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Social media archive: 2021 (part 2)

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Apr 04, 2021 11:20

Follow the link for 20 exclusive behind the scenes photos from classic #TheXFiles make up artist Geoff Redknap, from 1996-1998! Lots of gore coming your way! From @[195561691234370:274:Sammensværgelsen – en dansk X-Files podcast].

The X-Files: 20 never before seen behind-the-scenes photos [Exclusive]

Apr 11, 2021 9:50

The interviews from @[1618472925051059:69:The X-Files Preservation Collection] continue! This one with the amazing Ken Hawryliw, aka @[100063719523246:2048:Sci Fi Props Guy], prop master for the Vancouver years of the show’s run — and writer for the season 6 episode Trevor!

Apr 16, 2021 20:27

More interviews from Denmark!



Apr 20, 2021 19:33

In the 1990s, the influence of #TheXFiles could be felt everywhere! In this example, the dark and gridded photography, the shots of hospital corridors, of government facilities, of typed documents and photographic “evidence”, everything points to TXF! The topic, remote viewing and its use by the US government, is very TXF-like as well, but some 25 years later it still hasn’t been properly proven using the scientific method.

Apr 23, 2021 9:43

A short interview with Bill Davis for the #TheXFiles Fan Retrospective (the documentary was going to be ready for the 25th anniversary of the show but it’s taking longer).

May 05, 2021 18:20

Happy 81st birthday, Lance Henriksen! #Millennium

Lance Henriksen on His Career: ‘Every Job I’ve Ever Gotten Was a Gift’

May 20, 2021 11:38

20 years ago today: the season 8 finale Existence aired! To many this is the most appropriate end for #TheXFiles as a whole. There’s so much in this episode to love (the feeling of the end of an era, the dealings & mind games of Knowle Rohrer, the final scene, yes I even like s8 New Age Reyes) but there’s so much I personally dislike too (apex New Testament soap opera meets Terminator, lots of running around in the FBI building padding for time, the directing is very made-for-TV especially in Krycek’s final moments, the tease with the threat to William that vanishes to nothingness). It’s the final the whole season was building up towards, a unique experiment in serialization that the series only attempted before during early season 2 for other pregnancy-related reasons!

…so yeah, I’m still Team Requiem!

Pictured: a young Jackson Van de Kamp meets his half-brother/half-father.

May 31, 2021 16:40

The Pentagon is about to release a big report on UFOs soon — an unprecedented event for government transparency! And many people are saying that finally after all these years #TheXFiles are being vindicated! But TXF is not only Mulder, it’s also Scully, and an aerial phenomenon is not synonymous with extraterrestrial intelligence. If close analysis of what has been released so far is any indication, it might not be as ground-breaking as it’s hyped up to be.

The linked article contains plenty of simple and short videos showing how easily explainable phenomena are behind the videos that have been making the rounds over the past year.

“The three videos that partly drove this wave were vaunted as prime examples of “official” UFOs. Claims were made that they showed impossible physics or evidence of advanced technology, possibly anti-gravity warp drives (hinting at aliens). However, close examination of the videos by myself and others over the three years since they were released has shown them to be far more mundane than first thought.”

The aliens haven’t landed: Why you should be skeptical of recent reports on UFO sightings

Jun 17, 2021 21:46

New beetle species discovered and named after iconic sci-fi heroines

“For example, the C. scully beetle was named after Dana Scully, Gillian Anderson’s character on “The X-Files.”
The character is also behind what’s known as the “Scully Effect.” By showing a successful female scientist on TV, the show helped raise awareness of science, technology, engineering and mathematics — or STEM — professions among young women.
In their paper, Smith and Cognato wrote, “We believe in the ‘Scully Effect’ and hope future female scientists, real and fictional, continue to inspire children and young adults to pursue STEM careers.”

New beetle species discovered and named after iconic sci-fi heroines

Jun 25, 2021 14:37

The Chris Carter speaks!

I Created ‘The X-Files.’ Here’s Why I’m Skeptical of the New U.F.O. Report.


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