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MM at 20 + LLL Vol.3

MillenniuM XX

October 25 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of MillenniuM!

Chris Carter’s second-longest creation saw its pilot premiere on October 25 1996, replacing the Friday night time slot of The X-Files, while The X-Files moved to Sunday nights early in its fourth season. MillenniuM went on for 67 episodes during three very different seasons which had one thing in common: the character of Frank Black, who, Christ-like, seems to bear the worries for the sins of the whole of humankind on his shoulders, and his memorable portrayal by Lance Henriksen.


Since the 2008 release of the second X-Files movie I Want To Believe (very Millenniumistic, by the way) in 2008, the MillenniuM fandom is marked by the Back To Frank Black campaign, which did everything in its power to bring MillenniuM back in some form — and gave the world many interviews of cast and crews in the process, and produced a remarkable book of interviews and analysis in 2012.

Additionally: In 2014, IDW published a comics on MillenniuM, written by Joe Harris, but it did not continue beyond the initial five issues. In 2008, La La Land edited a 2-CD compilation of Mark Snow music from MillenniuM, and unexpectedly followed suit in 2015 with a Volume 2.

One more reason to celebrate: a new Millennium documentary project has been launched by a team involving B2FB, fan-made but professional-grade! The documentary Millennium after the Millennium is open for crowdfunding support.

Millennium after the Millennium is a new documentary focused on Chris Carter’s  landmark television series Millennium. Set twenty years after the show ended,  we take a look back at what makes Millennium so enduring to fans and critics alike. With virtually every major crew and cast member including Chris Carter, Lance Henriksen, Frank Spotnitz, Chip Johannessen, James Wong, Glen Morgan and many, many more,  we delve into how Millennium came to be and explore its turbulent production history while finding hope for the future. This documentary will be packed with thoughtful reflections and candid never before seen interviews. Want to know about that infamous missing Millennium script? Or the definitive answers to how Millennium ended up with three very unique seasons? How about the REAL reasons why Millennium was canceled? It’s all here including all the major players’ thoughts and ideas on how to bring our beloved Frank Black back!

It is expected to be released in 2017.

The X-Files Volume 3

Today is also another important date: Volume 3 of Mark Snow’s music for The X-Files is edited by La La Land Records! Limited edition of 3000 units.


After Vol.1 in 2011 and Vol.2 in 2013 (The X-Files‘ own 20th anniversary), Vol.3 is another 4-CD compilation of music from across the whole length of the show, covering episodes not included in the previous two. EatTheCorn had compiled a long list of requests for Snow music worthy of a clean release for LLL’s consideration — the Massive Music Compilation, massively updated in 2015 — and I’m glad to see many requests made the cut! It will be updated again soon to incorporate Vol.3.

The TRUTH is out there OCTOBER 25, 2016
LLLCD 1370

Here is the tracklist:

Disc One

1. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 1) 0:47
2. UFO Kids 2:15
3. UFO Technology 2:15
4. Confrontation 2:09
5. Trek to Yellow Base 2:53
6. Eye Poke 1:06
7. Transfer and Release 3:26
8. Shaky Ground 2:13
9. Weather Balloons 1:00
10. Kevin, the NSA Menace 1:59
11. Switching Channels / Deciphering 1:11
12. Shallow Grave 2:03
13. Another X-File 1:48
14. The Young Col. Belt 1:23
15. Lift Off 4:00
16. Car Crash 0:57
17. Digital Data Banks 2:09
18. Aerial Burial 1:17
19. Sex Kills 1:32
20. Arrival in Town 1:18
21. Intro to Kindred, Part 2 3:19
22. Finding Kindred 3:24
23. I Called Him Marty 2:12
24. Indian Prince-(ss) 2:02
25. Fire in the Mind 2:51
26. A Call to Autopsy 1:21
27. Meet the New Throat 4:02
28. Top Secret Eyes 2:22
29. Spy Boy 1:25
2X7 – “3”
30. Bloody Jacuzzi 2:46
31. Old Files 3:06
32. Blood in the Loaf 4:26
33. Protector 5:22
34. Just Ashes and Bones 0:25

Disc One Total Time: 78:10
Disc Two

1. Alieness 1:14
2. Light Sabre 1:08
3. Obie Gyn 1:13
4. Sugar Patootie 4:21
5. Identity Crisis 3:47
6. Potato Vault 0:40
7. Perk Prisoner 0:44
8. Mugging 4:00
9. Ain't No Eddie 0:55
10. Sulphur Water 3:47
11. Killer Enzyme 3:02
12. Fungi Man 6:32
13. El Quasicabra! 7:05
14. Pachyderm 2:32
15. Cat Food 3:41
16. Tiger Walk 3:26
17. Crushed 2:40
18. Jog 4:21
19. Fungus Among Us 2:24
20. Swamp Ooze 3:08
21. Dream Time 9:55
22. Still Underground 1:52
23. Migraine Mushroom 4:04

Disc Two Total Time: 77:19
Disc Three

1. Stake In The Heart/Main Title 2:18
2. Can Kickin'/Ticket/Exuberant 1:55
3. Mushrooms 3:05
4. Fangs 1:30
5. Rolling Acres 2:40
6. Vibro-Pizza 4:04
7. Living Dead 4:40
8. Fell's Point 2:37
9. Hackland 1:49
10. Holly Sugar 3:04
11. Molar Wire 3:29
12. Cleaners 4:13
13. The Truth Is 4:09
14. Bush Monster 2:14
15. Trail of Stolen Pebbles 4:26
16. Forest Fridge 5:28
17. Barbecue Ludi 3:04
18. Malchik 2:51
19. The Krycek Diet 3:13
20. Skyland Barbecue 4:38
21. Les Saboteurs 6:05
22. Bridge of Sighs 5:33

Disc Three Total Time: 77:57
Disc Four

6X02 – DRIVE
1. Special Report 0:09
2. Road Rage 1:58
3. Head Blow 4:22
4. Hijack 4:07
5. Westward Ho 3:54
6. Inner Ear 10:00
7. ELF Wave 7:19
8. Manure Piles 1:20
9. Recap 0:52
10. Parenti’s Showroom 4:18
11. Billy the Terminator 5:12
12. Head Bag 2:17
13. Vitamins 3:14
14. Lizzy's Labours 6:10
15. Compacted 4:17
9X06 – TRUST NO 1
16. Computer Lab 1:42
17. Spies Like Us 2:32
18. Puppet Master 9:11
19. Jumper / Scully's Serenade 5:10
20. THE X-FILES 1st Season End Credits 0:28
21. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare* 0:09
* - Music By Alfred Newman

Disc Four Total Time: 78:02

Total Set Running Time: 5:10:28

Vol.3 covers just 18 episodes (and no episodes from seasons 3 and 7) compared to 40 and 33 from the previous two volumes. This means much longer cues and more time spent per episode on average — which is great news given the atmospheric nature of Snow’s soundtrack, especially in those early seasons. But it also means that many essential cues from many episodes still haven’t been released and are postponed to a potential Volume 4.

Here are the running totals summed across all three volumes:


Seasons 2, 4 and 5 get the most music, season 7 the least by far. Today it is almost common practice for TV shows to have a 1-CD release per season, thanks in no small part to labels like La La Land, and thanks to these 3 releases The X-Files has now caught up. But as the Massive Music Compilation list shows, there is more than enough material for 4 more CDs of a Volume 4! However, the latest news is that La La Land would be planning of a limited 2-CD release to wrap everything up. I hope at least Duane Barry/Ascension, Apocrypha, Never Again will be on that, not to mention episodes already covered but still have great music that was skipped, like Talitha Cumi or Redux II.

Still: Thank you La La Land!

EDIT Oct-27-2016: More good news: Day+1 sales were so good for La La Land that they are considering a full 4-CD Volume 4 after all!

S11#6-8: The Lowdown

Endgames” is the three-issue finale of the IDW comics Season 11 — actually the finale of the entire story that Joe Harris started in June 2013 with Season 10 #1 that spanned 33 issues + 2 Christmas specials. The end of a nearly-three-year ride! It is also the announcement of the start of a new ride, since a new comics series begins very soon, set in the continuity of the live revival that happened in the meantime. Let us first take a look at the story proposed in this finale, before looking at the larger picture.


Spoilers, obviously.

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10X6: My Struggle II

The X-Files 2016: Introduction | 10X1: My Struggle | 10X2: Founder’s Mutation | 10X3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster | 10X4: Home Again | 10X5: Babylon

This is the final of the six episodes of this revival. In all the promotion by FOX, it was billed as the “season finale”, implying there will be more even if negotiations have not started. Accordingly, the episode ends with a huge cliffhanger: Carter had written this cliffhanger into the story months ago, gambling it all in hopes that the audience would be there and that more episodes will be made — after all, if FOX was interested to revive the show after all these years, why not more than once? So far, ratings are such that a season 11 seems only to be a matter of time.

In that context, the episode’s tagline, “This Is The End“, is ironic! It also introduces us to what presents itself as the most important episode of The X-Files mythology, but ends up being the most frustrating.


Obviously, spoilers after the jump.

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10X5: Babylon

The X-Files 2016: Introduction | 10X1: My Struggle | 10X2: Founder’s Mutation | 10X3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster | 10X4: Home Again

This episode was written and directed by Chris Carter. And this episode could only have been spawned from Carter’s mind. “Babylon” is “Fight Club” mixed with “Improbable” mixed with “The After” mixed with post-9/11 political commentary! It also introduces two new characters which will be, for lack of a better word, recurring…(at least) in the one last episode that is left out of this 6-episode revival.

"How to reconcile the two? The extremes of our nature.

“How to reconcile the two? The extremes of our nature.”

Shroomy spoilers after the jump.

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10X4: Home Again

The X-Files 2016: Introduction | 10X1: My Struggle | 10X2: Founder’s Mutation | 10X3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

This episode was written and directed by Glen Morgan, who is also the executive producer of the entire “season 10” alongside creator Chris Carter. Glen, the brother of last week’s Darin, was of course the writing partner of Jim Wong, of the previous week, in three seasons of The X-Files and two seasons of Millennium. This is the first time Glen directs for The X-Files — actually his only other directing credits were  two remakes of 1970s horror movies that Glen and Jim did, Willard and Black Christmas.


Bloody spoilers after the jump!

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10X3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

The X-Files 2016: Introduction | 10X1: My Struggle | 10X2: Founder’s Mutation

This episode is written and directed by Darin Morgan. With only four-and-a-half episodes (4 + 3X22: Quagmire) written previously but all of them in people’s “best of” lists, he is known for how his comic episodes expanded what the show could be and made fun of its codes and characters while managing to present a good X-file investigation.


Blood-squirting spoilers after the jump!

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