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EatTheCorn’s interview database

Welcome to EatTheCorn’s TenThirteen interview database!

Use the “Interviews Database Project” archive menu on the right to access interviews by month and year.

Here you will find an archive of interviews of Ten Thirteen cast and crew.

This project was born out of the will to archive interviews before they are lost with the passage of time, and to provide access to this material to everyone, since sold out magazines or offline interviews are largely inaccessible. Also, this site aims to gather into a single reference site material that is readily available online but was dispersed across a thousand sites.

The ultimate goal of this site is to archive all interviews with Ten Thirteen cast and crew, no more, no less. By its nature it is a work in progress — and will continue to be so until all interviews have been archived! New material is added constantly.

There are currently about 500 archived interviews so far in this database, from the birth of Ten Thirteen in 1992 to today.

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Explanation of the Categories:

  • Interviews: Press: main category.
  • Interviews: Online: online chats, or interviews that appeared only online and not in the press; sometimes it is difficult to determine whether an interview should belong to this or the “Press” category, for recent years in particular. Interviews from the X-Files Official Site are included here.
  • Interviews: Official Magazine (US): separate category for the quarterly US X-Files Official Magazine. See details here.
  • Interviews: Official Magazine (UK): for additional interviews that appeared only in the monthly UK X-Files Official Magazine.
  • Interviews: Video: videos of TV appearances or appearances at panels or other public events.
  • Interviews: Audio: radio or podcast appearances, or public appearances where only audio and no video is available.
  • Articles: notable press articles not including interviews, but significant for their insight or their explanation of behind-the-scenes developments.

Disclaimer: All the material here present is copyrighted to Ten Thirteen Productions, 20th Century Fox and the respective sources from which each interview was sourced. Authors of articles and titles and dates of magazines or websites are provided whenever available; web links to the original interview are provided if it is still present online. No copyright infringement is intended. This is a site strictly not for profit and the material archived here is gathered and provided with love and appreciation of the work of Ten Thirteen Productions.



Official Magazine

Regarding The X-Files Official Magazine:

Interviews of the Official Magazine archived at EatTheCorn: US | UK

US: Topps

Quarterly magazine, 2 issues

1 Winter 1996
2 Summer 1996

US: MVP Media Group

Quarterly magazine, 18 issues (+ 7 other issues?)

Volume 1

1 Spring 1997
2 Summer 1997
3 Fall 1997 – Myth Making
4 Winter 1997 – Behind The Scenes with Chris Carter
5 Spring 1998 – Conspiracy Confidential (Patient X)
6 Summer 1998 – The End
7 Fall 1998 – CSM [Oct-13-1998]
8 Winter 1998 – LA [Dec-08-1998]
9 Spring 1999 – Close Encounters
10 Summer 1999
11 Fall 1999 – Unnatural Wonders (s6 guide)
12 Winter 1999 – Speaking the Truth (Rush) [Dec-07-1999]
13 Spring 2000 – Secrets And Lies (Closure) [Feb-15-2000]
14 Summer 2000 – XF Finale [Apr-18-2000]
15 Fall 2000 – Declassified (s7 guide)
16 Winter 2000 – Doggett

New numbering (Volume 2?)

17/1 Spring 2001 – TLG/Mulder Returns
18/2 Summer 2001 – Set Secrets
3 Fall 2001?
4 Winter 2001?
5 Spring 2002?
6 Summer 2002?
7 Fall 2002?
8 Winter 2002?
9 Spring 2003?

UK: Titan Publishing

Monthly magazine, included the Topps comics




This is a collaborative project for the entire Ten Thirteen fandom! The goal is far more likely to be reached together.

How you can contribute:

  • Send in more interviews! Text, scans, audio, video, any form…
  • Identify the exact dates of some archived interviews: tag “date undefined
  • Provide audio/video of transcribed interviews: tags “audio needed” and “video needed
  • Provide text transcriptions of image scans of interviews, or of audio/video interviews: tags “transcript needed
  • Provide translation in English for interviews/articles in other languages: tags “translation needed
  • Provide feedback for improving this site and offer corrections to archived material (incomplete tagging, incorrect dates, incorrect sources, typos…)

For reasons of storage space, audio and video will not be directly hosted on this site; however, material hosted elsewhere, on sites where it is fairly certain it will remain online (eg YouTube), will be linked to from here.

A priority is given to the archival of material concerning the crew, and in particular the storywriting team, over that concerning the cast.

Contributors Hall of Fame:

  • Libby: very generously provided a huge number of interviews, which became the basis for this site’s content. Check her site, which has the most complete and accurate Ten Thirteen episode transcripts around!




To link to the Ten Thirteen Inteviews Database, please use the address http://www.eatthecorn.com/itw-database/ or http://www.eatthecorn.com/

Contact the creator Kimon at: orodromeus[at)gmail.com

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  1. Kimon says:

    Testing comments…fire away!

  2. chris says:

    A couple of Entertainment Weekly articles related to the 1998 movie. One is behind the scenes stuff, the other explains the movie a bit.



    • orodromeus says:

      Thanks – I keep tabs on more recent interviews as well, but these are relatively easier to find. I will prioritize older material that is harder to find, offline, or from old physical magazines. Eventually I will add the more recent material as well.

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