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S10#18: The Lowdown

Monica & John returns to the title characters, Reyes & Doggett, after their fate was left undecided in #2 and #3 of Believers — an issue short on events but probably setting the stage for future developments. We also see the Acolytes again, and get a firm idea of how much time has passed since Season 10 started.


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S10#16-17: The Lowdown

Surrounded by mytharc-related story arcs Pilgrims and Monica & John is the two-part Immaculate. This story dells into more spiritual-religious themes, with angels, demons and the Church, echoing such episodes as 3X11: Revelations, 5X17: All Souls and 7X09: Signs and Wonders. And just when I thought that Season 10 would get its second purely new stand-alone story, the only other being #9: Chitter, Immaculate evolves into a Ten Thirteen cross-over and a teaser for a new IDW series coming in just a couple of months! More after the jump, including the vindication of a long-standing fan campaign!