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The Truth And The Light : Music From The X Files


The Truth & The Light contains music from the first three seasons of XF (up to 3X14: Grotesque), released as Season 4 was about to begin airing. Around that time, the XF main theme was a great hit! There is so much more music composed by Mark Snow that is worthy of a release…

I’ve tried to identify the episodes in which the music was used, and the episodes from which the dialogue comes from. There are some holes still (tracks 11, 17) — any help to get rid of those question marks is welcome.


Track Length Latin
1 Introitus:
Praeceps Transito Spatium
1:51 The Beginning:
Quickly Across the Void
especially for the CD by Jeff Charbonneau
(elements used in 2X19:
3X13: Syzygy (Mulder’s
monologue on Earth,
distorted — actually it sounds more like Chris Carter reading his own
script); “The truth” and “The truth is out there” must also be Carter
2 Materia
Primoris: The X-Files Theme
(Main Title)
3:22 Main Title [Opening &
end titles, extended]

3 Raptus 3:16 Abduction 1X79: Pilot
1X79: Pilot (W.B.Davis
(CSM) paraphrasing Dr. Werber and Billy Miles: “Tell me about the
light. When did you first see it?” “I was in the woods. I think I was
in the woods. Afraid. Afraid. I’m afraid.
I’m afraid.“)
& 2X05: Duane Barry (Mulder
& Duane on
4 Adflatus 3:36 One Breath 2X08: One Breath 3X01: The Blessing
(Scully in hypnosis) & 3X16: Apocrypha (CSM: “You can
trust all of
5 Deverbero 1:28 Thrashing 2X22:
F. Emasculata

2X10: Red Museum (Mulder
& Scully on DNA
6 Cantus
4:42 Rousing Song 2X21: The Calusari
(variation heard in 2X25: Anasazi)
2X21: The
(the boy
Michael Holvey
speaks Romanian)
7 Mercutura 3:23 Merchandise 1X13: Genderbender
heard in
1X16: E.B.E., 1X18: Shapes,
2X18: Fearful Symmetry,
2X24: Our
Town, 3X09: Nisei, 3X13: Syzygy, 4X12: Kaddish
, and MillenniuM’s
2×12: Luminary,
2×19: Anamnesis
2X25: Anasazi (Bill
Mulder on
the “merchandise”)
8 Lamenta 1:48 Lamentation 1X22: Roland 3X02: Paper Clip (Scully:
“There is no justice”); 2X08: One
Mulder: “I
want an answer” X: “There are no answers
for you Mr Mulder
. They
only have one policy: deny everything”) & 2X22: F. Emasculata (CSM: “The
truth would have caused panic” Mulder: “Why weren’t we told the truth?”
CSM: “What’s the truth, Agent Mulder?”)
9 Insequi 1:37 Pursuit 3X08: Oubliette
10 Otium 1:43 Peace 1X03: Conduit (W.B.Davis (CSM): “The
truth is negociable”, recorded for the CD)
11 Dubitatio 2:49 Uncertainty First part: 1X06:
Ghost in the Machine

Second part (2:12-end): ? (variation heard in 2X22: F. Emasculata)
1X01: Deep Throat (Final
talk between Mulder
& Deep Throat)
12 Iter 1:20 The Walk 3X09: Nisei
13 Progigno
de Axis
1:35 Bring Forth
from the Heavens
3X09: Nisei
2X25: Anasazi (Final
phone call between
& Scully)
14 Carmen
Amatorium ex Arcanum
2:39 Secret Song
from Loved Ones
2X07: 3
2X22: F. Emasculata (Skinner:
“I’m saying this as a friend. Watch your back. This is just the
15 Facetus
2:42 Graceful Evil 2X20: Humbug
16 Memoria 2:02 Remembering 1X18: Shapes
3X01: The Blessing
(Albert Holsteen on
the truth)
17 Mitis
2:41 Soft Light 2X23: Soft Light ?! (“Aliens of
planet Earth, you can talk to me” ?!); 2X06: Ascension (Scully:
“Mulder!”), 2X25: Anasazi (CSM:
“Burn it!”) & 1X79: Pilot (W.B.Davis
(CSM) as Dr. Werber: “When did you first see the light” D.Duchovny
(Mulder) as Billy
Miles: “I was in *. I’m afraid. I’m afraid.”)
18 Fides
1:35 Fragile Faith 1X23: The Erlenmeyer

2X16: Colony (Mulder’s
opening monologue) & 1X79: Pilot
(Mulder) as Billy
“I’m afraid. I’m
afraid they’re coming back”)
19 Exoptare
1:30 Desire for the
3X08: Oubliette 3X02: Paper Clip (Final
talk between Mulder
& Scully)
20 Kyrie 2:57 The Truth First part (0-1:42): made especially for
the CD by Jeff Charbonneau
Second part (1:42-end):
3X14: Grotesque
G.Anderson (Scully) must have recorded these just for
the CD release: “Truth”; “Deny”; “Everything”
“Apology is
Policy” and the news flash in the second part of the track must have
been made for the CD as well
21 The
Theme (Flexifinger Terrestrial mix)

[main theme remix by Flexifinger, aka Ian Kenneth
Masterson & David Green]


Release date : September 30, 1996
Composed, Produced & Performed by : Mark Snow
Concept & Sound design by : Jeff Charbonneau
Engineered & Mixed by : Larold Rebhun
Words by : Chris Carter

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