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Social media archive: 2023 (part 1)

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Jan 10, 2023 18:39

Happy new year, 2023 is the year #TheXFiles reaches the impressive age of 30!

There have been many interviews by the TXF Fan Retrospective, especially of lesser known crew members, but I am singling this out. This person articulates well how important working on the show was for his career, how innovative he felt the show was for bringing cinema aesthetics to television in the 1990s, and how driven and close-knit the behind-the-camera crew was. Philip Azenzer is a colorist who worked on the early years — IMDb credits him for seasons 4-5-6, but in his interview he mentions working with Carter from the very beginning, the pilot and episode 1 (so much work goes uncredited!). He did color grading of the footage, very important for the look and feel of the show (I learn that this was done with the DaVinci software at the dailies stage, before any editing was done!). A good example of how the medium of television is collaborative.

Jan 13, 2023 9:57

[FRENCH] Suite du podcast mensuel. Saison 3, la saison de la maturité à tous les niveaux ! Chris Carter pense que c’est la meilleure saison, et je suis d’accord. Jusqu’au mois prochain.


Jan 26, 2023 9:10

After being coy about it, Mark Snow finally spills the beans on what composers specifically inspired him on writing music for #TheXFiles, among classical and avant-garde composers: Igor Stravinsky, Béla Bartók, Sergei Prokofiev, Maurice Ravel, John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, Brian Eno. I can definitely hear the avant-garde in his TXF score, now I need to enrich my knowledge of classical composers to see the other connections.

Feb 01, 2023 9:35

Sad news today. Jeffrey Vlaming has died (cancer — he must have been in his 50s). He was a story editor in #TheXFiles season 3 writers’ room (he wrote “2Shy” and “Hell Money”) and was responsible for plenty of doodles that entertained the writers during that year. He worked on many other shows (#battlestargalactica #BSG, #fringe, #Hannibal…).

Announced by fellow writer Tom Schnauz:

Feb 10, 2023 16:54

Five years have passed since the second #TheXFiles revival season and William B Davis takes questions about his character very, let’s say, humorously! Here he is talking to @[100063679957588:2048:Radio of Horror]:

“There was lots I liked about the revival, there was a lot of stuff I liked. I got bogged down in the story about the child and all of that. I liked I ran over Skinner in my car and stuff like that. There were some really clever episodes, but as for the ongoing story it got a little complicated. And of course I got killed again. […] After we shot that last episode, I said ‘you know what Chris, I’m still not dead, that was a hologram that wasn’t me, so if you want me back you can bring me back’.”

Maybe we should all think of the revival humorously.

Feb 10, 2023 20:00

There are few people as responsible for the success of #TheXFiles as executive producer Bob Goodwin. He brought to the show a deep knowledge of the filmmaking craft and he ran a tight ship with schedules and budget. His interviews are rare so it’s always nice to hear from him, this time thanks to The X-Files Fan Retrospective (if you stick around there’s a cameo from his wife Sheila “Ma Scully” Larken!). I think this third element in his recipe for success is key and often underappreciated:

“I’ve always felt there’s three elements you need to have:
– the material of course; you know without the script, and in this case we didn’t have much, this was even before we started production but just the very beginning, but we knew the stories, I had already seen enough of the story outlines and I participated enough that I knew they were really fascinating stuff;
– the cast has to work; and and we already knew from the pilot that David and Gillian had amazing, you know, charisma and, you know, they were just so great together;
– and then the other element is how it’s mounted and directed, and I knew what I could do with it, so I said to him [Chris Carter] just, you guys this could be a huge hit really, you know, as long as you don’t make it cheesy!
So yes I honestly did know [right from the start that the show was going to be a big hit].”

Feb 15, 2023 13:24

[FRENCH] Podcast sur #TheXFiles saison 4. Les fans ont la tendance de vouloir classer et comparer, et s’il faut vraiment le faire alors oui la saison 4 présente certains défauts par rapport aux saisons immédiatement précédentes — mais c’est vraiment chercher la petite bête, surtout par rapport à ce qui va suivre…


Feb 22, 2023 15:09

In the 1990s, MADtv not only made a #TheXFiles parody (that I posted a few months ago): there was also a #Millennium parody too — in the style of the sitcom”Suddenly Susan”!