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Season 10 News – Week Two

We’re in the middle of the wait between #1 and #2…

Bleeding Cool, which follows these things on a weekly basis, and IDW editor Chris Ryall, broke the news on June 27: barely 8 days after #1 came out “X-Files Season 10 sold out of #1, I’m told to a total of 27,450 copies. Retailers are making sure they are not caught short with the second issue, upping their orders.“! A week later, S10#1 2ND PTG was number 15 in the top advance reorders.

And according to IDW editor Chris Ryall, this second printing will differ in its cover:

S10#1 2nd printing cover

S10#1 2nd printing cover

IDW editor Denton Tipton confirmed that S10#2 is coming out on July 17 (Thanks to Agent Skulder!). Just in time for IDW’s San Diego Comic Con booth & signing (July 18)! #2 apprears as number 6 in the top advance reorders (#1 was number 14, which shows the increase in interest!).

IDW Publishing CEO Ted Adams plugs Season 10.

Cover artist Carlos Valenzuela offers a tease for the cover of #5:


Back in March, artist David Daza had posted an “X-Files Pin-up” , “An test illustration for the upcoming IDW series“. Is this an abandoned concept or an upcoming cover? (Thanks to starbux from X-Files Memories!)

X-Files Pin-up by David Daza

X-Files Pin-up by David Daza

Some more S10#1 reviews to add to the on-going list:

  • A great review that is also an interview with editor Denton J. Tipton and writer Joe Harris, by Good To Be A Geek.

Denton Tipton on Mulder & Scully: “They are indeed living under the same roof as a married couple. The relationship between the two has always been the heart of The X-Files, and we will carry on that tradition. But things are far from ‘happily ever after.’

Tipton on Season 10 Monsters of the Week: “to let things breathe, explore other mysteries, and give us a break from the mytharc. There will be some direct sequels to fan-favorite episodes, and lots of new threats and thrills for Scully and Mulder.

Tipton: “[Chris Carter] sees and comments on everything we do, from outlines, scripts, art, to final product. Nothing will be released without his final stamp of approval. The X-Files remains very near and dear to Chris Carter’s heart, and it’s been an honor to collaborate with him. I don’t think he’ll ever truly have Scully and Mulder out of his system.”Tipton: “Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny’s likenesses are being used in the comic, and all our artists must be approved by both. We’re as official as official can get!”

Tipton on potential spin-offs (Young Smoking Man diaries? The Lone Gunmen revival?): “That all depends on the demand for such a spin-off. As it stands now, the debut issue is selling very well, and the reviews have been great, so I want to believe that there will be!

The biggest reveal is of course this:

Tipton: “But rest assured that many other familiar faces will be returning in the comic. Krycek is a favorite of the writer Joe Harris, so I suspect that he’ll [Krycek] turn up in some fashion sooner or later.

Harris: “Who doesn’t love Alex Krycek?? Maybe Skinner, I guess…

As with the tease on the return of the Cigarette-Smoking Man, this would step bravely into the territory beyond the suspension of disbelief — unless these are flashbacks or life after death, or a very intelligent storytelling device for ret-conning. The mere mention of Krycek is most exciting; but we will be watching.

See, it’s like dating someone really fantastic. It’s great. You spend a few years together. It’s wonderful. It’s magical. But then you realize that things aren’t quite what they used to be, so your relationship limps on for a few more years, going through the motions before you finally realize it’s time to break up. You spend the next ten years or so trying to move on, you have one awkward hook up that involves a pedophilic priest, but eventually you finally get over it. You’ve closed the door on that. You can appreciate it for what it was, but it’s time to continue living.

And then here comes The X-Files knocking on your door, promising it’s changed, swearing things will be like they were, and, damn it, you don’t want to, but you let it back in.

Artist Michael Walsh has all of his original artwork for S10#1 on sale at ComiConArt! Some of it is gone already!
Walsh has continued to offer teases of the artwork for future issues via his Instagram account:

July 1 2013: “Misty woods #xfiles” [Awesome! X-Files return to Vancouver via comics!]


July 2 2013: “Scully! X-files inkin’.


And also: June 29 2013: “Mulder found an alien … Mash up commission @ Stadium comics!” (Thanos from Marvel’s universe, appropriately an alien invader of Earth!)
And that’s all the Season 10 news for now…

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