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Alien/Human Hybridization : The Roundup : Page 5 : SUPERSOLDIERS

Supersoldiers: the real Plan A

The so-called Supersoldiers are beings with an alien intellect in bodies of human appearance. It is unknown whether they are the equal of Purity, like bodies infected by the Black Oil, or whether they are answerable to Purity as slaves. For all intents and purposes their motives and thoughts are alien, dictated to them by Purity. They were created from human bodies which, under the influence of the Black Oil or a specially modified strain of the Black Oil (designed by Purity), mutated and developed into Supersoldiers. As a mixture of human and alien biologies, they too can be classified as hybrids — which, unlike all the previous hybrids mentioned up until here, were created by aliens and not humans.

The involvement of the Black Oil can be inferred from the fact that the vaccine against the Black Oil was suggested as a means to prevent the mutation of an infected human into a Supersoldier. Most likely, not all humans are suitable to be converted into Supersoldiers, or at least not initially. A certain genetic profile seems necessary for the operation and subsequent mutation to be successful, one that involves heightened brain activity; however, this condition, much less conveniently, could also be brought to a subject after repeated abductions and experiments. The conversion operation, involving painful experiments, takes several months. During the mutation process, the human is in a coma-like state, with a heart beat and metabolism so slow that he/she could be mistaken for dead; after a period of at least three months, the virus has operated its internal mutations and the ex-human sheds its skin, revealing a new body underneath, in appearance like the original human but biologically alien.

The only exterior physical sign of a Supersoldier is a lump at the base of the neck. Internally they resemble humans but for a heightened iron concentration in the blood and an iron compound that is complexed with the DNA. A Supersoldier is stronger and more resistant to pain than a normal human. One vertebra of the spine (possibly the cause for the lump) is entirely made of an iron compound. The vertebra alone is capable of re-creating the Supersoldier body if it has been destroyed. It is likely that this vertebra is the cognitive center of the Supersoldier, the alien counterpart of the brain in a normal human biology. A parallel could be made between this intelligent vertebra and the alien nanotechnology that can spin, hover and self-repair, a technology that can be found aboard alien ships: this vertebra could mean that the Supersoldiers are advanced cybernetic organisms, artificial intelligence in quasi-human bodies. Envoyés of Purity — some would say Angels.

The first wave (?-2000)

The Supersoldiers most likely appeared on Earth some time after the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. As alien entities in human bodies, they were sent by Purity to infiltrate human societies and prepare the colonization. These alien facsimiles, created from alien abductees at their prime years, entered governmental institutions and over the years developed a career which brought them to positions of power. The conversion most likely occurred at an early stage of the subjects’ life and career, as a prolonged absence of a highly-placed official would not go unnoticed; instead, subjects were converted into Supersoldiers first and pursued highly-placed positions afterwards. It is thusly that one Supersoldier, the so-called ‘Toothpick Man’, a key FBI official in 2001-2002, could have been a Supersoldier ever since the 1960-1970s. Some Marines in the 1980s and early 1990s were converted into Supersoldiers and served in the Middle East and the (first) Gulf War of 1991; some of them later achieved positions of power in the DoD in the 1990s and 2000s.

The Supersoldiers’ role was actually substituted by the (all-human) Syndicate in 1973, after which they were kept in place, and in secret from even the Syndicate, for safety reasons: the Supersoldiers were sleeper agents, who would become really active only if the deal with the Syndicate would go astray. This happened in 1999. By that time, Supersoldiers held key positions in the military, the Department of Defense, the Department of Justice, the FBI, local law enforcement and possibly many other institutions.

Supersoldiers: first wave – ?-2000

– who: Knowle Rohrer, Shannon McMahon, Shadow Man, Toothpick Man
– method: prolonged mutation process based on original human body
– human blood compounded with iron
– lump on the base of the neck
– metal vertebra that can re-create the Supersoldier body
– used to infiltrate human societies and prepare colonization


The second wave (2000-2001)

After 1999, the Supersoldiers took up all the loose threads left by the Syndicate and continued preparing the upcoming colonization. If questions were asked as to their extra-human abilities, the Supersoldiers spread and entertained the rumor that they were products of a top secret governmental experiment: ‘governmental Supersoldiers’.

This lie, which was believable enough, satisfied curiosity and pre-empted any suspicion that would have them be extra-terrestrial in origin.

From their privileged position in different administrations, they infiltrated the Mount Weather complex in Virginia, whose purpose would be to ensure a continuity of the government in case of emergency, and as such could be a potential headquarters of human resistance after colonization; with Mount Weather under their control, the Supersoldiers had completely covered all actors that might be problematic and their plans were on the right track to success.

In 2000, when the Supersoldier effort grew in importance, the Colonists set in motion a plan to increase the numbers of Supersoldiers. Taking advantage of all the genetic and medical information accumulated throughout the Syndicate years, the Colonists abducted people that they deemed more suitable, or conveniently placed in human society, and converted them into Supersoldiers. Among these abductees were previous multiple abductees (Bellefleur, Oregon), law enforcement officers and others (FBI Agent Mulder). A cloned hybrid “Jeremiah Smith” who managed to survive from the Alien Bounty Hunter’s chase in 1996 attempted to counter this ‘invasion’ by tracking down the returned abductees and halting the conversion process; he was discovered by the Colonists and most likely exterminated.

Supersoldiers: second wave – 2000-2001

– who: Billy Miles
– method: prolonged mutation process based on original human body
– human blood compounded with iron
– lump on the base of the neck
– metal vertebra that can re-create the Supersoldier body
– used to infiltrate human societies and prepare colonization


The chloramine babies (2001-?)

With the Syndicate decapitated in 1999, the Supersoldiers inherited a range of scientific research projects that were still ongoing. Projects aiming at hybridization, genetics, virology were commandeered by the Syndicate, but the scientists doing the research were not told the experiments’ ultimate purpose. Thus, it was easy for the Supersoldiers to take control of things and steer away these projects to favor their own purposes.

So the Supersoldiers set out to create a new generation of their own, but not through the painful and dramatic conversion of grown up humans: through the progressive and smooth tampering with human fetuses and babies.

The Supersoldiers ran several concurrent projects to increase their chances of success: among those, the Zeus Genetics project and the chloramine project.

The Syndicate had used Zeus Genetics before to do research in fertility to produce alien tissue for hybridization experiments, and to attempt to create alien/human hybrid babies (the anemic children — see section 4). The Supersoldiers allowed these experiments to continue, redirecting the doctors towards the hybridization of the kind that would produce a Supersoldier. However, the plan was that as soon as one of the concurrent projects would achieve results, all the other projects would be shot down or outright destroyed in order to silence anyone (human) involved.

This happened once the chloramine project began bearing fruit. Zeus Genetics and its members were destroyed and the chloramine method was chosen as the means to create a new generation of ‘organic Supersoldiers’. This method was developed by the Valor Victor, a top secret research ship of the US Navy, in cooperation with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Chloramine base T-4, a disinfectant that is an additive in the public water supply, was modified so as to carry a modified version of the Black Oil virus. This chloramine triggered pregnancies in ex-abductees that were not left barren (and identified through their implants) and through prolonged exposure to the water, the fetus, infant, and growing child progressively and organically mutated and developed an alien presence in his/her body, which eventually took over all cognitive functions: the child became a Supersoldier.

This generation of organic Supersoldiers was primed in 2000 and started getting born in 2001. By 2012 they’d be roughly 11 years old.

Supersoldiers: the chloramine generation – 2001-?

– who: children of abductees born after 2001
– method: prolonged mutation process beginning from fetus stage triggered by modified chloramine in tap water
– develop iron compound in blood (and metal vertebra?)
– develop telekinesis
– used to infiltrate human societies and prepare colonization / full purpose unknown


What would the aim be to produce such beings? Since their plans have not come to fruition yet, we can only wonder. Surely it was to produce an ‘organic version’ of a Supersoldier, one that would be easier to produce, would have more powers than a normal Supersoldier (such as telekinesis). The fact that they would be children at the time of colonization would mean that they would be dispersed in human families and, since nobody would breed suspicions on their allegiances because of their young age, would effectively identify and destroy pockets of resistance after colonization would begin. These Supersoldier children would accomplish the policing work post-colonization that the Alien Bounty Hunters and the hybrids would, if the deal with the Syndicate had continued. Another reason is that they were forcing the hand of their own prophecies, for they knew that their future leader in colonization would be born at that time (see the next section — William).


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