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Social media archive: 2021 (part 3)

Archived from the Eat The Corn Facebook page.

Jul 02, 2021 1:05

An important loss in the 1013 family: Bill Terezakis has passed away! He was the special makeup effects supervisor for Harsh Realm, the I Want To Believe film, and the two #thexfiles revival seasons. Here is an archived interview with him.


Jul 23, 2021 13:34

New interview with Darin Morgan! From our Danish friends, who did a live projection of the episode Small Potatoes on a cinema screen! (remember those?)

Direct link: https://sammensvaergelsen.libsyn.com/interview-darin-morgan


Added Sep 07 11:07: Once again, an excellent interview from @[195561691234370:274:Sammensværgelsen – en dansk X-Files podcast] with Darin Morgan that is comprehensive and includes his Millennium work as well as his X-Files work! Some Ten Thirteen behind the scenes info is corrected for posterity, we get insight on how creatives perceive parts of the fandom, we learn where the Lenny puppet from Humbug is today, and much more. Darin is so Frank and straightforward about what works and what doesn’t in his episodes, even though each and every one is now the stuff of legend, I wouldn’t change a thing. Very recommended listening!

Aug 29, 2021 19:58

Ed Asner was “paramasturbatory” Maurice from “How the Ghosts Stole Christmas”.

Ed Asner Dies: TV Icon Who Played Lou Grant Was 91

Sep 10, 2021 18:16


Yet another stellar interview from @[195561691234370:274:Sammensværgelsen – en dansk X-Files podcast], with the *legendary* Bob Goodwin, perhaps the most important person behind the scenes after Chris Carter! He ran a tight ship and steered it towards a vision of a TV show that didn’t pale in comparison to theatrical films, and he even wrote the excellent semi-mythology episode Demons along the way. His enthusiasm is infectious, when he talks on and on about this beloved show, how he directed his wife Sheila Larken (Ma Scully), how Spielberg thought #TheXFiles was the best show ever (and approached him to do Taken), how his cameo on Anasazi was edited out, how he had to let go of the show when it left Vancouver, and much, much more!

Direct link: https://sammensvaergelsen.libsyn.com/interview-rw-goodwin


Sep 10, 2021 22:49

Some few words from the all-too rare Carter: “It feels like [the conspiracies] have gotten crazier”

Chris Carter on the Continued Prescience of The X-Files, 28 Years After Its Premiere

Sep 26, 2021 1:13

Young Bill Mulder!


Dean Aylesworth
26 September 2021
🎥🎬🙏 A behind the scenes snap shot. On the set of The X-files shooting the “Travelers” episode.
#xfiles #Deanaylesworth #YoungBillMulder #agentbillmulder #TheXFiles #travelersxfilesepisode #BTS

Sep 27, 2021 13:53

#Millennium25 th anniversary coming up:


Millennium after the Millennium
26 September 2021
We are celebrating Millenniums 25th anniversary! This coming Friday, Jason Morris & Troy L. Foreman will be joined by Lance Henriksen, Sarah-Jane Redmond, Klea Scott & Thomas J. Wright in LA for a special #Millennium25 Q&A filming! This is your chance to send in a question about the upcoming anniversary! Email your questions to asklance@outlook.com. In the email subject, put Millennium25! We’d like to get questions for each of the participants, so the more the merrier. Get your questions to us by 5pm EST on September 28th!


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