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People Magazine: Online conference with Chris Carter

People Magazine
Online conference with Chris Carter

HOST: Good evening everyone! I’m Patrizia DiLucchio, your host, and on behalf of People Magazine I’d like to welcome you all here.

“The X-Files”, now into its third season has gone from a cult hit for folks in the know to a genuine mainstream phenomenon. Not since Rod Serling has the genuinely macabre drawn such an audience. As the creator, producer and sometimes writer/director of “The X-Files”, Chris Carter deserves the lion’s share of the credit.

Welcome Chris!

Just type “hi” to reassure me that yr keyboard is working…

Chris Carter: Hi. Nice to be here.

HOST: Kool!

Chris Carter: hi

Adam: Did you ever watch or read any stuff of Boris Karloff and if so, how did they affect your style of writing?

Chris Carter: All the old horror movies are probably rattling around in my head somewhere. I haven’t be inspired directly.

Yoda: What inspired you to do the X-Files? Was it a current tv show or book?

Chris Carter: I wanted to scare the shit out of people.

Fatsucking Vampire: Will Mulder ever get even with Cancer guy’s assassin for killing his father?

Chris Carter: Stay tuned. Krycek may be coming back sooner than you think.

Alexander Cooper: Did you ever think that the x files would be such a hit ?

Chris Carter: No. But you always have to begin something with the great hope that it will work. I got very lucky.

Chris Williams: Chris, thanks for a great show. There has been much discussion on internet about the parallels in XF with classic literature. Are the similarities of Mulder’s quest with epic quests of classic heroes accidental or intended?

Chris Carter: I was originally inspired by M. Shelley’s Frankenstein, but did not use it directly. I think Mulder fits the mold of the romantic hero, though..

Andrea & Rob: Why has there been so much more gore these past two seasons than there was in the first season? It was scarier, more intense, and more compelling without it.

Chris Carter: I don’t think there has been as much gore as people are saying. We had some maggots in The List, some decomposing corpse in Bruckman. And some gooey stuff in 2Shy. Stay tuned.

Holly: Is production on the show going to be postponed when the filming for the XF movie starts?

Dave Shrader: If you were forced to choose one of your character’s lives to lead, which one would it be?

Chris Carter: I’m going to answer two questions here. First, the movie won’t happen until next year. Second, I would just like to live my own life, thank you.

HOST: Once again, a reminder– To submit a question… either select the question icon or type /question.

Karsten Hormann: Will the X-Files movie mean the end of the TV-series?

Chris Carter: No. The movie will not mean the end of the series..

Katie Of Toronto: Mr. Carter, I heard that Mulder is getting a girlfriend this season, is that true? Thanks I also wanted to say that i really admire your devotion to the show!

Chris Carter: Thank you. Mulder may be getting a girl, but not exactly a “girlfriend.” Stay tuned

Mr Noname/Red 20: What kind of demented people create each individual X-Files episode? They must be really fun to be around!

Chris Carter: We’re all weird and twisted, and one step ahead of the law.

Erin Carter: Considering last week’s episode, are you very involved in the internet?

Chris Carter: Yes. I have cybersex two or three times a day.

IRVIN LIM: To what extent is the X-files related to the government’s own x-files?

Chris Carter: The FBI says it has nothing like the X-files. I refuse to believe that.

Tony: Have you been dropping clues in any recent episodes on things that may pop up again in the future?

Chris Carter: We’re always dropping clues. Watch closely now.

Robin: X-Files has shattered a lot of television paradigms. Are you afraid of the show possibly creating–and succumbing to–it’s own new set of paradigms?

Chris Carter: Holy shit… I have no idea. We just try to keep it smart and scary.

Dmintz: will any stories go into more detail about skinner, the FBI chief?

Chris Carter: Yes. We’ll do a “Skinner” episode later this season.

HOST: Everyone–don’t be shy! Keep those questions coming please. Select the question icon or type /question.

Paul R XXY-FILESl Have you heard of the XXY-FILES parody? If so, what did you think of it?

Chris Carter: I’ve heard of it. I’ve also seen someone’s cartoon parody. I think it’s all pretty cool.

Penelope: Hi. Is it true you are trying to stop the Unofficial X-Files Companion?

Chris Carter: Hi, Penelope. No, I’m not personally. Anyway, it’s coming out.

Alexander Cooper: Have you ever been contacted by the government about the show , and if so how do they feel about it ?

Chris Carter: I’ve talked to the FBI directly. They seem to really like it. Unofficially.

Mike Topf: What prompted you to film in Vancouver, and does the rain ever get to you?

Chris Carter: Vancouver is great. It has the right light and the right look. Those were the primary reasons. Also, there’s a financial incentive. You get more for your money, so more goes on screen.

The Emperor: Hi Chris. Is there any chance that Mulder and Scully will investigate an X-File in Britain?

Chris Carter: I’d love to travel the show. I’d love to find a reason to shoot in London.

Genie: I’ve often heard you should write about what you know, do you know much about the FBI or paranormal happenings?

Chris Carter: I’ve read a fair bit, as you might imagine. Most of our stories come from sources other than those writings you mentioned, however.

Cindy Khoo: My Chinese grandmother oft told me ghostly tales of my ancestors and once swore to me that she saw a dragon’s tail descend from the sky. Would you consider doing an Asian folklore episode or any other foreign ethnic storyline?

Chris Carter: It’s in the works!.

Me.. Naber: With the departure of Sara Charno, do you have any plans to add a female writer to your staff?

Chris Carter: We have a female writer on staff. Her name is Kim Newton. she has written episode number 11 this season..

Chris Williams: You said last time here that you knew what would be in the last few episodes. Without revealing what you have in mind for the series ending, can you tell us if you’ve ever considered a purely tragic ending?

Chris Carter: Yes. I’ve considered it. Hopefully, I won’t have to consider it seriously for a few more years..

Rick Wilson: will fluke man return? on xf tv show

Chris Carter: Flukie may return, but with a new haircut and wardrobe..

Elias Li: How did you get your start in TV? How do you select the directors of your shows?

Chris Carter: I got started as a writer. And yes, I help to select the directors..

Kim: Are we ever going to meet Mulder’s sister, or is this the eternal search??

Chris Carter: Opps… sorry. That last question was how do I select directors. I select them based on their previous work. As for Mulder’s sister, he’ll keep searching, but I’m sure there will be evolution and eventually resolution.

Dave Shrader: What is your impression of Space: Above and Beyond & what @ Fox’s pushing the connection with the X-Files?

Chris Carter: Sorry, I haven’t had time to watch Space. Fox, of course, is going to use anything. It’s going to use anything it can to launch a new show, so the X-files connection was a natural, I guess.

HOST: Here’s the question we’ve all been waiting for…

Mike Kirchhoff: Are you disappointed that David Duchovny lost celebrity Jeopardy to Stephen King last night?

Chris Carter: I’m only sorry for the kids who benefit from that charity he was giving to.

Bob Edison: Is there going to be a conclusion to the season opener. I mean can we hope that cancerman gets his due?

Chris Carter: We have several “arc” shows coming. There will be developments.

Andrea & Rob: Will the movie affect the story line in television episodes that follow it?

Chris Carter: It’s too early to tell. I hope not. I hope the movie makes the series better.

Hilary: Chris, your work is terrific! What are your ambitions/hopes for X-Files over the next couple seasons?

Chris Carter: Thank you. I hope we can continue to keep the quality high, both in storytelling and production value. We work like dogs!

Annette Kirby: Will Darrin McGavin make an appearance on the show?

Chris Carter: I’ve tried to get him twice, but he wasn’t available. We’ll keep trying.

C: Does anyone from the show look at the X-Files forum on CompuServe?

Chris Carter: Yes. We pay close attention to all the on-line stuff.

JMac X-Files: How does a writer get a script to you? Do you take open submissions?

Chris Carter: Submissions through agents only. Sorry.

Scully wanabe: I have really been enjoying the humor and how loose Scully and Mulder have been lately, Do you plan to continue with that?

Chris Carter: Yes. We try and mix it up, keeping a good balance. Thanks for noticing.

BRI/NJ: I have noticed that the writers aren’t afraid to kill off a blind girls mother, or Scully’s sister or Mulder’s father. Does this type of bold writing style cause any problems within the x file writer circle

Chris Carter: Actually, we’ve killed all the writers’ families, too. So, no. It’s not a problem anymore.

HOST: They write better that way anyway…

Bob: Are you aware of any cast members logging onto internet X-File chats under false names?

Chris Carter: No. They’re all too busy!

Brenda: Have you ever seen a U.F.O. or known anyone who has? If so what impact ,if any, has it had on your stories?

Chris Carter: I’ve never seen one, though a bug flew in my salad the other day. I’ve talked to A LOT of people who’ve seen them, though.

Megen: What are your plans for the future? How long do you plan to stick with the x-Files?

Chris Carter: I’ll stick with X-files until the end. My future plans: going surfing.

Autumn Tysko: It’s been a year now since Scully’s abduction and we still know very little. How much longer are you going to terrorize us by dragging this out? We need to know! 😉

Chris Carter: Stay tuned for episodes nine and ten .

Kim Thompson: Do you say “Beep”, or “Meep”? 🙂

Chris Carter: Cheep.

Penelope: Who wrote Deep Throat’s Speech in the Blessing Way? It took me hours to trace the literary references, but it’s nice to have a show on the air that has so much meaning behind it. Keep it up 🙂

Chris Carter: I wrote it. Thank you!

Sybaris: I really like the Lone Gunmen. Will we be seeing much more of them this season?

Chris Carter: They’re coming back… with a vengeance. You’re not a friend of Frohike’s are you?!

Stacey Earley: I am really pleased with the way Scully’s character has been developed this season. Will we see any personal crises (like, crises of faith, not “girl in jeopardy” stuff) materialize for Dana this season?

Chris Carter: You’re psychic. Watch for episode eleven.

Mark Williams: Who lights your show?. I find the use of lighting particularly effective: it really added to the overall atmosphere.

Chris Carter: The fabulously talented John Bartley (not Baxter!) and his amazing crew.

Jeffrey J. Howarth: What about Kolchak and Thomas Harris novels? (as influences)

Chris Carter: Both have been influential. Yes.

Dmintz: Killing off Mulder’s father was quite an irrevocable step. Is he really, really dead?

Chris Carter: Yes. He’s dead, buried… but not forgotten. Stay tuned.

HOST: For late-comers… to submit a question… select the question icon or type /question

Diane: Whose wit is behind Mulder’s sense of humor?

Chris Carter: All the writers, and David Duchovny.

Melissa: The chemistry between Mulder and Scully is great. Will their relationship ever develop into more than just being partners and friends?

Chris Carter: They’ll find out they’re actually third cousins, four times removed.

John: Who will be joining you at the x-files convention in NYC/NJ? Will you be incorporating the movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in any future episodes?’

Chris Carter: Ha!!!!! I have tentative plans for NY. Yes, Scully may ask Mulder if he’s ever read Breakfast…

Howard Ball: Hi, Chris. Love the show! Just one thing, though: it often seems that Scully is put into the position of being a “victim”, but this never seems to happen to Mulder to the same degree, and I confess it bothers me – Scully is strong! She shouldn’t be put in this position so often!

Chris Carter: They both get beat up rather equally in my mind. Even if Scully is victimized, she never behaves like a victim, which I believe is the great thing about her.

Karsten Hormann: There’s rumors that people like Whoopi Goldberg want to guest-star on the show. Do you think that guest *stars* will draw the attention away from the story?

Chris Carter: That’s a fear of mine. I don’t want to put a star on if it’s going to take us out of the story.

Susan M.: With Scully’s sister and Mulder’s father gone, do you plan to introduce any new recurring characters?

Chris Carter: There are a few ideas in the works. Stay tuned.

JeffD: Hi. Will John Neville be returning in any of the upcoming episodes?

Chris Carter: I thought John Neville was great. And the crew loved him. I’m sure he’ll be back.

LittleGreenGal: Hi!! I heard that when Scully was abducted in the show and had that micro-chip implanted in the back of her neck, Gillian Anderson was actually pregnant and that you used special effects to cover it up. Is that a fact? P.S. I congratulate you on the success of you awesome show!! Keep it up!!!!

Chris Carter: Thank you. Yes, Gillian was preggy for first half of year two. We just shot around it, no special effects.

cool-one: With the growing popularity of the show, are you planning more involved FX (slime/gore) or do you prefer to leave these to the imagination?

Chris Carter: We do what we can afford and have time to do. It’s about as simple as that.

Me.. Naber: With Mulder getting a girl, will we be seeing Scully having more of a personal life or a date?

Chris Carter: Scully will join a nunnery when she learns that Mulder has strayed.

(Andy): I really loved the last season premier. My mom saw that and she really liked it. But after that came all of the gory stuff. As a result my mom says that now I am not allowed to watch The-x Files. If you could, please make another episode or series like the last season premier.

Chris Carter: Watch the next episodes. They’re not as “gory” though they are scary. Eps nine and ten are much more like one and two.

Host: Tell Mom that Chris gave you permission….

Chris Williams: Chris, TEN THIRTEEN is a perfect anagram (i.e., letters scrambled) for THE INTERNET. We know that’s your birthday, but was the anagram intended or is this an X-File :-)?

Chris Carter: Purely coincidence! I love it.

Host: Chris, your fingers… how are they holding up? How many more answers can you type?

Chris Carter: I’m good to go, babe.

Dave Shrader: With the near-death experiences of Mulder & Scully over the past year, did you feel forced to kill off Scully’s sister to maintain credibility?

Chris Carter: I just thought it worked dramatically. Also, Melinda was going away She got her own sitcom, so it was our last chance.

OVman: How was Gillian Anderson chosen to play Scully and does she have a sister who is also an actress.

Chris Carter: Gillian Anderson IS Dana Scully. She has a sister, but she’s younger, not an actress as far as I know.

Ruth Sumuel: Is there a particular episode that stands out as your favorite?

Chris Carter: Several. Beyond the Sea, Ice, E-Flask, D. Barry, this season I like.

Mary Paster: Rumors about a girlfriend for Agent Mulder have a lot of fans worried that this will ruin the “sexual tension” between him and Agent Scully — can you tell us anything about it to calm our fears?

Chris Carter: Is that Mary Paster, Donnie’s sister? About Mulder’s girlfriend… don’t worry, I won’t let anything “ruin” Mulder and Scully.

Kathy Summers: I enjoyed the episode around the “face” on Mars. Do things in the NASA press releases, astronomical events such as the eagle nebula photo or upcoming Galileo encounter with Jupiter ever trigger episode ideas?

Chris Carter: Ummm… that is actually one of our most unloved episodes. Astro stuff figures into an upcoming episode.

Cm: How did M & S get out of the cave on the season opener. It seemed like a fortress going in but more like leaving a movie theater going out.

Chris Carter: They snuck out the back door! The secret “alien” entrance.

Scully wanabe: Do you know what the Storyline is for the movie yet? And is everybody on the s how going to be in it. I hope it has something to do with Samantha

Chris Carter: It’s all hush hush. David and Gillian will be in it.

Eowyn /question: Do you have a story arc about Samantha or are you making it up as a good idea comes along. Is Scully going to turn out to be his sister? Are you going to do a Twin Peaks cross over?

Chris Carter: The Samantha thing is vague in my mind. Scully is NOT Mulder’s sister. What kind of Twin Peaks Crossover?

Fox Mulder: Is it possible to obtain a script of one of the shows???

Chris Carter: They’re all over the black market. Next.

Dawn M. Swingle: There was talk last year about a crossover story with Picket Fences, that eventually fell through. I think it’s a neat idea–any chance of a crossover with another show?

Chris Carter: Not in the near future. Sorry.

C: How has David Duchovny been handling all the attention he’s getting from the ladies? Does he have inflated ego syndrome?

Chris Carter: No. David is David. He’s a very smart, very hard working person who guards his privacy.

Carl Villasenor: What is your favorite surfing spot? What kind of board do you have?

Chris Carter: favorite spots are in Santa Barbara.

Host: This is the last question…

Mulder: Do you really believe that there are such elaborate conspiracies in the US government as you have portrayed in X-Files?

Chris Carter: I think there are things going on out there that we’ll never know and might not believe. I wake up every morning and read the paper. I’m never disappointed.

Host: At this point, Chris and everyone… I think I’m going to open the conference up. There are about 150 of you here right now! So don’t all type at once. The transcript of this conference will be available in the PEOPLE Forum early next week. GO PEOFOR Thanks Chris. I think you set the record for the number of questions answered in a single hour! Seventy-four…

Chris Carter: Thank you, Thanks.

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