie or TV series reference, for your watching pleasure.

What is listed here:

  • works from literature that served as inspiration for XF scenarios
  • stories from films or TV series that served as inspiration for XF scenarios
  • elements of cinema language that influenced XF episodes: camera angles, editing, cinematopgraphy/photography,
  • storytelling techniques or cinema techniques that influenced specific narrative threads or episode scenes

What is not listed here:

  • real-life events that served as inspiration for XF scenarios
  • works of literature or films or TV series that are referenced in XF episodes but are there just as references or serve to illustrate jokes, either in dialogue or in acting

For a considerable part of the influences and their illustrations listed here, I have to credit French X-philes chinga and humbug and the corresponding threads in LVEI, X-Files Memories and X-Files Refuge.

If you feel something is missing, don’t hesitate to contact E.T.C and enrich this list!

Grand total: 203 references.

We’re going to the movies!

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