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Apr 16, 2018 14:29

RIP Art Bell, landmark paranormal/conspiracy-themed radio show host of “@[105212777348:274:Coast to Coast AM]” that ran over 1988-2007. Remember when Frank Black himself was invited on Art Bell’s show with a cameo by Bell himself in the #Millennium season 3 episode “Collateral Damage”? A few months later in 1999 Chris Carter was invited as well. #ArtBell #TheXFiles


Apr 17, 2018 19:21

#TheXFiles + @[20950654496:274:The Onion] = Win!

Many more at: http://traiteurr.tumblr.com/tagged/xfonion

Apr 26, 2018 18:18

“Arguably, dark, conspiracy-ridden dramas fulfil an important function. They’re a safe space for our wildest speculations, a decompression chamber for our paranoia. The X-Files is an interesting example. If any show epitomised an era during which political scientist Francis Fukuyama was able to posit “the end of history” without being laughed out of academia, it’s Mulder and Scully’s wild goose chase. The 90s now look like a mere pause for breath before the real business of humanity (wars, vicious ideological clashes, terrorism, you know the drill) got underway again. Imagine, in 2018, having enough available mental bandwidth to obsess about the possible existence of aliens? Such decadence.” #TheXFiles #Homeland #DeepState #HouseOfCards

The Guardian: Stranger than fiction: Deep State, Homeland and post-truth TV

May 14, 2018 15:46

#TheXFiles (no)s12 update: FOX CEO: “there are no plans to do another season at the moment”.


TVLine: X-Files: Fox Has ‘No Plans’ for a Season 12 Following Gillian Anderson Ex

May 16, 2018 18:24

@[24738471984:274:Back Gallery Project] exhibit of #TheXFiles office at Vancouver until June 30 + Chris Carter meet-and-greet on Saturday, June 30!

Straight.com: The truth is out there: Fox Mulder’s X-Files office set on display in Vancouver

Jun 06, 2018 11:06

“Von T”, the last of Von Braun’s rocket team, brought to the USA after World War II with Operation Paperclip, has died. He had been working for or helping #NASA continuously since the 1950s.

As Mulder and Byers said in 3X02: Paper Clip: “Our deal with the devil. The U.S. government provided safe haven for certain Nazi war criminals in exchange for their scientific knowledge. […] Wernher von Braun, designer of the V-2 rockets that leveled London, may be the most notorious, but Victor Klemper certainly takes the prize for the most… evil Nazi to escape the Nuremburg trials. […] Together with Von Braun, Klemper helped us win the space race. Using his scientific data on the effects of high-altitude flying, we were able to put astronauts on the moon before the Soviets.” #TheXFiles

AL.com: Dr. Georg von Tiesenhausen, last of German rocket team, dies in Alabama

Jun 13, 2018 15:54

On the 20th anniversary of the release of #TheXFiles “Fight the Future” that he co-wrote! I hope somebody asks him what he thought of the revival seasons.



Jun 19, 2018 15:31

Today, #TheXFiles Movie a.k.a. “Fight the Future” turns 20! Already! Return to the nineties with this music video for Filter’s “One”, featuring the Cigarette-Smoking Man and Agent Doggett’s brother! This song was part of the film’s Album CD, a rather unlikely collection of songs that accompanied the film’s release.


Jun 19, 2018 18:12

Some nice articles for #TheXFiles: Fight the Future’s 20th anniversary! Much of this is pulled off the “Making Of” book. Reading that makes you realize what an amazing gamble that movie was, how everything happened on the nick of time and how often things could have collapsed — making a big-budget movie that inserts itself in a complex mythology pre-planned one and a half seasons in advance — and how well it turned out! Proof that TenThirteen could work well under pressure!

Den of Geek: The X-Files: Fight The Future – 25 Unknown Truths

Jun 19, 2018 23:44

One of those amazing bonuses in the apex of #TheXFiles craze: at the end of the FTF album, Chris Carter, sounding like a secret informant reading a classified document, reveals everything about the mythology! (That is, the mythology up until that point…) #XFFTF20 Recording, analysis and commentary here:

Fight the Future : The Album : The Truth Revealed


Jul 07, 2018 22:48

A very interesting panel indeed! #TheXFiles #SDCC2018


Now it’s official- see you on Thursday, July 19th at 1pm – #SDCC #TheXFiles 👽http://sched.co/FQmu

Jul 16, 2018 11:11

New Chris Carter interview: definitely interested to do season 12 but “it’s up in the air, in terms of Gillian’s interest in doing the show […] For me, #TheXFiles is Mulder and Scully, so even though we did the show without David, without Mulder, for a time, I always felt like her science was the centre of the show. In the end, it is a science show, and it makes it all-important.” Any new projects for you on the horizon? “No, nothing right now.”

Den of Geek: Chris Carter interview: The X-Files

Jul 17, 2018 10:54

@[1049172408:2048:Stefan Petrucha] interview, he did the best run of #TheXFiles Topps comics with the Aquarius arc (#1-12)!


Darren Mooney hosts a special interview with comic writing legend Stefan Petrucha about his time writing #TheXFiles Topps comics run in the 1990’s.


Jul 19, 2018 13:18

The last season of #TheXFiles, season 11, is out on DVD/BluRay (at least in Europe). Time for goodbyes.


Jul 25, 2018 17:55

Another anniversary: today marks 10 years since #TheXFiles #IWantToBelieve was released! A movie with big flaws in many levels but also with a lot of low-key qualities more typical of Chris Carter’s #Millennium. Certainly more alike to the show than much of the revival! So many years later, it is still odd to be thinking of this movie in the middle of the summer… #IWTB #XFIWTB10
But here is some great @[114444205294473:274:Mark Snow] music:


Jul 27, 2018 14:32

#TheXFiles “Case Files” comics continue! — however editor D.J.Tipton confirms that they will stop after their 4th issue, due next month. “Actually, no plans for future comics at this time. Hopefully, there will be renewed interest with the TPB or after allowing it to rest for a spell.” Sales have been declining for a while. Revival fatigue, merchandising over-saturation?


In stores tomorrow, The X-Files Case Files: Hoot Goes There? #1 (of 2) by Joe Lansdale, Keith Lansdale, Silvia Califano, Valentina Pinto and covers by Catherine Nodet, J.J. Lendl Art Studio and Charles Paul Wilson III. This will probably be our last X-Files miniseries for a while, so enjoy while you can!

Jul 31, 2018 14:12

(Real-life #TheXFiles) Secrets from the 1930s-1940s are still being uncovered today! At the request of a researcher, “This is the first time that an official document showing the real names of almost all members of Unit 731 has been disclosed” — along with Shiro Ishii, who was granted immunity in the USA (inspiration for Shiro Zama/Ishimaru in the Nisei/731 episodes).

The Guardian: Unit 731: Japan discloses details of notorious chemical warfare division

Aug 01, 2018 14:39

New Chris Carter interview

#TheXFiles S12? “It’s my job to figure out how we go forward without her in an interesting way […] but I haven’t had time to think about that yet.”

On S11: “There was a former CIA chief who said there are three things that have the greatest possibility of ending mankind and the world as we know it. And that’s nuclear holocaust, global warming and a biological contagion or bioweapon. I think you saw all those things in the show this year.”

News.com.au: What terrifies X-Files creator Chris Carter

Aug 26, 2018 1:48

“If you could say one thing to your fans over the last 25 years what would it be?”

Gillian Anderson: “I’m so sorry. I’m sorry it’s over for you. I’m sorry it ended the way it ended”

#WizardWorld #XFPanel

This just happened in Chicago.



Aug 27, 2018 20:15

Referenced by Mulder in #TheXFiles “Little Green Men”, the Voyager spacecraft launched in 1977, over forty years later, are *still* communicating with NASA! A wonder of technology!

Tech Startups: NASA receives response from Voyager 1 spacecraft 13 billion miles away after 37 years of inactivity


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