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AOL Chat – Chris Carter

AOL Chat – Chris Carter

OnlineHost: Chris Carter, creator of Millennium and The X-Files is now with us. Good evening, Chris, thank you for joining us!

Chris Carter: I’m happy to be here and answer any questions…. as long as they’re not too embarrassing.

OnlineHost: Great, let’s get started.

Question: Is there going to be a Millennium/X-Files crossover episode?

Chris Carter: I hope so, and this would be the year to do it. I have a story in mind… that involves Scully and Emma and Frank Black.

Question: Does Millennium show the honest side of the characters, or is it all one big question, like The X-Files?

Chris Carter: Both show the honest side of the characters. What is in question are the motives of either the conspiracy or the Millennium Group.

Question: How has the millennium influenced you?

Chris Carter: The millennium was the central influence on the concept of the show. But no one I know is really afraid of the millennium, so making it a scary concept requires illustrating ways in which the anxiety it produces effects society.

Question: When you were growing up did you have an idol or a favorite tv show?

Chris Carter: My favorite TV show was Gilligan’s Island. My idol was Sandy Koufax.

Question: Mr. Carter, will Darin Morgan be writing any new episodes in the future?

Chris Carter: Not as planned. Sorry, I wish he were.

Question: What can you tell us about Harsh Realm, the future of Millennium, and the future of The X-Files?

Chris Carter: Harsh Realm is in the prep stages and the pilot will shoot in early March. It’s science fiction, but completely different from the other two shows. And… Millennium’s future is in question but we’re hopeful for a fourth year pick-up and the next year of The X-Files will most likely be the last.

Question: Do you think that all of the online cult-like responses to your show are flattering or alarming?

Chris Carter: I hardly ever read anything that is alarming. I read things that are disturbing and criticism that is annoying, but I read it all and will continue to.

Question: What is your favorite stand-alone episode?

Chris Carter: This is hard for me to answer… there are over 130 episodes now and… I have too many favorites. But any Darin Morgan episode and… any Vince Gilligan episode. Beyond the Sea and Post-Modern Prometheus.

Question: If Millennium is cancelled at the end of season 3, is there any chance 1013 will film a special episode or TV-movie for the year 2000?

Chris Carter: Don’t rule it out!

Question: Will we be seeing any famous faces in either The X-Files or Millennium?

Chris Carter: We rarely cast marquee stars. But on occasion we have an opportunity to work with someone we can’t pass up. You can expect to see great character actors from feature films soon, but we can’t divulge any secrets.

Question: When will we get to see a Millennium soundtrack!!!

Chris Carter: We’re working on it, but it all depends on the fourth season pickup.

Question: Millennium has been on for three years, but it’s also been low in the ratings. Do you consider it a success?

Chris Carter: I still think it’s one of the best-produced shows on tv, I think the stories are interesting and I’m sorry it hasn’t found the wider audience it deserves.

Question: I have been a fan of The X-Files for a long time, but recently started watching Millennium. I am glad to see that there are 2 shows worth watching. My question is, is it stressful handling 2 shows at once?

Chris Carter: I’ve aged ten years in the last three. Being responsible for 44 hours of programming is a giant pain.

Question: You’ve often mentioned your television and movie influences in creating and sustaining Millennium and The X-Files—but are there other literary influences?

Chris Carter: The Bible. A lot of the writers from the romantic period, including Mary Shelley. Dostoyevsky.

Question: Do you plan to take Millennium back to its “roots,” you know, discussing the faction between the roosters and the owls, the end of the millennium/world, etc. It’s a great storyline, but it hasn’t been addressed much this year.

Chris Carter: The show has grown and in the second season there were some new… directions taken, but with the death of Catherine we were forced to find a new and credible way to tell our stories. So we brought in Klea Scott, changed the location to Washington DC and sent Frank Black back to the FBI. This gave the show the “franchise” I’d avoided originally, so in approach it’s true to its roots but it must also be true to the realities of the characters’ lives.

Question: What was it about Klea Scott that made you decide to cast her?

Chris Carter: Her poise, her acting ability, her believability in the role of FBI agent, who could portray a woman who would work well as a student of Frank Black’s. Without making it seem like an obvious opportunity to create any sexual tension. We wanted to avoid the criticism that we were stealing from The X-Files.

Question: Will there ever be any more Millennium merchandise? The fans are craving it!

Chris Carter: Yes. We have books coming and some other assorted things in the works.

Question: Which character that you created do you identify with the most?

Chris Carter: Frank Black. But, the Mulder and Scully characters represent the two sides of me and many of us. The warring impulses between faith and skepticism.

OnlineHost: That’s all we have time for tonight, Chris. Do you have any closing comments for your audience tonight?

Chris Carter: While Millennium’s future is in question, I think that year 3 has had some of the most varied and compelling episodes. Thanks to Chip Johannessen. Ken Horton, and the other writer/producers, and Tom Wright has been tireless as our key director, as has John Kousakis and the entire Vancouver crew. Also – congratulations to Rob MacLauchlan on his ASC nomination and to Lance for his third Golden Globe nomination and to Klea as the consummate pro.

OnlineHost: Thank you very much for joining us, Chris. We love your show(s)! and hope you’ll join us again soon. Many thanks to our audience tonight! Your questions were great!

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