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Mythology Episodes Database

The X-Files Movie [1998]
Season 6 [1998-1999]

6X01: The Beginning
6X02: Drive
6X10: S. R. 819
6X11: Two Fathers
6X12: One Son
6X19: Three of a Kind
6X20: The Unnatural
6X22: Biogenesis

The X-Files Movie [2008]
The X-Files Event Series [2016]
The X-Files Event Series 2 [2018]

8 Responses to “Mythology Episodes Database”

  1. Agent X says:

    I have not read any of the comics yet, and would like to know where they fit into the mythology timeline, so that when I rewatch the mythology, I can also read the comics in the order. Where can I find this information?

    • orodromeus says:

      The IDW comics take place essentially “at the time they were published”, meaning 2013 to today. So they take place after the series, and after I Want To Believe.
      It’s not yet clear whether the Season 10 and 11 comics will be “compatible” with the 2016 revival, or whether they take place in a different parallel continuity — we will know in a couple of months I’m sure.
      The older comics are not related to the show’s mythology, you can read them independently.

  2. SC says:

    Will this be updated to reflect the season 10 mythology episodes?

  3. Johnny Trimble says:

    Thank you for this… time for another ‘Myth-Arc’ binge viewing marathon!

  4. nevermore says:

    Just wanted to inform you there’s a broken link in the database – 4×07 Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man. The X in the URL appears to be lower case instead of capitalized.

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