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DreamWatch: Ratboy Droppings

January 1997
Ratboy Droppings

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY had infamous “Ratboy” Krycek picked as the X-FILES character who was going to be “disintroduced” in the series premiere. Wrong! But let’s check with NIC LEA on what is going on in his life….

It feels strange to be 34 and still be called a boy. But the nickname means people are watching you and like what you do. I think it’s great. The fans who watch the show and like the show and are interested in my character, I can only thank them and I don’t mind being “Ratboy.” I think its’ attractive , as compared to “Skippy” and “Weasel”!

My question would be, what’s he been eating [in the silo]? I think he’s just finished his jacket and he’s on to his trousers. I don’t he can get himself out of there, it’s going to depend upon Mulder and Scully. I suppose the alien is keeping him alive for some reason, but you never know what will come out of the strange and wonderful mind of Chris Carter.

I just did a guest starring role in HIGHLANDER. It was a comedic one — I played a 1920’s bank robber driving along in a 1926 Packard with tommy guns blazing. There are no beheadings but we get shot all the time, then the Highlander [Adrian Paul] comes along and digs us up and we move on and rob another bank.

We are waiting now to see if John Woo’s TV pilot, ONCE A THIEF, gets picked up as a series. Fox might take it, but I’ll do the [X-FILES] regardless of where my career goes. I’ll come back and do the show whenever I can or whenever they want me to. It’s so much of a factor in my growth as a person and as a professional that I have a great deal of dedication to these people.

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