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Jul 07, 2016 19:54

Morgan&Wong vs Carter: a look at the similarities between the ends of XFS10 and Millennium S2. The Apocalypse is a recurring theme in all of Carter’s works, interesting that XF reached the point where it actually depicted the impending doom it was teasing for so long (albeit in a less-then-satisfactory overall episode…).

Bloody Disgusting: What’s the Right Way to End the World?

Jul 11, 2016 18:47

CRISPR-Cas9: If you want to learn more about this [real] revolutionary process that is at the heart of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files]’ finale My Struggle II, here’s a BBC podcast that discusses it with several scientists around the globe. Discovered in 2012, the applications of this fast gene editing technique are endless! — and its implications run deep.
Part 1: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03kzwd8
Part 2: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p03lqvnf

BBC Discovery: Editing the Genome

Jul 12, 2016 20:48

Spotnitz on the (2002) ending of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files]: “If I could do it over again, I would focus more on the characters’ journey and less on the plot.”

This is an unprecedented confession from a key person in the making of the series and its mythology — an acknowledgement that goes beyond self-congratulation and into critical review of one’s own work. Spotnitz is careful not to say anything over-critical about Carter or any of his colleagues, but the point is made.

*If* a “season 11” happens and *if* Spotnitz gets involved, this would also point towards an increased focus on character arcs and less on resolving mythology plot threads. At this point, some resolution of any sort would be more than welcome.

Premiere: X Files : la fin ratée, la vérité sur la Mythologie… les confidences de Frank Sponitz

Jul 25, 2016 20:22

Details emerge on the “X-Files: Origins” young adult novels. The plots seem completely out of character, the tone and target audience different from that of the series’. I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in buying these.

Wall Street Journal: Get an Exclusive Look at the Covers of the ‘The X-Files Origins’ Novels

Jul 26, 2016 20:04

XF upcoming comics #6-7: what’s going on here?
“•The first part of a brand new “Mytharc” connecting X-Files conspiracies old and new begins here!
• A new man enters Scully’s life seeking her affections!
• Executive produced by The X-Files creator Chris Carter!”

Carter had no time to cover the backstory of what happened between the 2002 supersoldiers and the 2016 Elites conspiracy, and Harris gets to cover that? A love interest for Scully?! The return of Tad, or somebody new? Intrigued, but puzzled.

Previews World: X-FILES (AUG160436)

Aug 03, 2016 15:22

Welcome to members #300 and above! [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] and others! The X-Files: Eat The Corn will continue to cover all things Ten Thirteen, past and future!

Aug 09, 2016 1:05

More XF? FOX confirms: “There are significant talks with all three principals” “We’re in conversations where we can do more. I don’t see a full season of episodes, but I’d be happy to get 10 or 8 episodes.” So, in 2017-18?

Interesting retrospective from Dana Walden: “The show was off the air for a very long time. It was introduced to new viewers, and (the writers) had the challenge of filling in the mythology. Going forward, there won’t be the same obligation to reset the series.” So the bad reviews were due to too much exposition? Surely there was a lot of talking in the mythology episodes in particular but instead of “filling in” on what happened previously or simplifying things, there were many new elements introduced. It remains to be seen whether the dialogue flow or the story direction would be different were there to be a season 11.

Deadline: ‘The X-Files’ New Season Update: “Significant Talks” Underway – TCA

Aug 09, 2016 20:11



Aug 11, 2016 20:40

The actions of humans awaken a virus in the wild forests that was laying dormant for a long time… straight out of Darkness Falls! But it happened in Siberia, it’s anthrax and it’s due to climate change! Echoes of Tunguska and My Struggle II…

NPR: Anthrax Outbreak In Russia Thought To Be Result Of Thawing Permafrost

Sep 14, 2016 21:37

Sep.10, 1993: 23 years ago The X-Files started broadcast with what was considered to be an average number of viewers, 12 million, and barely got renewed for a second season. Today, these numbers are considered exceptional hits!

Sep 26, 2016 20:42

This is Not a Conspiracy Theory
X-Files reference in the opening of this excellent crowdfunded documentary on conspiracy theories and the complex issue of their veracity (or not). Go support this project!



Sep 29, 2016 10:41

@[114444205294473:274:Mark Snow] update: The 4-CD X-Files Volume 3 should be out on October 25 2016! This has essentially been confirmed by @[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records]! Let’s see what will make the cut out of the hours and hours of music that would be great to have — see the massive compilation from 150 episodes below, made by requests from fans all around theworld and my own.

More Music from the X-Files


Oct 02, 2016 17:40

XF Vol.3 4CDs confirmed for Oct-25-2016!


Oct 06, 2016 21:17

XF s11 news: Carter: “I imagine we would be up there shooting in the spring of 2017” For airing Fall ’17/Winter ’18? He expects “a small expansion” on the number of episodes. I can’t imagine much more than 8.
Also, Carter will be hosting a marathon of the revival series in Vancouver tomorrow Friday — I hope for some Q&A on some of the more controversial directions the show took: mythology (apparent?) U-turn, soft reboot of the M&S relationship, no ending in sight…

The Globe and Mail: X-Files creator Chris Carter expects series to return to Vancouver

Oct 10, 2016 23:47

Vol.3 could be the last of Mark Snow’s music from La-La Land. I’m sure I can find material enough for 4 CDs for a Vol.4!


The X-Files Volume 3 could be the last box set of X-Files music released by La-La Land Records. From La-La Land Records:
What we may end up doing next is a 2 disc set that covers odds and ends cues from episodes that were already released, kinda wrapping it up for the die hard fans who wanted this cue or that cue. Make a real limited edition of 1000 or 1500 units for the real hardcore X Files fans out there.

Oct 13, 2016 19:16

Happy birthday Chris Carter! Here’s a new interview on Vancouver, sustainable production, possibly directing a movie again + a possible return of MillenniuM? @[109517928483:274:BacktoFrankBlack Campaign] reference…

Daily Hive: Interview: Chris Carter on keeping the environment and The X-Files sustainable

Oct 19, 2016 17:26

MILLENNIUM 20th Anniversary in 5 days: Countdown to a big announcement! Of what? Surprise! What I think? Original audio drama with Lance Henriksen.


The COUNTDOWN has begun! Click the link and spread the word!

Oct 20, 2016 1:20

This is it! Tracklist for LLL’s Vol.3 of Mark Snow’s music for @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files]! Out Oct-25-2016!


The TRUTH is out there OCTOBER 25, 2016

LLLCD 1370

Oct 24, 2016 23:09

MILLENNIUM 20th anniversary – a message from B2FB looking back on 8 years of campaigning


Oct 25, 2016 15:04

MM XXth anniversary: new MILLENNIUM documentary project announced!


The Time Is Now. The site is now live! Learn all about our new project! Spread the word!

Oct 25, 2016 15:59

Today: MILLENNIUM 20th anniversary + Millennium after the Millennium documentary project + XF music Vol.3 relased by La-La Land Records! Tracklist and cumulated runtimes per season across all 3 volumes. (release today 12pm PST)

MM at 20 + LLL Vol.3


Oct 27, 2016 10:34

Official X-Files: season 11 announcement seems close. 8-10 episodes, filming Spring/Summer, airing Fall 2017.


Oct 27, 2016 19:51

UPDATE: Sales of X-Files Vol.3 music so good that a 4-CD, not 2-CD, Volume 4 is being considered!

MM at 20 + LLL Vol.3


MM at 20 + LLL Vol.3

MillenniuM XX

October 25 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of MillenniuM!

Chris Carter’s second-longest creation saw its pilot premiere on October 25 1996, replacing the Friday night time slot of The X-Files, while The X-Files moved to Sunday nights early in its fourth season. MillenniuM went on for 67 episodes during three very different seasons which had one thing in common: the character of Frank Black, who, Christ-like, seems to bear the worries for the sins of the whole of humankind on his shoulders, and his memorable portrayal by Lance Henriksen.


Since the 2008 release of the second X-Files movie I Want To Believe (very Millenniumistic, by the way) in 2008, the MillenniuM fandom is marked by the Back To Frank Black campaign, which did everything in its power to bring MillenniuM back in some form — and gave the world many interviews of cast and crews in the process, and produced a remarkable book of interviews and analysis in 2012.

Additionally: In 2014, IDW published a comics on MillenniuM, written by Joe Harris, but it did not continue beyond the initial five issues. In 2008, La La Land edited a 2-CD compilation of Mark Snow music from MillenniuM, and unexpectedly followed suit in 2015 with a Volume 2.

One more reason to celebrate: a new Millennium documentary project has been launched by a team involving B2FB, fan-made but professional-grade! The documentary Millennium after the Millennium is open for crowdfunding support.

Millennium after the Millennium is a new documentary focused on Chris Carter’s  landmark television series Millennium. Set twenty years after the show ended,  we take a look back at what makes Millennium so enduring to fans and critics alike. With virtually every major crew and cast member including Chris Carter, Lance Henriksen, Frank Spotnitz, Chip Johannessen, James Wong, Glen Morgan and many, many more,  we delve into how Millennium came to be and explore its turbulent production history while finding hope for the future. This documentary will be packed with thoughtful reflections and candid never before seen interviews. Want to know about that infamous missing Millennium script? Or the definitive answers to how Millennium ended up with three very unique seasons? How about the REAL reasons why Millennium was canceled? It’s all here including all the major players’ thoughts and ideas on how to bring our beloved Frank Black back!

It is expected to be released in 2017.

The X-Files Volume 3

Today is also another important date: Volume 3 of Mark Snow’s music for The X-Files is edited by La La Land Records! Limited edition of 3000 units.


After Vol.1 in 2011 and Vol.2 in 2013 (The X-Files‘ own 20th anniversary), Vol.3 is another 4-CD compilation of music from across the whole length of the show, covering episodes not included in the previous two. EatTheCorn had compiled a long list of requests for Snow music worthy of a clean release for LLL’s consideration — the Massive Music Compilation, massively updated in 2015 — and I’m glad to see many requests made the cut! It will be updated again soon to incorporate Vol.3.

The TRUTH is out there OCTOBER 25, 2016
LLLCD 1370

Here is the tracklist:

Disc One

1. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 1) 0:47
2. UFO Kids 2:15
3. UFO Technology 2:15
4. Confrontation 2:09
5. Trek to Yellow Base 2:53
6. Eye Poke 1:06
7. Transfer and Release 3:26
8. Shaky Ground 2:13
9. Weather Balloons 1:00
10. Kevin, the NSA Menace 1:59
11. Switching Channels / Deciphering 1:11
12. Shallow Grave 2:03
13. Another X-File 1:48
14. The Young Col. Belt 1:23
15. Lift Off 4:00
16. Car Crash 0:57
17. Digital Data Banks 2:09
18. Aerial Burial 1:17
19. Sex Kills 1:32
20. Arrival in Town 1:18
21. Intro to Kindred, Part 2 3:19
22. Finding Kindred 3:24
23. I Called Him Marty 2:12
24. Indian Prince-(ss) 2:02
25. Fire in the Mind 2:51
26. A Call to Autopsy 1:21
27. Meet the New Throat 4:02
28. Top Secret Eyes 2:22
29. Spy Boy 1:25
2X7 – “3”
30. Bloody Jacuzzi 2:46
31. Old Files 3:06
32. Blood in the Loaf 4:26
33. Protector 5:22
34. Just Ashes and Bones 0:25

Disc One Total Time: 78:10
Disc Two

1. Alieness 1:14
2. Light Sabre 1:08
3. Obie Gyn 1:13
4. Sugar Patootie 4:21
5. Identity Crisis 3:47
6. Potato Vault 0:40
7. Perk Prisoner 0:44
8. Mugging 4:00
9. Ain't No Eddie 0:55
10. Sulphur Water 3:47
11. Killer Enzyme 3:02
12. Fungi Man 6:32
13. El Quasicabra! 7:05
14. Pachyderm 2:32
15. Cat Food 3:41
16. Tiger Walk 3:26
17. Crushed 2:40
18. Jog 4:21
19. Fungus Among Us 2:24
20. Swamp Ooze 3:08
21. Dream Time 9:55
22. Still Underground 1:52
23. Migraine Mushroom 4:04

Disc Two Total Time: 77:19
Disc Three

1. Stake In The Heart/Main Title 2:18
2. Can Kickin'/Ticket/Exuberant 1:55
3. Mushrooms 3:05
4. Fangs 1:30
5. Rolling Acres 2:40
6. Vibro-Pizza 4:04
7. Living Dead 4:40
8. Fell's Point 2:37
9. Hackland 1:49
10. Holly Sugar 3:04
11. Molar Wire 3:29
12. Cleaners 4:13
13. The Truth Is 4:09
14. Bush Monster 2:14
15. Trail of Stolen Pebbles 4:26
16. Forest Fridge 5:28
17. Barbecue Ludi 3:04
18. Malchik 2:51
19. The Krycek Diet 3:13
20. Skyland Barbecue 4:38
21. Les Saboteurs 6:05
22. Bridge of Sighs 5:33

Disc Three Total Time: 77:57
Disc Four

6X02 – DRIVE
1. Special Report 0:09
2. Road Rage 1:58
3. Head Blow 4:22
4. Hijack 4:07
5. Westward Ho 3:54
6. Inner Ear 10:00
7. ELF Wave 7:19
8. Manure Piles 1:20
9. Recap 0:52
10. Parenti’s Showroom 4:18
11. Billy the Terminator 5:12
12. Head Bag 2:17
13. Vitamins 3:14
14. Lizzy's Labours 6:10
15. Compacted 4:17
9X06 – TRUST NO 1
16. Computer Lab 1:42
17. Spies Like Us 2:32
18. Puppet Master 9:11
19. Jumper / Scully's Serenade 5:10
20. THE X-FILES 1st Season End Credits 0:28
21. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare* 0:09
* - Music By Alfred Newman

Disc Four Total Time: 78:02

Total Set Running Time: 5:10:28

Vol.3 covers just 18 episodes (and no episodes from seasons 3 and 7) compared to 40 and 33 from the previous two volumes. This means much longer cues and more time spent per episode on average — which is great news given the atmospheric nature of Snow’s soundtrack, especially in those early seasons. But it also means that many essential cues from many episodes still haven’t been released and are postponed to a potential Volume 4.

Here are the running totals summed across all three volumes:


Seasons 2, 4 and 5 get the most music, season 7 the least by far. Today it is almost common practice for TV shows to have a 1-CD release per season, thanks in no small part to labels like La La Land, and thanks to these 3 releases The X-Files has now caught up. But as the Massive Music Compilation list shows, there is more than enough material for 4 more CDs of a Volume 4! However, the latest news is that La La Land would be planning of a limited 2-CD release to wrap everything up. I hope at least Duane Barry/Ascension, Apocrypha, Never Again will be on that, not to mention episodes already covered but still have great music that was skipped, like Talitha Cumi or Redux II.

Still: Thank you La La Land!

EDIT Oct-27-2016: More good news: Day+1 sales were so good for La La Land that they are considering a full 4-CD Volume 4 after all!