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Social media archive: 2018 (part 1)

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Jan 01, 2018 16:47

#46DaysOfMythX D-2 and Happy New Year! 10X1: My Struggle

The big return is actually a well-executed episode of 21st century television, in terms of flow and pacing. However, it accumulates error after error of continuity and odd decisions that I really struggle to enjoy much of it. The viewer shouldn’t be left to wonder that much if what is shown is to be taken at face value as #TheXFiles’ worldview and what is set up to be subverted for later developments (Mulder & Tad’s conspiracy rants, the Old informant, the lack of explanation of the CSM’s return, what happened with the 2012 colonization date)… At least the motivations of Mulder & Scully to return to the FBI should be provided (e.g. obviously the search for William, as in the comics that preceded the live revival)!

10X1: My Struggle


Jan 02, 2018 19:01

#46DaysOfMythX D-1! 10X6: My Struggle II

The last one! A “part 2” that has hardly any relation to part 1. Feature film ambitions with cutting-edge science hampered by a far, far too breakneck speed tempo and some bad dialogue. This could have been a “XF3” resolution to the colonization storyline — but on closer scrutiny it looks like it is incompatible with earlier seasons mythology. Will #TheXFiles season 11 be able to salvage something from Carter’s bold bet on ending with such a cliffhanger?

10X6: My Struggle II


Jan 02, 2018 20:23

#TheXCastPodwatch: a great achievement in #TheXFiles fandom, a herculean effort! Congratulations to @[582102203:2048:AJ] & @[511473157:2048:Carl] & team!


#TheXCastPodwatch Ep 107! The last Podwatch! We reflect on the Podwatch journey and talk Season 11! #TheXFiles
Thanks to you all for coming with us for the ride!

Jan 03, 2018 23:50

#46DaysOfMythX D-Day! A look back at two years of developments that brought us from #TheXFiles season 10 to season 11, and whether this will be the or another end!…

From Season 10 to Season 11


Jan 04, 2018 21:57

No #TheXFiles panel at this year’s TCA. However, straight from FOX’s CEO:
If Gillian Anderson won’t return to X-Files and Chris Carter won’t do the show without Gillian…“if those are the circumstances, there won’t be any more X-Files,” says Dana Walden. #TCA18


Jan 06, 2018 15:29

#TheXFiles 11X01: My Struggle III review. Brace yourselves, this is a long one!

All in all, a definitive improvement on the confused My Struggle I and II: we are moving towards a definitive direction and characters have agency. The episode manages to raise many plot points and possibilities in a short amount of time, needless to say this review would have been shorter had possible interpretations/plot holes not been so many, which is good in some way. A strong premiere in certain plot points it raises, a sincere attempt at making the mythology coherent again that stumbles in several points (which some would dismiss as details), a horrible premiere in terms of filmic narration, and an open question as to what extent just scattered scenes in the stand-alones and one single episode in the finale can be sufficient time to make these plot points justice.

11X01: My Struggle III


Jan 07, 2018 21:46

My Struggle III was planned since 1997! Here’s the proof!
Thanks to 1121susanna


Jan 11, 2018 00:49

Hollywood Reporter: Gillian Anderson Confirms She’s Exiting Fox’s ‘The X-Files,’ Starz’s ‘American Gods’

Jan 11, 2018 1:24

GamesRadar: X-Files star David Duchovny thinks Scully’s son should get his own show

Jan 13, 2018 13:31

“This” is more like it! Glen Morgan writes and directs an episode that is light on plot but strong on Mulder-Scully interactions, making full use of that infamous chemistry that gained such a longevity to this show!

11X02: This


Jan 15, 2018 12:55

Impressive! – but #TheXFiles didn’t accept spec scripts, despite exceptions that might have been invitations (William Gibson, Stephen King). Original script available here: http://img.pathfinder.gr/clubs/files/1856/3337.txt

Dazed: The X-Files script that was too bleak to air

Jan 16, 2018 15:19

Some extreme similarities between My Struggle III and Biogenesis (but no “brain on fire” there!…)



Jan 17, 2018 11:39

[SPOILERS for 11X01: My Struggle III]

“So given this trope of forced impregnation and childbearing in the era of #metoo, even in the context of science fiction and dystopian narratives, what constitutes an empathetic and ethically told rape story? The answer cannot be that rape and assault are forbidden subjects for writers and creators. These things exist in the world and are a tragic part of many (women’s, men’s) lives. Well-told stories should deal with them. Similarly, the answer cannot be that men are forbidden from writing about women’s experiences any more than women should be forbidden from writing about men’s.

Much of the outrage over #TheXFiles’ plot point crystallized around the fact that this revelation was clearly intended to more to shock and horrify than anything else. And even if the unreliable narration of CSM turns out wrong, as fans hope and pray, there will be the inexcusable fact that the show raised the specter of assault and rape in such a way that obscures the psychological and emotional ramifications of such deeds for a cheap twist. Because Scully remains in the dark, there is no possibility for wrestling with the implications of her assault”

The Mary Sue: The X-Files and The Handmaid’s Tale: How We Talk When We Talk About Rape

Jan 19, 2018 00:42

#TheXFiles 11X03: what is canon anyway?

Jan 20, 2018 20:03

Carter back to writing a fresh #TheXFiles stand-alone! I liked the “bread and butter” investigation — but I really, really didn’t like the Mulder-Scully bed scenes, and it’s not because I’m not a shipper (at this point these categories don’t make sense). Here is why.

11X03: Plus One


Jan 23, 2018 15:40

Keeping tabs on #TheXFiles science! No hard results yet but Chinese scientists are one step ahead compared to US/European scientists:

“China is taking the lead in the global race to perfect gene therapies. Scientists have genetically engineered the cells of at least 86 cancer and HIV patients in the country using Crispr-Cas9 technology since 2015. Although no formal scientific papers have been written about these experiments, doctors told journalists at the WSJ that some patients have improved. There have also been at least 15 deaths, although only about half of them were reportedly related to the gene therapy itself. These therapies, which involved taking the immune cells from hospital patients, editing the cells, and transfusing them back into the body, are the first to use Crispr-Cas9 in living humans.”

Quartz: Chinese scientists used Crispr gene editing on 86 human patients

Jan 24, 2018 15:39

The mystery of what @[8473603278:274:IDW Publishing] was going to do with #TheXFiles comics after their monthly series wrapped up last August has been solved: from April, “Case Files” is coming, with a format well-adapted to the comics world, but without @[506008038:2048:Joe Harris]’s on-going storyline format.

“The Case Files banner will be made up of numerous micro-series featuring X-Files stories taking place across the show’s timeline. Unlike their previous ongoing X-Files series, Case Files will not have a dedicated creative team, but will instead feature stories and artwork from a number of different writers and artists.”

XFilesNews: IDW Launching New X-Files Comic Series in April

Jan 25, 2018 22:18

A dive into the past of the internet all the way to the present #TheXFiles fandom, by @[383602778393543:274:Den of Geek US] & XF Lexicon – including an EatTheCorn mention!

Den of Geek: The X-Files: A History of the Fandom

Jan 28, 2018 2:49

“The world’s gone mad!” Darin Morgan strikes a sensible chord and goes much further than just the obvious @[153080620724:274:Donald J. Trump] post-truth mess. An episode that manages to make its own existence and that of the revival irrelevant with “It’s time to face the facts, guys. This is the end of #TheXFiles”! We go meta on the nostalgia in our review.

11X04: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat


Jan 29, 2018 22:54

The end of the world is set for March 21. Air dates for the remaining episodes.

XFilesNews: X-Files Season 11 Pauses for Olympics

Jan 31, 2018 15:25

#TheXFiles ?
ghouli.net @rever, 23 January 2018

Sometimes, it’s the bright lights that start as tiny specs in the distance. I try to evade them, because they frighten me the most. But they rush me and overtake me. They hover above as one, like the lights of a spaceship, and then they swirl and embrace me and take me to darkness. Weightless, it feels like the void of death — non-existence. Fear overtakes. I seize again.

When I seize, I transmit. I don’t know why or how. I don’t always know the message. But I know it’s important. And it’s important that she be the receiver. But transmission means pain for both.

Do we bare the same scars? Slashed forehead and chin. Broken wrist and arm. Two or three concussions. I’ve fallen when there’s been no one to catch me. Does she have someone to hold her hand, to break her fall? I hope she’s safe and cared for. She shouldn’t suffer more pain than I’ve endured myself. I want her to hear me, but I don’t want her to hurt, not because of my uncontrollable screaming skull.

Ghouli.net: This Screaming Skull


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