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St Petersburg Times: 'X-Files' goes to extreme

St Petersburg Times
X-Files’ goes to extreme
Jennifer L Stevenson

Grade: B+

Tonight at 9 on Fox, WFTS-Ch. 28

David Duchovny has just discovered something terrifying, more disgusting than the paranormal junk he finds every week on the X-Files.

“Have you ever heard of someone who eats just the top of the muffins then leaves the bottom half?” he asks during a phone interview from his set in Vancouver, Canada. “It’s gross.”

He bursts out laughing and his assistant – the evil muffin eater – yells in the background. “You do it, too!”

“I think it’s worse than finding two bodies hanging in the air,” Duchovny declares.

Which is what he has to do right now on the set of Fox’s new suspense series. He’s already discovered a Bigfoot monster, a serial killer who sleeps 30 years between each mass murder and aliens who kill teenagers. As FBI Agent Fox Mulder, Duchovny is always called upon to examine the darndest stuff.

“Pretty much everything is fair game,” Duchovny said Thursday. “It’s really anything extraordinary.”

As glib as Duchovny may be, his character believes in UFOs and paranormal activity His partner (played by Gillian Anderson) is a pragmatist who doesn’t believe in paranormal activities. Although it sounds absurd, the series is a clever, well-produced hour of escapist television every week which fits producer Chris Carter’s motto: “The show takes place in the realm of extreme possibilities.”

Carter refuses to say if he believes in the supernatural, but adds coyly “We can’t prove that it happened, but we can’t prove it didn’t.”

Mauled muffins on a set in Canada may also fall into the realm of extreme possibilities. “Gross!” Duchovny says before going off to discover the next body.

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