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Social media archive: 2022 (part 3)

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Nov 03, 2022 13:22

Some nice graphics from the official #TheXFiles account to promote the series on streaming!

Nov 10, 2022 17:46

Some x-cellent discussion of some of my favourite #TheXFiles media: the original Topps comics run by Petrucha/Adlard: #4-6 “Firebird” and #7 “Trepanning Opera”! By @[930414780360852:274:The X-Cast\: An X-Files Podcast].


Nov 15, 2022 12:37

[FRENCH] Plongée profonde dans la saison 1 avec ce podcast de pas moins de 3 heures bien remplies ! J’adore l’utilisation des musiques de Mark Snow appropriées lors des discussions sur chaque épisode. Quels joyaux d’écriture déjà avec la 1re saison ! #TheXFiles #LVEI


Nov 18, 2022 18:31

Just found out that the Flexifinger Terrestrial Mix of #TheXFiles theme was only in certain versions of “The Truth and the Light” CD — it was there in UK, Europe and Australia and not in US and Canada (and France?), looks like.


Nov 19, 2022 19:58

I had the impression that the first episode of “Dark” had a 1013 reference but I was not sure (the time 22:13, i.e. 10:13 pm, was on a suicide note, to keep it vague). With the number 1013 also appearing in the first episode of the new series “1899” (room number where some weird things happen), I’m pretty sure the writer/director duo of Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar are #TheXFiles fans!

#1899Netflix #darknetflix

Nov 20, 2022 17:11

RIP Nicki Aycox, gone just at 47 years old! She was Chastity Raines in the season 7 episode “Rush” and Cheryl Cunningham (the swimmer that gets abducted) in “I Want To Believe” in #TheXFiles.



Nov 21, 2022 17:21

Today is 11/21, the birthday of Chris Carter’s wife Dori (74 years old!). Carter being big on #numerology, here are all the appearances of 1121 in #TheXFiles (taken from http://www.lunacynet.com/xfiles/xf1013.html):

Pilot: time on Scully’s clock
Deep Throat: Colonel Budahas’ birthday
Fire: the case is X-File #11214893
Miracle Man: Autopsy time
Erlenmeyer Flask: time on Scully’s clock
Little Green Men: 1121’s on ‘WOW Signal’
The Host: Autopsy case #DP112148
Irresistible: time on Scully’s clock
Colony: time on Scully’s motel room clock
F. Emasculata: Package #DPP112148
Paper Clip: Samantha Mulder’s birthday
Syzygy: Time Mulder brings first girl to police station
Piper Maru: Flight 1121 to Washington
Talitha Cumi: time when Mulder first visits his mother at the hospital
Talitha Cumi: time when Scully is working at her computer
Unrequited: time when Mulder & Scully see the upset woman at the war memorial
Redux: time one of the calls was made (from above Mulder’s apartment)
Travelers: date Mulder first meets Arthur Dales
FTF: time Mulder goes to the Dallas Field Office, where Scully joins him and analyses the fossils
FTF: a number on one of the domes in Antarctica
One Son: time everyone meets at the air force base
Millennium: time the policeman stops to help Mr. Johnson with his flat tire
William: time of the first scene in the X-Files office, with Doggett doing push-ups
The Truth: time Knowle Rohrer pulls up to the USMC Base Brig to “retrieve” Agent Mulder

Dec 13, 2022 10:00

“Today, no music.” Angelo Badalamenti will only live on now in our dreams and nightmares.

“Where we’re from the birds sing a pretty song and there’s always music in the air.” I think without the precedent of the music of #TwinPeaks, the music of #TheXFiles would have been different, less moody and surrounding, and there would have been less of it over the length of an episode.

There is plenty of Badalamenti I listen to, but I often listen to these fan mixes by Twin Peaks Soundtrack Design:


Dec 14, 2022 16:56

[FRENCH] La rétrospective #TheXFiles continue avec la saison 2! C’est là où j’ai commencé à regarder la série aussi.


Dec 19, 2022 19:13

Catching up — another Chris Carter interview, this time for #TheXFiles 25th anniversary fan retrospective. Several things are similar to what he said earlier this year; here are some quotes (and my notes):

On the ‘original’ show:

  • Before TXF, he tried to sell a new Kolchak: The Night Stalker series with a twist to NBC.
  • He remembers discussing with FOX executives about complaints that they didn’t wrap each episode up with an explanation, and that the executives had him add to the Pilot the “based on actual events” note.
  • He reminisced the production side of the series, it was important that everybody was feeling to be a part of something significant. After the writers, the crew was the first audience.
  • “I didn’t do it alone and I think that sometimes goes unappreciated. I did it with the help of so many people.”
  • He wanted to do a homage to the 1981 Whitley Streiber film “Wolfen”: M&S go to a small town, something happens with wolves, mix it with classic UFO mythology.
  • He enjoys reminiscing about the episodic nature of the show, something no longer done today.
  • He thinks there are ways to tell ghost stories that they didn’t go for during the series.
  • He liked Robert Patrick in the 1993 alien abduction film “Fire in the Sky” (– confirmed!)
  • During the show’s wrap party (in 2002 I am guessing), the International Space Station sent them a message! (I want to see that!)

On the revival:

  • The revival (that he keeps calling “reboot”) was also to introduce the show to a new generation.
  • Were seasons 10 & 11 derived from the script for a 3rd film that was written at some point? “No. Completely different. Actually I wrote a script that was a terrible idea for a 3rd movie. At the time I don’t know what inspired me. The reboot was not really a result of that script, gladly. The reboot was really taking individual characters, Mulder, Scully, the CSM and William, and telling about what had happened to them, catching up with them, telling about each of their struggle.” (This XF3 script that Frank Spotnitz has also referred to is my holy grail, I want to know what could have been. There is a possibility that Carter here was referring to a different iteration of a script than the one he worked on with Spotnitz, who knows.)
  • On Reyes siding with the CSM: “I don’t remember what the thinking was on that to be honest, I would have to go back and figure it out. It made sense to me in the end.” (too bad he doesn’t remember, some insights would have been welcome!)
  • On Doggett in the revival: “there were places to use him but I felt it wasn’t a big enough part for him” (so I am guessing that instead we got one scene with a healed Jeffrey Spender?)

On William and the series ending:

  • When Wiliam moved that mobile when he was an infant: “That kid has a kind of a supernatural quality. And I think that everyone attributed that to Scully, that that came from Scully. But it was never in my mind that it was something inherited from her. It was something greater and different than that. That’s how you got the William that you saw in the series finale.” (All sorts of avenues and red herrings were explored throughout the series, seasons 8 and 9 had the divine miracle and the organic Supersoldier experiment, then Ghouli came and added yet another layer of experiments on William; so it’s not as if this would specifically make reference to any involvement by the CSM. Note: “series” finale.)
  • What questions should the fans be asking? “Everyone assumes that the CSM had sex with Scully. That is an assumption that you should question. The CSM has lots of access to, controls, alien technology. There’s something in that night of Scully’s life that needs to be explained and explored.” (OK, but it’s an assumption that he planted in our minds with the subtelty of a scud missile and I would have been fine with letting sleeping theories from “En Ami” lie. Does he really plan to open season 12 with more flashbacks to “En Ami”?)
    (A lot has been made about William being only a creation of the CSM, but still to this day CC uses the word “son”, as in “the CSM’s son” to describe what the CSM told Reyes.)
  • Why is William smiling at the end of My Struggle IV? “What did he succeed at? What was his plan all along? What would be some of his intentions in that motel room telling Mulder emphatically that he’s not his father? Who’s saving who there?” (This is still about the reading of the last episode being that William is manipulating Mulder in order to get away from him at the end and have Mulder and Scully stop searching for him.)
  • About William and the end: “People made lots of assumptions. I always thought there would be more X-Files episodes. I didn’t think that last one was going to be the last. I thought there’s always more stories to tell. So I would have answered a lot of those questions for…satisfied a lot more people with what came after episode 218.” (Reversal of the reversal twist confirmed! That’s good to know but it’s sad he couldn’t sacrifice some stand-alone in season 11 to flesh out his mythology ideas properly, he was *extremely* lucky to have been given not one but *two* seasons of a revival…)
  • Where are Mulder and Scully today? “I think I would have flashed forward, I wasn’t interested in dealing with that pregnancy. I don’t know. I have some ideas but I don’t know if we’ll ever get to ever see them.” (He’s really thinking about the setup of season 12!)

The future:

  • He likes the idea to do all comedy with animation, he put out the idea to put people back to work during Covid, and two writers came up with an interesting approach. (Since the news that this “TXF: Albuquerque” idea came out in 2020, there have been no more developments. Maybe it’s for the best.)
  • What does Disney plan on TXF’s legacy? No news. “I never imagined doing the show without Mulder and Scully.” (He really makes it sound as if Gillian Anderson’s departure derailed his plans. I don’t know that FOX would have greenlit a season 12 anyway, now Disney even less.)

Dec 20, 2022 14:06

Matt Allair from The X-Files Lexicon discusses the 1980 UFO/conspiracy film “Hangar 18”, #TheXFiles and his work, in “Creature Features”, a staple of US TV.


Dec 21, 2022 17:00

Happy #solstice! One day away from the ten year anniversary of December 22 2012, a date all x-philes were looking forward to for a decade: the date of the final alien invasion. Somewhere, in a parallel universe, this was the premiere date of #TheXFiles 3 feature film, an underground conspiracy thriller with more atmosphere than action. Recent interviews have confirmed that one or even several film script treatments exist, and I would definitely want to see these before I die, if the Fox/Disney gods would be kind enough.

This is the opportunity to link to an interview I missed from earlier this year, with this precious quote:

Frank Spotnitz: “the story that I’m saddest not to have told was the culmination of the alien mythology. We ended the TV series on a cliff-hanger that I fully expected would continue in a movie franchise. That obviously didn’t happen, and I consider it by far the greatest lost opportunity in the history of The X-Files.”



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