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06.21.10 | Ten Thirteen Interviews Database Project

Announcing the launch of the Ten Thirteen Interviews Database Project!

This new section of EatTheCorn aims to archive every single interview of Ten Thirteen cast and crew. A daunting task, certainly, but I’m counting on the contributions of every willing 1013 fan out there to make this collaborative project a success. Come, visit, read, and contribute!

The project is launching with no less than 300 interviews already archived! A huge thank you to Libby, who very generously provided the bulk of this material! Her site featuring the most complete and accurate 1013 episode transcripts is also one to bookmark.

03.04.10 | Mission complete

The hybridization retrospective is now complete with Page 5: Supersoldiers and Page 6: Special Cases.

The Primer, your comprehensive guide to the X-Files mythology, has been converted into a handy PDF file for your offline reading pleasure here! (Think of the environment before printing though — the online version is…online.)

My review of last year’s (already!) X-Con in Berlin, Germany, can be found here, graciously hosted by X-Files News, which also linked to a selection of mine of pictures from the event.

Check back very soon for some very big and exciting developments for E.T.C! …And for some other, also very big and exciting, developments for the fandom at large!