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12.16.06 | “Why did I study French in high school?”

The DataBase entry for Nisei / 731 is in! Yonde kudasai!

Not much is published on XF anymore. But if you speak spanish, you could be intrested by an all-new high-quality 400-page book by Sara Martín from Barcelona: “Expediente X : En honor a la verdad” (X-Files: In honor of the truth). An unexpected treat! (I only deplore the flawed interpretation of the mytharc…). Here you can find a good interview with the author.

To remain on the international level, a nod to the italian fandom! Sto attendendo!

Alumni watch: Actor Peter Boyle passed away 3 days ago… He had won an Emmy in 1996 for his memorable performance as Clyde Bruckman in Darin Morgan’s script (which, by the way, had also won an Emmy!). Also, the XFLexicon has secured an interview with the good ol’ Eugene Victor Tooms, Mr. Hutchinson himself!

10.13.06 | Lucky 13

Well, “The X-Files” is already 13 years old! Today is TenThirteen… happy birthday you know who. It’s fitting that just today, E.T.C just reached 1013 visitors!

I’ve added the massive DataBase entry for the Anasazi triptych. Season 2 is now more or less complete! Season 3 should follow shortly (really!)…

07.03.06 | “Unlike you Mulder, I would like to have a life!”

A considerable batch of updates: Primer Section 4, DataBase season 2, Media QTVR & sounds… I want the Primer to be definitive, unchangeable, but I had to add a paragraph in Section 3 nevertheless! (in “The Syndicate goes global”) Stay tuned, more is on the way.

A special nod to Matt from the XF Lexicon; here’s a site with an episode guide in which you actually learn something!

04.13.06 | Beginning anew

After some time of hiatus, E.T.C is back under new hosting and a new address. And, yes, new material! In the meanwhile, older fansites are dropping like flies.