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Sue Coe Art

Sue Coe is an English artist best known among X-Files fans for her cover of the CD “Songs in the Key of X” that was released in 1996. However, she did some additional XF-related work that was published in magazines accompanying articles at the height of the series’ success. On the X-Files, she said in 2004, “The X-Files had lots of aliens, violence, and sex — everything that a television show needs!” More generally, her work often deals with political issues such as cruelty to animals, US interventionism in South America or Iraq or capitalist greed. Brushes of charcoal and twisted and nightmarish figures render chilling and violent imagery; her raw surrealist style fits the subject matter — and the dark X-Files atmosphere — very well;  I invite you to take a look at her other work for some strong and memorable artwork.

Alien, used as back cover of Songs in the Key of X

Portrait of Chris Carter, used in Songs in the Key of X

Front cover of Songs in the Key of X

Mulder’s nightmare, Entertainment Weekly, September 29, 1995

Things that make the Sculders nervous, Details Magazine, June 1998

Eyes, Details Magazine, June 1998

Scully’s alien autopsy, Entertainment Weekly, 1995 year-end special

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