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12.14.08 | Fandom News

Many news in the world of TenThirteen lately!

– First, the “Complete XF” book has been released, and it really is a must-have! Despite numerous proof-reading shortcomings, the interviews and pictures are many and fresh. This is the kind of ‘legacy’ book that a series of the importance of the X-Files was lacking before!

Mark Snow music coming your way! Well-established soundtrack record company La La Land Records is releasing a double-CD with music from MillenniuM! Do not wait long to order, there are only 2000 copies available (the signed ones are already gone), you can order here and they post internationally. I hope this will lead to even more Snow music being released — my XF wish list is here!

– The Back To Frank Black campaign is going ahead full steam. The latest exploit is an interview with Lance Henriksen himself, over here.

– Speaking of which, X-Files News made a featured article concerning the BTFB campaign, featuring an interview with campaign co-manager James McLean and, well, yours truly! You can read it here.

– Finally, some updating within ETC as well! Chris Carter himself explains what the mytharc is all about in The Truth Revealed!

11.25.08 | …Four Months Later

Though not a mythology outing, IWTB is significant enough for me to go into detail in a DataBase entry — especially since it’s the first piece of original XF material for six years, and the last one for an as of yet undetermined amount of time. So here is my review of the freshly released to DVD I Want To Believe! A long review that attempts to be comprehensive and even spreads to a critique of the state of the franchise and the fandom. Photos are coming shortly.

Matt of the XF Lexicon made an excellent interview with “The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series, the Myths, and the Movies” co-author Matt Hurwitz, check it out here! The book really sounds like a treat, and delivery delays seem to be due to higher orders than expected.

10.13.08 | We Want More

Another 1013 today. It can be argued both ways, but MillenniuM might very well lend itself better to the feature film format than The X-Files. TenThirteen is certainly capable of delivering a quality feature film based on MillenniuM and its iconic character Frank Black! This is the idea behind the “Back To Frank Black” campaign. Be sure to visit and express your support — and, if you haven’t already, discover this other amazing series!

Things to look forward to: “The Complete X-Files: Behind the Series, the Myths, and the Movies” is the new book on the franchise written by journalist Matt Hurwitz and fan Chris Knowles, and it promises to be the definitive behind the scenes publication for XF! Carter’s involvement should deliver something better than the purely promotional products that were the seasons 1-7 guides. Release dates: October 15 in Europe, November 11 in USA & Japan!

08.30.08 | The show must go on…

I Want To Believe has come…and gone. Before I finally find the time and verve to write a fully fleshed-out review, there is something else:

Things to look forward to: The greatest XF news since the announcement that XF:IWTB was in the works is that a new release with Mark Snow’s music for the series might see the light of day very soon! To that end I’ve compiled a list with what I think should go in this potentially “Massive Music Compilation“. If you want to help me build that list don’t hesitate to contact me!

07.24.08 | One more for the road

For all I would have rather seen the series to end with season 7, the Primer could not be complete without a section on seasons 8 and 9; it is now done with Section 5: Back To Plan A! And it could not be complete either without another section that deals with the personal journey of the series’ protagonists Mulder and Scully: this is Section 6: Destinies. The Primer is now complete! This is your definitive guide to the X-Files mythology, the section to consult before delving into the details of the episodic DataBase.

Some minor modifications on Primer Section 0 and Section 1, as well as in 9X01 & 9X02: Nothing Important Happened Today and 9X19/20: The Truth.

Film update: This is the last update before XF:IWTB. Fingers crossed. I’ve added a ‘dummy’ DataBase page for I Want To Believe.

07.13.08 | The Season 9 Update!

Another massive update to wrap it all up! All DataBase entries for the season 9 episodes are up: 9X01 & 9X02: Nothing Important Happened Today, 9X08: Trust No 1, 9X10: Provenance & 9X11: Providence, 9X17: William and 9X19/20: The Truth. This is the least liked season of the show (what a shame it didn’t end when it was at its height!) and this shows in my analyses, but it is also the least well understood part of the mythology as well. I really think I got it with this interpretation that is as coherent as possible.

There it is, apart from one or two minor skips in early seasons to be completed later on, the DataBase is complete! Enjoy it! I will try to do another update before the XF:IWTB deadline, this time on the Primer.

07.09.08 | The Season 8 Update!

9 episodes in a single update! You can now find the DataBase entries for the entire season 8 — meaning 8X01: Within & 8X02: Without, 8X08: Per Manum, 8X14: This Is Not Happening & 8X15: DeadAlive, 8X18: Three Words, 8X16: Vienen and 8X20: Essence & 8X21: Existence! Sorry if my opinion permeates the mythology analysis too much. I think you can guess the nature of the next update from looking at the title of this one…

Reviewing season 8 has only made me see one thing more clearly: this could not have stood on its own without season 9 to answer all the questions raised in it. Up to season 7 all was wrapped up pretty well, but Existence would have made a finale that would have been very frustrating mythology-wise.

Film update: “It’s here!” “What have you done?” “Let’s say I want to believe.” “Don’t give up!” This movie isn’t out yet and many phrases have cult status already! And after six years there’s nothing better than seeing shippers being worried!

There is a quote from a recent interview with Chris Carter that I appreciated a lot: “Looking at the people on-line, it’s basically faceless and anonymous, so to have your voice heard, you have to scream the loudest. Or be the most extreme. Or be the most radical, because you’re just a voice in the crowd.” This could apply to Carter himself, with the presumed ‘giving in’ to the call of the mainstream way of television narrative and having Mulder and Scully become a couple. It also felt as if it applied to me and what I set out to do with my site. Great discussions exist on the forums — many times intelligent, oftentimes uninformed — but they get lost or forgotten with time. Here I attempt to create a concentrate of thoughts and ideas that could serve as a definitive reference. And if I have not expressed extreme views (shippers are stupid – noromos are dead – CC ruined everything – only FS understands fans) it’s exactly because I am trying to have as holistic a view as possible. This is why my hardcore noromo stance has somewhat mellowed out a bit lately, and why I think that the ‘happy ending’ last shot of season 8 is completely uncharacteristic of the X-Files. Here’s to the future.

06.19.08 | Some years later…

The DataBase entries for 7X15: En Ami and 7X22: Requiem are up. The X-Files, 1993-2000? With seasons 1-7 all accounted for, what I set out for three years ago is more or less complete.

But this isn’t over yet! Even more updates are on the way in the big lead-up to the second movie…

It’s been ten years today that Fight the Future was released! “I feel time like a heartbeat“…

06.12.08 | “This is my weakness…”

I’ve uploaded the DataBase entry for Closure two-parter. The closing chapters of season 7 are on the way.

Film update: 42 days left… Let’s hope it’s worth the wait! The other much-expected return of the year 2008, Indiana Jones, was rather much of a disappointment.

06.08.08 | “A sign, a symbol, a revelation”

The longest DataBase entry evar is online. It’s none else than the Biogenesis trilogy! Knock yourself out. Amazing how dense the X-Files could be compared to other, more serialized shows.

Film update: The editing on XF2 just wrapped. Not much is new. Perhaps that is good news — it means the spoilers are kept at bay! Oh, there is this mysterious “Fencewalker” project that I don’t know what to make of… Carter directing two feature films at the same time? Maybe we’re in for surprises in the close future.

05.18.08 | “It’s here!”

“The Cigarette-Smoking Man revealed.” “The conspiracy exposed.” “The X-Files Full Disclosure.” This is how these two episodes were marketed when they were about to air! Here is the revealing DataBase entry for Two Fathers / One Son.

I’ll be back soon with what will undoubtedly be the longest entry ever, for Biogenesis!

05.15.08 | The beginning of the end

DataBase update: we continue ploughing through the mythology, moving inevitably towards big resolutions with the next update. For the time being, here are The Beginning and S.R.819.

Film update: My condolences to the french fandom who got a stinky title translation for “I Want To Believe“!…

Related trivia: Deep Throat’s “trust no one“, which became iconic of the X-Files in general, is to be found in the BBC miniseries “I, Claudius” (1976) that depicts the life and (all-too-frequent) deaths of the first roman emperors (it’s in episode 11)! Frank Spotnitz had acknowledged that the vaguely paranoid feeling of this series was an inspiration for the XF mythology.

05.11.08 | “Is that official FBI business?”

DataBase update: “The X-Files Movie“, aka Fight the Future!

Film update: The trailer for “The X-Files: I Want To Believe” is online in just a few hours. I really like how Carter & Spotnitz have approached XF2’s marketing: anti-spoileristic and minimalistic (but how much of it is wilful and how much of it is disregard by FOX I wonder?).

05.03.08 | A blast from the past

The DataBase grows even more with the addition of 5X15: Travelers and 5X20: The End. Season 5 is now complete! And it’s been ten years since these episodes aired (05/17/98 for The End), wow! It’s the final stretch to the movie now.

05.02.08 | “Resist or Serve”

Another update with another one of those massive DataBase entries, this time for Patient X / The Red and the Black!

Film update: “I Want To Believe” it is then. For all I enjoy the promotion campain — cryptic and elliptical as to the plot — try not to push the shippy promo pics too hard…

04.13.08 | Believe Again

Have a good read with the DataBase entry for the Redux trilogy, and treat yourself with the case of Emily Sim! I’ll say nothing else but that the next update is coming up soon…

ETC in its current form has been around for two years already! So much has changed since then… I want to go back to everything I’ve written and write it all again! Thank you for visiting!

Film update: D-100 and still no title. Go CC!

04.07.08 | “It all started with
Susanne Modeski”

A small update with the DataBase entries for Demons and Unusual Suspects. See you very shortly for the biggie: Redux!

The indefatigable Matt of the XF Lexicon made an interview with John Bartley, Director of Photography to XF for the first 4 seasons. If you’re looking for somebody who defined the cinematic and atmospheric look of the X-Files, it’s him (and Vancouver!).

Alumni watch: Within the promotion campaign for the still untitled “XF2”, Carter has given us an unexpected gift (Paley Festival, 03/26): a reunion with old alumni from the series. Not even during the series’ run had so many people from the series appeared together. And such great people! Writers/producers Chris Carter, Frank Spotnitz, Howard Gordon, writers Glen Morgan, Darin Morgan, Steven Maeda, producer Paul Rabwin, producers/directors David Nutter, Rob bowman, actors Nick Lea, Mitch Pileggi, Dean Haglund… and with tons of other alumni in the audience, all of this turnout organised with a few phonecalls on the spur of the moment. Wow! Accounts that TenThirteen people were not getting along were apparently too harsh — how inspiring to see all of them together, to talk of the X-Files as a slice of televisionary history. If this was done to give a sense of continuity from the series to the movie franchise, it certainly has convinced me!

03.09.08 | “Welcome to the wonderful world of high technology!”

I give you…the massive DataBase entry for Tunguska / Terma! If you think this is big, wait for the one on Redux!

It’s in the can! Principal production (shooting) for the still untitled “XF2” has now ended. Now the painful process of post-production can start. The marketing campaign already started, with deliciously teasing interviews by the two writers and the two leads — and teaser footage that was bootlegged on the internet (WonderCon, 02/23)! I’m seriously teased, drawn to think they might really pull this off!

Alumni watch: If you wander around Vancouver you might see a wrap party.

02.23.08 | Beware of The Bee

Another update with the DataBase entry for Zero Sum!

Matt of the XF Lexicon has kept busy and was able to make a complete interview with Howard Gordon, scriptwriter and producer — good questions, straightforward answers. Do check it out here!

Related trivia: Our Scully turns 44 today! A wikipedia moment… Did you know Scully was born on the same day as German composer Georg Händel, “Enola Gay” pilot Paul Tibbets, Ukranian president Viktor Yushchenko, or even Prince of Japan Naruhito? Me neither.

02.05.08 | Happy New Year 2008

(With a slight delay) Best wishes for 2008, the year the X-Files return to the forefront! The DataBase entry for Memento Mori is now online.

Matt of the XF Lexicon has managed to come into contact with TenThirteen and pass on some questions on behalf of the fandom to Chris Carter himself! You can find the result over here! It’s comforting to have near-first-hand contact with the XF crew, this way we can really bring home that XF2 is not a dream and that it’s really happening! (ah, my questions didn’t make it, too nosy I guess…maybe next time!)

Alumni watch: Terry O’Quinn (Peter Watts in MillenniuM and various roles in XF) continues his role in the main cast of “LOST“, which is premiering its fourth season. “LOST” may have been painfully long to take off, but since the latter part of season 3 we see things really picking up. The producers often cite XF as the best example of lack of direction and of storylines being pulled thin after their natural conclusion. It’s comforting to see studios accepting to put a definitive future end date to a series so that the writers know where they’re going; season 6 is the targeted finale.