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Vancouver Province: Scully's new guy: X-Files' eighth season opens with new agent

Vancouver Province
Scully’s new guy: X-Files’ eighth season opens with new agent
Dana Gee

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After a spring of uncertainty, The X-Files is back and this time the truth is really out there.

When last we saw the FBI gang, Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) couldn’t believe she was pregnant. Us either — don’t you have to have sex for that? Mulder (David Duchovny) was sucked up by a spaceship and Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) was stunned after witnessing the event.

Tonight’s eighth-season premiere has Skinner searching for an answer and Scully searching for the closest toilet to throw up in.

The hunt for Mulder heightens when new FBI types, including the show’s newest character, John Doggett (Robert Patrick, of Terminator 2 fame), are brought in.

Patrick is great as a steely skeptic who wants just the facts.

Translation: He’s not big on alien abduction theories.

Besides the inclusion of a new resident cynic, fans have to deal with major character-trait shifts in Scully and Skinner.

“The two of them become believers, although reluctant believers,” said Chris Carter during a press conference for the show in Pasadena in July. “And that’s really the way we make room for this new character.”

What Doggett brings is another layer to the show and an opportunity for Scully to face off with someone different than Mulder.

“We had written the part and conceived of a part that was very much an insider at the FBI,” said Carter. “He’s part of the fraternity. Mulder had always been the consummate outsider.”

While Mulder’s disappearance certainly fits the X-Files’s unknown, creepy profile, Scully’s pregnancy is far more puzzling.

“There is a potential she was having sex,” grinned Carter, after he was faced with conception questions. “We’re going to play with that storyline this year and find out exactly what happened.”

Yeah, whatever, Chris, what we want to know is, who is the dad?

“I am,” Carter said. “I’m his father and his mother.”

Yeah, thanks.

The paternity outcome aside, the pregnancy was almost terminated as Duchovny and Carter both had contract issues at the end of last season.

Duchovny, who is tortured extensively in both parts of the season opener, has agreed to appear in 11 of 20 X-Files episodes this season.

“I had to write the season finale, truly honestly, not knowing whether or not we’d be back next year,” said Carter. “So I had to write a sort of all-purpose season finale.

“It was difficult but it was a wonderful exercise, too. And it actually has set up for a very interesting way to approach season eight.

“The entry of a new character, new blood, a new dynamic balance, is actually going to be a really fun thing to play.”

Already that dynamic is working. Patrick’s presence is strong, as is the potential for an interesting relationship between him and Scully, who will eventually become partners.

“I saw them as worthy adversaries and worthy partners,” said Carter.

“He was not going to be a person that would shrink — because she’s a very powerful person and actor — from her. And I just thought he really filled the bill for me in that way.”

And he should do the same for even the most diehard Mulder fans.

Finally, for you X-Files trivia types, the name Doggett is another Carter homage to the Los Angeles Dodgers. Jerry Doggett was Dodgers announcer Vin Scully’s co-host.

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