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Houston Chronicle: Chris Carter sticks to plan

Houston Chronicle
Chris Carter sticks to plan
Lana Berkowitz

In the beginning, The X-Files creator Chris Carter had an idea of how it would all end. He hoped his dream world would last a bit longer.

Carter promises answers for fans when the series ends its run after nine seasons with a two-hour episode, 7 p.m. Sunday on Fox/Channel 26.

“We will attempt to bring The X-Files full circle for those who were there at the beginning or came in between,” he said.

“Not every question will be answered like a Q&A,” he said.

Preview tapes are unavailable, but a quick check of the finale synopsis shows Krycek, Laurie Holden, X, Jeffrey Spender, Gibson Praise and the Lone Gunmen taking part. Are these flashbacks or ghosts?

“Can’t say,” Carter says, “That would give too much away.” But he does acknowledge that the Lone Gunmen are “deader than a doornail.”

He said he knew the direction he wanted to take the series when it premiered in 1993 but not the path. “That’s been the fun of it for me: the journey.”

“There’s a big part of me in this,” Carter said, particularly mentioning the development of faith. “I relate to both (Mulder and Scully) equally and appreciate their different approaches to get to the same place.”

He also appreciates the work of David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI agents Mulder and Scully. When he checks out earlier episodes, he likes what he sees. “Something pleases me about every one. It’s what David and Gillian brought to the show.”

“Scully does her last autopsy in the finale, and she sounds the same as when she did the autopsy in the premiere,” Carter said. “The way she speaks is the same. People think Scully has changed this season, but she has been melancholy this year because Mulder isn’t there.”

Carter has been a bit sad this season, too.

“I wasn’t happy with this year. We premiered to lower numbers for whatever reason — 9/11, premiered late, people thought the journey was complete and didn’t want to get involved with new characters.”

“That was a disappointment,” he said. “It’s frustrating when you’re doing good work and people aren’t watching. That’s why I wanted to wrap it up in a big way and move on.”

It’s not completely over for The X-Files. A movie is planned, but filming won’t begin until next summer, he said.

And what’s going on with Scully’s baby, who was recently handed over to adoptive parents in rural America? Does anyone suspect a teen spinoff?

“It’s Smallville!” Carter said and laughed that trust-no-one laugh.

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