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YahooChat: "The Lone Gunmen" creator Chris Carter

“The Lone Gunmen” creator Chris Carter

Nothing mysterious about it. Chris Carter hits Yahoo! Chat on Friday, March 3 at 5pET/2pPT to talk about his newest creation — FOX’s The Lone Gunmen. Taking you where no X-File has gone before, The Lone Gunmen spotlights some other adventures of Byers, Langly and Frohike. So, gather your questions, log on from your heavy-security underground sanctuary and find out what you can expect from Mulder’s boys and their new series when you step up and quiz CC. Don’t miss it.

y_chat_diva: Welcome to Yahoo!Chat. Chris Carter will be here, talking about The Lone Gunmen, Carter’s new series on FOX. The Lone Gunmen premieres on Sunday in the X-Files time slot .. 9pm. Starring the trio — Langly, Byers and Frohike

y_chat_diva: Please welcome To yahoo!Chat – Chris Carter

adamrs15 asks: What has been the extent of your involvement in the show so far? I know you wrote an episode…

Chris Carter: I’ve been working as producer and now a tireless promoter.

chris_carters_latino_lover asks: Does Frohike *finally* get himself a woman or does he remain single forever?

Chris Carter: He’s a virgin. Though not a committed one.

AlanHurs asks: Which of the LGM is going to be the real babe magnet.

Chris Carter: Frohike, without a doubt.

carterfile asks: “Mission Impossible,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Risky Business” … do all the eps have a movie homage? Is this a running theme?

Chris Carter: I would say it is a leit-motif. And will be a staple. But first we have to get those Nielsen ratings.

gillybean_x asks: Will TLG have a similar format to TXF with stand-alone eps and monster of the week eps?

Chris Carter: I think that it will have a mythology, but it won’t be as important to the show as on the X-Files.

thesearch_for_mulder11_05 asks: Do you like working on two different shows at one time. Like I saw that you did Millennium, Harsh Realm, While The X-Files was still going?

Chris Carter: I don’t LIKE that it doesn’t give me a life, but I like the opportunities to do something new.

adamrs15 asks: Will we see any prequel episodes in “The Lone Gunmen” as with “The X-Files”?

Chris Carter: Probably.

cokie4us asks: Chris, is has always been strongly implied that the Gunmen actually live in that little bat cave of theirs. Will any of them actually have a personal life or, are they totally work obsessed as is the case with their XF counterparts?

Chris Carter: They are completely consumed by their work.

lauracapo2000 asks: What kind of music will we hear on The Lone Gunmen?

Chris Carter: One of the things that is really fun about this show is the use of music, of songs, old and contemporary.

weinwalk asks: I’m really looking forward to TLG, I love those guys! How is writing for them different, besides the humor?

Chris Carter: It’s different because they are constantly at each other’s throats. Like 3 frat boys, but they all want the same thing.

weinwalk asks: Incorporating a literary sort of questing hero element into a tv series must be a real challenge, and I congratulate you for managing the balancing act so well. Will there be any sort of understory in TLG like that?

Chris Carter: Yes. Episode #12 past the pilot will create what is essentially a lone gunman mythology. Right now, it’s not affecting it at all.

ephesian_x asks: In what ways is the possibility of industry-wide strikes affecting your production plans for both TLG and TX-F?

Chris Carter: Right now, it’s not affecting it at all. But we are mindful of the effects it could have and are not looking forward to a strike.

michael_david_1999 asks: Earlier today X-Files was criticized on NPR by scientist speaking on the existence of life on other planets. They stated that shows like Lone Gunmen will create a false hysteria regarding the existence of life on another planet. These shows will give people a false perception of what life may really be like and perpetuate ignorance towards governments and entities like NASA. I am a great fan of your work!! I was wondering your comments

Chris Carter: I didn’t hear it so it’s hard for me to comment on something I didn’t hear. But, as always, the X-Files is very true to science fact, and anything past that is where the science fiction begins.

klfnb asks: Is Frank Black going to be making any appearances in future episodes of The X-Files or The Lone Gunmen?

Chris Carter: No immediate plans, but I wouldn’t rule it out.

shipper_radikal asks: If LGM is successful… Will there be a ninth season for The X Files?

Chris Carter: One thing doesn’t depend on the other.

lauracapo2000 asks: Will The Lone Gunmen spoof The X-Files?

cokie4us asks: Chris, I loved the Gunmen’s interaction with the Esther Nairn character in Kill Switch. Will you have a similar character in this series?

Chris Carter: Hadn’t thought of it, but could be.

methos_lover asks: What kind of story lines will be in lone gunmen?

Chris Carter: It is a comedy and the storylines should be comedic by nature.

chris_carters_latino_lover asks: Can we plan on Suzanne Modeski making any appearances on the show?

Chris Carter: You’re not the first person to have asked that and the answer is ……. ……… maybe.

adamrs15 asks: Have you heard anything about a possible Kolchak movie remake? Or perhaps a tv reunion of some sort. A producer of the original series has been interested in those projects and even suggested Bruce Willis as Carl Kolchak. What do you think of this and his casting choice?

Chris Carter: I think that it would be interesting to see a remake of Kolchak, given X-Files saturation of the genre.

frohike51 asks: Any chance we’ll get to see Alex Krycek make an appearance on The Lone Gunmen? God knows we haven’t gotten enough of him on The X-Files. *g*

Chris Carter: No plans as of yet.

xphile_rebecca_oz_1013_1121 asks: Hey, Any plans for The Lone Gunmen to be aired in Australia?

Chris Carter: They’re my plans. I don’t know if they’re anyone else’s plans.

radnrc1 asks: Will there be any nudity?

Chris Carter: I’m not allowed to.

xavier1013x asks: What’s your favorite Gunmen?

lauracapo2000 asks: With which Lone Gunman do you most identify and why?

Chris Carter: I identify with them as a group. Because life’s tough when you have to deal with such a number of ignoramuses.

bobafettseviltwin asks: If a show like ER is presented in widescreen why not the X Files

Chris Carter: I’m saving the wide screen for the movies. Yes.

coolestnick15 asks: What is next Sunday’s episode going to be about?

Chris Carter: It’s about Byers’ father and his involvement in a terrorist act

spookysmistress asks: CC, I hear rumors that Mitch Pileggi will appear on TLG. I hear even more rumors that he will be . . .less than dressed. Can you confirm this so that I can start programming the VCR right now?

Chris Carter: Whatever makes you tune in.

scully_gov asks: Is TLG show going to have any serious episodes or just comedy, or both?

Chris Carter: Both.

kimonthejourney asks: Is Mark Snow doing the music for TLG?

Chris Carter: Yes.

bobafettseviltwin asks: Will the Lone Gunman come out on DVD like the other show

Chris Carter: Let’s not jump the gun. 🙂

mdelgado_98 asks: I know that one of the Lone Gunmen has a crush on Scully. Will there be any guest appearances by Scully on the Lone Gunmen?

Chris Carter: Nothing planned yet.

dulcekay asks: Hi Chris, I am from Seal Beach and would like to know what beach you learned to surf at?

Chris Carter: Bolsa Chica.

chris_carters_latino_lover asks: Do we get to see any funky X-Files aliens on the LGM series?

Chris Carter: Stay tuned.

Earth2Kim asks: Hi, I realize you can’t tell us anything about what’s going to happen on XF, but do you think its something the long time fans will be happy with? -Kim from NorCA

Chris Carter: It’s hard to tell this year. So many long-time fans have been critical of Mulder’s absence, even though we had him for as many episodes as we could. This could be his last year on the show, and that might upset them, in spite of the fact there would be no other choice.

scully_gov asks: Are you using the same XF crew in vancouver for TLG series?

Chris Carter: A lot of people we’ve worked with before on X-Files or Millennium or Harsh Realm.

janmg2001 asks: Are Morgan & Wong going to write an episode?

Chris Carter: No plans.

the_gentleman_uk2001 asks: Chris: What’s the most memorable part of ‘The Lone Gunmen’?

Chris Carter: I think the passenger jet nearly hitting the World Trade Center.

Mrs_SPOOKY_1013 asks: How it’s like to write comedy?

Chris Carter: I came from comedy, so it’s just a return to what I used to do.

francine1029 asks: Chris you said the LGM are consumed by their work and live in their little room…who in the world funds them? They have to eat, somehow.

Chris Carter: Watch the show and it will all be explained.

jj3citco asks: The critic at USAToday butchered the show. How do you continue to talk to these guys that rip your shows?

Chris Carter: That critic has never had one good word to say about the X-Files, in spite of the fact that it is a winner of 53 Emmy nominations and continues to have excellent ratings into its 8th season. The audience obviously knows something that he doesn’t.

Mrs_SPOOKY_1013 asks: Yesterday was a Vince Gilligan Frank Spotnitz & John Shiban chat. Are they the only writers for TLG (except for you of course!)

Chris Carter: No. There are others.

lilybart1013 asks: Will Byers and Langly kiss for sweeps?

Chris Carter: Anything for ratings.

sif4dd4evah asks: Chris, how is FOX treating “The Lone Gunmen” promotion, so far?

Chris Carter: We’re pleased.

mulderpause asks: Hi Chris! Spinoffs have at times changed the nature of the characters they’ve spun off. Will we see any changes in The Lone Gunmen?

Chris Carter: You’ll see them developed in ways that they weren’t on the X-Files.

kimonthejourney asks: Will Skinner appear on TLG? More than once? That would be fantastic. More Skinner, please, Chris!

Chris Carter: That would be nice.

xedout1 asks: Are you going to go back to “Maitreya” in FPS?

Chris Carter: Can’t wait!

weinwalk asks: Tell us about the two new characters.

Chris Carter: One is a mysterious Bond-like girl. The other is a hopeless idealist who’s got more heart than sense.

adamrs15 asks: So will Terry O’ Quinn or other of your frequently used actors be popping up on “The Lone Gunmen”?

Chris Carter: That would be nice.

adamrs15 asks: Will Harlow and Jimmy be in all the episodes?

Chris Carter: That’s the plan.

blueyz_915 asks: Chris, you are so good looking, why haven’t you ever made a guest appearance on one of your shows?

Chris Carter: I have. And I was so good-looking, you missed me.

thesearch_for_mulder11_05 asks: Where did you get the idea for Annabeth Gish, and will she be a important piece to the puzzle of Mulder and his Death

Chris Carter: Yes. She will be important to the resolution of this season. And if there is a beyond.

Earth2Kim asks: Will The Lone Gunmen have some noteworthy “bad guys” as TXF has had?

Chris Carter: Yes, I think that we’re looking forward to some very devious villains.

ephesian_x asks: Chris, how many TLG episodes will you be writing and directing this season? How will this impact your input to the final eps of season 8 TX-F?

Chris Carter: My first responsibility this season is to the X-Files. And, luckily, the schedules are staggered.

procyin asks: Which do you consider yourself better at writing? Comedic stories, or more serious storylines?

Chris Carter: I would say more serious, only because the X-Files has proved so popular.

BugSplatt5 asks: I’ve heard many times that you’ve always had an idea of the last episode of the X-Files. Has that vision changed with the absence of Mulder and the addition of Scully’s pregnancy, or is it mostly the same?

Chris Carter: Mostly the same.

radnrc1 asks: Will there be a spoof episode involving Howard Stern?

Chris Carter: We’re game. 🙂

y_chat_diva: Thanks so much for chatting with us today Chris

Chris Carter: Thank you very much.

y_chat_diva: Good luck with the show

Chris Carter: Thanks. Good-bye.

y_chat_diva: Thanks everyone

y_chat_diva: for all your questions

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