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Social media archive: 2021 (part 1)

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Jan 13, 2021 17:51

“CIA unexpectedly releases all of its documents on UFOs – and you can read them now” https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/cia-ufo-documents-read-b1785918.html

“Trump’s covid bill includes 180-day countdown for updates on UFOs” https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/trump-covid-bill-ufo-pentagon-180-days-b1780549.html

#TheXFiles & #FOIA vindicated!

“No government agency has jurisdiction over the truth” -Mulder, Fallen Angel

Jan 30, 2021 11:35

For no particular reason, this garage rock song is called José Chung’s “From Outer Space”! Love-torn teenagers? #TheXFiles
The band is Radiator Hospital, here’s their bandcamp: https://radiatorhospital.bandcamp.com/album/can-you-feel-my-heart-beating


Feb 04, 2021 16:19

All-new Mark Snow interview! #TheXFiles



Feb 19, 2021 18:14

R.I.P. Harry Bring! This is a big loss. He was a producer for the Los Angeles seasons of #TheXFiles (seasons 6-9). When he was not fully a producer, he was production manager and assistant director. He also played a mortician in GA’s episode “all things”!

Harry Bring Dies: ‘Criminal Minds’, ‘The X-Files’ Producer Was 77


Feb 24, 2021 20:45

One of the best and complete interviews with Frank Spotnitz out there! Lots of behind the scenes I never heard before, and details on specific episodes and ideas behind the mythology and stand-alones. Don’t miss it!

Direct link: https://sammensvaergelsen.libsyn.com/interview-frank-spotnitz


Mar 01, 2021 15:25

Congratulations Gillian Anderson for another award win!

Also, this:

“Asked whether there was more X-Files in her future, Anderson exclaimed, ‘Oh, gosh, No.’”

I am totally fine with this.

Also, #TheXFiles is streaming on Disney+ now.

Gillian Anderson On ‘X-Files’ Future, Playing Margaret Thatcher & When U.S. Will See First Female President – Golden Globes Backstage

Mar 20, 2021 19:14

All-new conversation with Chris Carter, with @[1618472925051059:69:The X-Files Preservation Collection]!


Mar 30, 2021 13:12

#TheXFiles tribute in this @[1440590182869450:274:Japanese Breakfast] music video! Season 1 callbacks!


Mar 31, 2021 12:14

#TheXFiles crew interviews by @[1618472925051059:69:The X-Files Preservation Collection] continue, it’s great to hear from the little-known players that contributed to our favourite show! Here’s Mark Kudra, set dresser in seasons 6-8.