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Calgary Sun: 'Only about money': Duchovny expects X-Files to continue without him

Calgary Sun
‘Only about money’: Duchovny expects X-Files to continue without him
Louis B. Hobson

HOLLYWOOD — The truth is out there.

David Duchovny is leaving The X-Files TV series after this season.

He refused to negotiate a renewal of his contract for an eighth season. His co-star Gillian Anderson has one more year on her contract, so the popular series could continue without Duchovny’s Agent Mulder.

“I think it would be stupid if they decide to go on without me, but seeing it’s only about money at this stage, they quite likely will,” says Duchovny, who insists there is no ill will over his departure.

He was allowed to write and direct an episode of The X-Files, which will air this season.

In it, his friend Garry Shandling will portray Fox Mulder and Duchovny’s wife Tea Leoni will star as Agent Scully.

“It’s about a film based on one of Mulder and Scully’s cases and it ends with a premiere. I’ve been asking as many of my celebrity friends as can to be in the audience when the camera pans.”

Duchovny’s newest big-screen project, Return to Me, a romance co-starring Minnie Driver, opens April 7 — but has a sneak preview in Calgary tonight.

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