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Primer Section 3

Section 3 : A collaborative Syndicate
The 1973 agreement and Purity Control

The hybridization experiments, which were based on the damaged tissue of the Roswell bodies, were not giving the results that were required and the dedicated scientists, as brilliant as they were, were reaching the limits of human knowledge in genetic engineering. The members of the investigative group, who by now had reached important positions inside the government, were facing a dead end. CGB Spender had a crazy idea: to make a deal with the alien Colonists. Colonization seemed inevitable and resistance futile, in this context maybe mere survival through cooperation with the aliens was all the human race had to hope for.

By making a deal, the conspirators were abandoning all hope of saving all of humanity. They were condemning mankind for their sakes only, and that of their families. A very difficult choice. A majority vote was conducted and it was decided that the aliens would be contacted. William Mulder was the fiercest and apparently the only opponent to this plan, and was still actively opposing it while the contact procedure had begun.

The contact took place in El Rico Air Force Base, on October 13, 1973. To force the deal, the conspirators used the menace of ravaging the Earth under nuclear fire if the aliens refused to comply. The deal was simple: in exchange of their lives, the conspirators would greatly help the aliens to make the way for the colonization. This would be the Project.

The conspirators would only be able to survive as alien/human hybrids, thus the goal of the hybridization experiments would no longer be to create an army of resistant soldiers but to save only the conspirators and their families by developing a way to turn an already fully grown human into a hybrid through gene therapy. This would be the Purity Control project.

Sources: FTF 1013 speech, 6X11: Two Fathers, 6X12: One Son, 9X19/20: The Truth (cut scene)

The exchange

To help them in the Purity Control task, the aliens delivered the conspirators an alien embryo, fresh tissue that would be more useful than the dead bodies of the Roswell craft. And the aliens gave them the Method, the means with which to fuse genomes and create hybrids; this was only a method and not a way to create the perfect hybrid by gene therapy.

As a guarantee of their faithfulness, the aliens demanded that the conspirators would each deliver them a member of their families. These people would be the main test subjects for the gene therapy hybridization experiments, they would come to be abducted frequently during the following years, and their families would see them only rarely. The giving away of beings so beloved from the conspirators was a very difficult decision and a highly symbolic act which sealed the conspirators’ allegiance to the aliens. If the conspirators obeyed, their and their families’ lives would be spared at the colonization.

The exchange took place on November 27, 1973, in El Rico Air Force Base — for all but for Samantha, the daughter of William Mulder. Mulder still was reluctant to go forward and the abduction took place in his own house, with young Fox Mulder witnessing an event that would scar him forever.

The Syndicate goes global

With this move initiated by the investigative group only and not authorized by the government, the conspirators that made this agreement were effectively acting against their own government (and accessorily against the rest of mankind). They were becoming independent of any government or institution. Officially, they kept their positions in US governmental agencies, which meant that they could use their lobbying power to use key people for their own agenda or to finance the Project.

The colonization would be global. The conspirators had to enlist the help of their contacts abroad, and use their political and economic influence also. Many officials from foreign governments joined them, extending their sphere of influence to the Senate (Senators Matheson and Sorenson), the UNO, different Embassies, from countries that had belonged to the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan, with which they were already in contact through Project Paper Clip), and from all over the world — or at least from all over the Western block. A global conspiracy was born: the Syndicate. It is very likely that all the members of this consortium were asked to give away one of their family members also to seal the agreement with the aliens.

Conrad Strughold, who already had many contacts in the US government, became a member of this conspiracy and a major financer of the Syndicate’s activities. Probably fleeing prosecution for illegal affairs in the USA (involving financing or human experimentation), Strughold was forced to leave American soil and exile himself in Tunisia. He eventually assumed leadership of the Syndicate in 1990. From there he supervised all Syndicate activities, receiving and sending information through channels he established, and making a trip to London for a meeting if necessary. The main part of the Syndicate elders usually met in an apartment in 46th street, New York to take important decisions.

The names of the core group of the Syndicate are mostly unknown: the “Cigarette-Smoking Man” (C.G.B. Spender), the “Well-Manicured Man” (from England), the “Elders”. William Mulder, Alvin Kurtzweil and “Deep Throat” all resigned from the activities of the Syndicate in the following years in disagreement with the Syndicate’s policy, desperate that collaboration was now overshadowing resistance; all of them continued resistance in their own ways. Personal relations and private agendas would continue playing a big role in the events that would shape the world’s future.

The Project

The Syndicate’s task was to prepare the way for colonization. This meant that they had to find and set up a way to infect the entire human population with the Black Oil virus, when the time was right. It was thought that colonization meant that humans would become mindless hosts to the Black Oil.

The Syndicate experimented with ways to spread an infectious disease and studied the speed and geography of an outbreak using terrestrial diseases. In 1995, a lethal disease from Central America spread by the insect Faciphaga emasculata was purposely spread in the USA to assess the speed with which the appointed agencies acted and contained a disease.

After much research, it was decided that the virus could be spread more effectively by bees carrying the virus in their venom. A field test on a South Carolina town in 1997 confirmed the infectious efficiency of this spreading vector. For this test, a very virulent genetically engineered strain of the variola virus (smallpox) was used to act as the Black Oil virus. Indeed, the alien virus would have to be released only when the time came, until that time substitutes were used. Variola was chosen because of its virulence and because it is a disease now rare since it has been eradicated by man, thanks to the Smallpox Eradication Program of vaccinations. The Syndicate, through Dr. Charne-Sayre, was lobbying to have the last remaining samples of the variola virus destroyed, making a reappearance of variola even more difficult to fight against.

The bees would get the virus thanks to their natural function of pollination. Transgenic plants were developed so that they would carry a virus in their pollen. First, ginseng was used to create a variation of the plant carrying the variola virus. A culture of this ginseng, pollinated by bees, was created in Alberta, Canada, in 1996. Later, ginseng was abandoned in favour of corn crops. By 1998 there existed many cornfields carrying the Black Oil virus across the world, notably in Texas and Tunisia.

The abductees

At the same time, the Syndicate continued its work on hybridization with renewed strength, using the experts that had worked on hybridization, like Drs Klemper, Openshaw, Kurtzweil and Ishimaru, or enlisting others, like Dr. Scanlon.

After 25 years of experiments since Roswell, another period of 25 years had begun.

The new Syndicate found its test subjects for the hybridization program among the civilians all over the world. The Syndicate abducted people and experimented on them, returning them (if at all) in a poor physical condition and with little (if any) recollection of what had happened to them. With the new knowledge on genetic engineering provided by the aliens, the tissue database made for post-holocaust identification in Strughold’s mine in the 1950s could finally be used to its full potential to serve the needs of the hybridization experiments: genetic data on human test subjects. A photograph featuring many conspiracy members was even taken in 1973 to commemorate the conversion of the mine. This data mine was also accessible to the aliens, who ran checks and used the data to abduct these test subjects also. The medical results of every abduction relevant for the hybridization were used to update the mine’s files.

The Social Security Administration was concurrently used as a means to keep the files up to date with every person’s medical history.

The experiments conducted on the abductees consisted of the insertion of alien DNA into each abductee’s DNA, following the Method, in different proportions and segments, and…see the result. The experiments were conducted in centers led by doctors with close ties to the Syndicate, often aboard train wagons that could be tracked from satellite and moved around the country.

The competing agendas

From 1973 on, the stance of the Syndicate was in direct contradiction with the “official” stance of the world’s biggest governments, defined by Security Resolution 1013. The Syndicate was not powerful enough to counter a UNO resolution: the downed aliens would have to be killed. In fact, the Syndicate’s field of operations was often very narrow, taking place in hidden labs or secret train boxcars. Even though it had deep contacts in the Department of Defense and could at times call out the help of a black ops team, the Syndicate was not in control of the military. And the military would go on shooting down alien crafts any time they could, becoming more efficient at covering up the salvaging operations each time.

The Pentagon conspiracy

It was in the Syndicate’s interest to further the discrediting of the believers in extraterrestrial life and to maintain the belief among many high-placed government officials that this alien activity was just a smokescreen for the illegal actions of the government. Hiding the truth under so many layers of lies added to the confusion and made the Syndicate the only holder (and maker) of the truth, and thus of power. The X-Files department of the FBI, opened in 1991, was part of this discrediting program and could be a fine tool of misinformation. The Syndicate would also use the firm Roush Technologies as a front thanks to which it could remunerate many of its key contacts in various agencies, like the FBI or the DoD, as a reward for the “services” they could offer.

With science and technology advancing at such fast rates, the people working at the Department of Defense (DoD) and its research facilities at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) were convinced that there were no aliens and became experts at manipulating the general opinion into making the hardcore believers the laughed at fringes of society.

During the Gulf War, the military got hold of what the Russians called “Black Cancer”, weaponised Black Oil. With the advancement of biological warfare and genetic manipulation, it could be conceived that this was a biological entity engineered by the Russians and not of extraterrestrial origin.

For the Syndicate, it was one of the too few sources for “pure” Black Oil not in the form of alien tissue; Roush Technologies was activated to get in hold of it. With further manipulation mixing the Purity genes with human genes and probably other species’ too, DARPA in cooperation with Roush genetically engineered a chimera, an artificial being that had the appearance of a grey alien and a biology close to a human, alive only for the time span it would take for it to grow to a full size. These fake bodies could be used in elaborate hoaxes for believers to see and spread the word of a so-called alien presence. To develop this organism, many of the same abductees of the Syndicate experiments were used, mainly women for the first embryonic stages of growth of the organism. Experiments took place inside DoD research facilities, close to the Pentagon. More abductees were ‘used’ in thousands of human experimentation projects developing biological warfare.

The timetable

From the beginning, the final date for the colonization had been set by the aliens as December 22, 2012 AD. The Syndicate had until that date to develop the method of hybridization by gene therapy and save themselves. The moment the discovery would be made, the Syndicate and the families of the conspirators would surrender to the aliens and be hybridized; at that point there would be no turning back, no other hope for resistance.

Given that an alien/human hybrid, immune to the Black Oil, would be developed through the Syndicate, the alien Colonists thought of using the abductees as a slave race. When the time would come, the abductees would also be turned into hybrids that would survive the colonization and serve the aliens. This slave race would also be used to police, search and destroy any potential pockets of human resistance to the Colonists that would fight, guerilla-like; the slave race would deal with the terrestrial equivalent of a problem already encountered by the Colonists: the Faceless Rebels.

In the final stages right before the colonization, the abductees would be all summoned to specific abduction sites all over the world, the Lighthouses, where they would be abducted and turned into hybrids: places like Skyland Mountain in Virginia, Ruskin Dam in Pennsylvania, a site in Kazakhstan and many others across the globe.

For the USA, the fateful day would proceed as follows. During a national holiday (the holiday before Christmas 2012), the bees would be released upon the world and the colonization would begin. The resulting massive infection would make the President declare a state of emergency, at which time the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) should assume absolute power over the land. The conspirators, hiding behind strong lobbies tied to FEMA ever since they instigated FEMA under Jimmy Carter in 1979, would then function as the acting government. Through similar processes all over the world, the Syndicate would assume the position of rulers of the world, only to leave it be taken over by their superiors, the Colonists.

The cloned hybrids and the Alien Bounty Hunter

Before creating a hybrid by gene therapy, the Syndicate experimented with the hybrid creation method with a much easier task: creating a simple hybrid, a being born hybrid and not turned into hybrid.

The human biological material for the creation of a hybrid was human ova. During their abduction, in the Lombard Research Facility, the ova of certain women abductees were taken using radiation for hyperovulation, rendering the women barren.The human egg was then enucleated and a genetically engineered hybrid nucleus was inserted in the newly formed embryo. The hybrid was grown in vats and tanks. The resulting prototype was cloned conventionally and a series of cloned hybrids was obtained (as it is much easier to clone than to hybridize). Often, the original family members of the conspirators were used as source of the genetic material on the human side. Hybrids present a biology similar to that of the race of the Shapeshifters, indicating their common origins from Purity. A successful hybrid would present all of the following characteristics and abilities: a human physiology (appearance) but an alien biology (green blood), be immune to the Black Oil virus, to breathe underwater, to heal oneself and others, to shapeshift, to read minds. All hybrids have a sensitive spot at the base of the neck and most of them can only be killed using an alien stiletto, like the Shapeshifters.

Lots of more or less successful hybrids were developed over the years, from 1995 but very possibly beginning from earlier on. The hybrids that were grown, otherwise useless to the aliens and the Syndicate, were used as workforce for tasks too menial and repetitive for anybody else to take care of. They were assigned in clinics in proximity to human biological material, in research centers taking care of the growth of their own, in national agencies updating data for the Syndicate, in crop fields attending the Project.

This slave existence urged the hybrids to have a rebellious attitude. To settle any problems of this kind, the Syndicate summoned the help of the aliens, who sent an Alien Bounty Hunter (ABH) on Earth, equipped with a stiletto, with the task to exterminate the rebellious hybrids. As more of these problems kept popping up, the ABH eventually gave his stiletto to the Syndicate for it to deal with its problems internally without the help of the Colonists.

The first successful engineered hybrid was given the name Jeremiah Smith, in 1996.

The implants and the cancer

Every abductee was also subcutaneously implanted with small electronic devices, or implants. They could be of terrestrial origin (a simple metal detector would reveal their presence), placed at the base of the neck, or of alien origin (hardly detectable) and could be found anywhere in the body.

Every abductee came to the hands of the aliens at least once for him/her to be implanted. These implants served as tracking devices but also as information conduits: the abductees could be ordered to do something or go someplace; this information would pop up as a vague awareness or attraction. Since the implant was very closely tied with the nervous system of the abductee, it could also be the source of hallucinations, hightened by the circumstances and the abductee’s previous experiences. The implants received their input through radio signals emitted from the alien crafts or terrestrial intelligence satellites.

They could also store large quantities of information, perhaps even every action and thought of the abductee; they also served as a database that kept count of all the experiments made on the abductee. The terrestrial implants were tiny microchips manufactured in Japan that were imported in the USA by Dr. Ishimaru, and implanted on the abductees on the train wagons that served as laboratories.

Many abductees got aware of their (terrestrial) implants and had them removed. With evidence of their claims of abduction and experimentation in their hands, these abductees had to be eliminated. Another function was added to the terrestrial implants, that of regulating the growth of an organism. This organism was the chimera developed by the Department of Defense: stem cells of this organism were placed in the abductee, and its development was hindered by the implant. Once the implant was removed and the controlling mechanism was lifted, the chimera would start growing. This development was perceived as a tumor and the abductee would be diagnosed with cancer. Because of the strategic placement of this organism, inside the brain cavity, the cancer would be terminal and the abductee would stand no chance of survival. However, the process could be reversed if another implant would be placed again in the abductee; such implants were stored inside the DoD headquarters, the Pentagon.

Hybridization experiments in the open air

The Syndicate also experimented gene therapy on larger populations, with the (potential) hybrids not in enclosed labs, but with not too many results.

In 1987, a group of children were unwittingly inoculated with alien genetic material (or its derivates), disguised as vitamin shots. In 1994, a similar experiment took place in Delta Glen County, only that this time the input of alien genetic material came also from the meat they ate: the cattle were also given inoculations, disguised as growth hormones. The children did develop heightened resistance to diseases, but also developed violent behavior and hallucinations, perhaps the first signs of heightened brain activity. The implantation of the religious sect “Red Museum” in Delta Glen County was favored; the vegetarian members of this sect would be used as a reference group.

From 1989 to 1992 ran an experiment in Bellefleur where youth from the same class were being abducted and given inoculations of alien material. This gave few results but for the post-mortem transformation of the body of some into a grey morphology. Further experiments run from 1992 to 1999 resulted in hightened brain activity.

The gene therapy hybrids

Around 1994, Dr. Berube, working unwittingly for the Syndicate, used his experience with working on monkeys to create the first alien/human hybrids through gene therapy. The 6 hybrids were initially his patients and friends, terminally ill; the hybridization cured them and gave them great physical strength. They presented alien blood chemistry, quite toxic to the humans, and a sensitive spot at the base of the neck (though a stiletto was not necessary to kill them). However Dr. Berube’s work was so successful that it was going too fast: the Syndicate did not want the successful hybrid to be created too soon! Berube was killed and his work shot down.

After years of work in his facility disguised as a research center for Hansen’s disease, Dr. Ishimaru also developed a quite successful hybrid thanks to radiation treatment, immune to all biological agents. Ishimaru betrayed the Syndicate and tried to deliver this hybrid to his home government of Japan but he was betrayed and killed. His work was destroyed; his research however was recovered by the Syndicate.

The hybrid babies program

After 1994 began a program that tried to create a hybrid with gene therapy but beginning with a being that was already “lightly” hybrid.

For each experiment less and less alien material was used for the creation of this being, and work was concentrated more and more on the gene therapy aspect, with the purpose of reaching a point where no initial alien genes would be necessary and gene therapy alone would suffice.

These beings were the result of mixing material from an engineered hybrid with material from the ova of the women abductees. The result was an embryo that could not be grown in a vat or a tank but needed a surrogate mother to grow in. These babies were more human than alien, and it was their subsequent treatment with alien genes that approached them progressively to a successful hybrid.

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