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10.18.09 | X-CON

Vielen danken! Bis nächste mal!

08.30.09 | Past and future musings

Part four of the hybridization round-up is now available.

Continuing on that forgotten art retrospective, here is a page on the XF work by Sue Coe, the artist behind that cover of Songs in the Key of X CD.

The BackToFrankBlack campain doesn’t cease to amaze me with their dedication and the success they have in obtaining interviews with people in front and behind the camera, the latest being some very interesting interviews with Michael R. Perry, Frank Spotnitz and Mark Snow!

The release of the four-CD set with music from the series by La La Land Records has now been pushed back to summer 2010. Well, we’ve waited 13 years since The Truth and the Light, we can wait one more — as long as the end product is worth it!

I understand those who no longer wish to see a continuation of the X-Files on the big screen. Carter, and Spotnitz, do seem adamant though that they have one more story to tell to wrap things up, and by curiosity alone I would like to see what they have in mind. Of course making it a script tailored for a theatrical release would need to have it purged of the over-complicated burden of the series’ mythology minutiae and one should only expect a storyline providing closure to the fates of Mulder, Scully and the world instead of a tying up of nine year worth’s of loose ends and a host of recurring characters appearances.

One potential storyline can be found in the recent science news: the mysterious Colony Collapse Disorder that has been causing a massive decimation of honeybees worldwide in the recent years! It now appears that the cause would be the simultaneous effect of multiple viruses on the bees, making them unable to produce proteins essential to their immune and digestive system. Could this be the work of an organized resistance movement trying to get rid of the means to spread the Black Oil virus and thus prevent colonization? One can spend time coming up with other amusing ideas for XF3…

06.17.09 | Nostalgic, much?

Granted, I won’t deny that E.T.C is a site that does indulge in nostalgia sometimes. Surely, part of many fans’ continued appreciation of the X-Files comes from the fact that they followed the show when it was all-new. Sadly, many creative efforts tied in to the show get lost as the XF move further away from present times. In E.T.C’s effort to serve as a repository for XF-related items and ideas, here are the artwork of the “Wave” VHS cards.

The hybridization retrospective continues with parts two and three now online.

A part of the fandom has begun a campaign to lobby for a third XF feature film. More thoughts later on how desirable an XF3 would be.

But first, I want to congratulate the German fans, who managed to kick off their project for an XF convention: the X-Con, in Berlin, October 16-18, 2009! As far as I know this is the first official XF convention ever since the mythical “X-Files Expo” of 1997-98 that happened in the USA — and last year’s expo in Chile — which is quite an achievement.

03.15.09 | Bittersweet update

Quite a few things happened since the last update. For example, The USA welcomed the President that will see the World end in 2012 and, hopefully, a third X-Files movie… It’s also been 20 years since Laura Palmer died.

– EatTheCorn moves boldly in 2009 with the first part of a six-part dossier on hybridization in the X-Files. The other parts are coming very soon.

– XF alumni and fans everywhere mourned the premature loss of one of its best producers and directors, Kim Manners. Mr. Manners was the X-Files’ most prolific directors, with no less than 52 episodes (a quarter of the series all by himself!) over 8 seasons. He was one of the key people that helped define the show, often competing in a friendly way with fellow director Rob Bowman over who would produce the best quality work. He will be fondly remembered.

– But there are also good news. Stellar news, actually! La La Land Records, who recently brought us some MillenniuM music, is indeed working on a major release of Mark Snow’s music for XF! And it will be no less than a 4CD-set with music from around 40-60 episodes… 4CDs! A tentative release date is September, 2009. I hope that a maximum of my wishes (see here) will be fulfilled! The 13-year wait since The Truth and the Light is nearly over! Speaking of which, thanks to Tommy for filling some gaps in T&L — more help to identify some tracks is welcome.

– In an awfully overdue update, I want to thank Agent Donald for mentioning EatTheCorn in his Reopening the X-Files” podcast. His ambitious project has him doing a podcast for every single XF episode, an effort that is definitely worthy checking out.

– Also, the XFLexicon has undergone an extensive revamping and continues its work of bringing us interesting articles and insights in the behind-the-scenes making of the show. In memoriam of Kim Manners, the Lexicon was able to obtain some unpublished parts of Matt Hurwitz’s interview with Mr. Manners done for the recent Complete XF book.

– The BackToFrankBlack campaign continues strong as ever bringing 1013 fans unexpected goodies, such as another Lance Henriksen interview!

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