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Social media archive: 2015 (part 5)

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3 Dec 2015, 10:47

Good Fox marketing, continued…


EW: The X-Files uses footage of Los Angeles missile test in new promo

7 Dec 2015, 19:21

#mythXplained Sein&Zeit/Closure: In the mythology-lightest season ever it certainly looks like #XFiles is heading towards its end — and here comes a double-parter like no other, introspective and elegiac, that even if it doesn’t fit well with the rest of the mythology, it never fails to generate some strong emotions. Thank you David Duchovny, Kim Manners and Moby, among others, for those life-defining moments in Mulder’s life.

7X10: Sein und Zeit / 7X11: Closure


8 Dec 2015, 19:53

The X-Files comics continue! Lowdown for S11 #5! Can’t say more, not even the title, without spoilers…

S11#5: The Lowdown

14 Dec 2015, 17:09

XFBD is out

Tweaktown: Remastering ‘The X-Files’ in HD, Q&A with Jim Hardy CEO of Illuminate

18 Dec 2015, 15:13

“The series will return as part of a two-night special event across all licensed territories within the international FOX portfolio starting on January 25th, and will reach audiences throughout Latin America in markets such as Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina; in South East Asia including Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia; and markets in Europe including Bulgaria, Finland, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and Africa.”

Fox International Channels: The X-Files Getting a Day & Date Release Across FOX International Channels Markets

21 Dec 2015, 14:18

#mythXplained [catching-up!] “En Ami”: WBDavis writes so he can share some scenes with Gillian A, and CCarter & FSpotnitz take the opportunity to seamlessly incorporate this into the s7 mythology: the CSM’s cynical resignation, hints that Scully oculd have been manipulated, further parallels of the alien and the divine

7X15: En Ami


26 Dec 2015, 02:15

#mythXplained Requiem: s7 ends, and with it a certain life of the show. If there’s any novelistic quality to the overall story of the X-Files, a story with beginning middle and end, then Requiem could very well have been the end! The fates of the characters, tragic or open-ended, are appropriate for a show like XF. Not the end of the series, mostly due to non-XF issues at Fox, but still, this is a memorable and landmark episode.

7X22: Requiem


26 Dec 2015, 02:30

Full documentary on the #XFilesRevival! D-30 days…


26 Dec 2015, 20:43

Three years ago was Dec-22-2012, a most significant date for X-Files fans for over a decade. Some years after the lukewarm reception of the second movie and before the IDW comics were announced, interest on XF was on an all-time low and its future was at stake. At the time I wrote:

“Would Carter accept anything less than a theatrical release? Actually, sometimes it feels like the unlikelihood of an X-Files feature film is linked to the desire for it to be a theatrical feature, which is inherently more expensive. As if Carter and the X-Files wanted to “graduate” from TV to the big screen, while top-rate directors do not stop at the opportunity of doing the opposite (the Martin Scorcese-directed pilot of Boardwalk Empire reportedly cost $ 18 million) and many recognize that the 1970s kind of inventivity that existed in movies has now shifted to television. In a shifting environment for movie-making, the X-Files could take advantage of new means of release, distribution and funding, such as an exclusive television event, direct-to-video with special theatrical screenings, Japanese-inspired V-Cinema, Video On Demand pre-orders, iTunes premiere or YouTube premiere, funding from multiple sources (see 2012’s Cloud Atlas), international sale bundled with an HD remastering of the entire series, the economies on special effects and on-location shooting using full-greenscreen”

…and here we are some 3 years later barely one month from the release of not a third film but truly one of these alternative solutions mentioned above! D-29 days.

Notes beyond the world’s ending

31 Dec 2015, 18:11

The lowdown on Season 11 X-F X-Mas Special: an integral part in Joe Harris’ on-going X-Files mythos. Reflecting on Christmas Eve on New Year’s Eve.

S11 X-mas Special: The Lowdown

S11 X-mas Special: The Lowdown

Joe Harris uses the opportunity of the special holidays issue to tie it in directly with the Season 11 on-going storyline and make it an integral part of the story. Mixing the goofiness of the Lone Gunmen with the deadly serious developments of the Gibson storyline, this issue sees the Season 11 story come to a climax — right before the next 3-issue story arc, “Endgames“, that should wrap the whole thing up. A lot of twist and turns in this Special, along with Harris’ way of writing that brings about developments in a mysterious disjointed kind of way, which greatly captures the feeling of watching the series — confusing but attractive!


Many spoilers ahead.


S11#5: The Lowdown

After an introduction (“Cantus“) and a monster-of-the-week sequel (“Home Again“), Season 11 segues into #5, “My Name Is Gibson“, a single-issue transition to the three-part season ender “Endgames“. Flashbacks, old foes, build-up to the finale and spoilers after the jump.