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Social media archive: 2015 (part 3)

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1 Oct 2015, 03:19

Confirmed: XF on BluRay in December! Waitung for European dates.



1 Oct 2015, 21:47

#mythXplained 4 writers, 1 essential ep: “Memento Mori”, or how to elevate the series to unprecedented emotional heights without introducing any mytharc elements that were not introduced before. The painful “cancer arc begins. Note: watch *after* Never Again.

4X15: Memento Mori


2 Oct 2015, 18:02

The fan service element…


3 Oct 2015, 18:47

Eat The Corn Dossier: An examination of what @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] has left unresolved, in what ways it could develop, and what new it could add to the mix, in 3 parts

The X-Files and the Future, Part 1: What’s left hanging?

4 Oct 2015, 20:44

Eat The Corn Dossier, Part 2/3: An examination of how the world has changed since @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] has left the air and what it could incorporate in its storylines from the news

The X-Files and the Future, Part 2: What new can it add?

5 Oct 2015, 11:13

First view of #XFilesRevival official poster, live from #MIPCOM Cannes, France

5 Oct 2015, 17:25

WORLD PREMIERE of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] #XFilesRevival in 25 hours (tomorrow 18:30 French time) + Q&A w/ Chris Carter


5 Oct 2015, 17:28

The #XFilesRevival Premiere invitation https://instagram.com/p/8byAAMM3xp/


5 Oct 2015

Science!Philes rule!

6 Oct 2015, 15:24

#mythXplained Tempus Fugit/Max, or how to do a double episode nearly independent from the rest of the mythology with quality set design and action pieces — this could be a feature film of itself! RIP Pendrell.

4X17: Tempus Fugit / 4X18: Max


6 Oct 2015, 17:51

Part 3/3 on the future(s) of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files]: some speculation, some wild theories, some creative paths the show could take — and there are several!

The X-Files and the Future, Part 3: Where could it go?

6 Oct 2015

#XFiles “10X1: My Struggle” premiers in 10 minutes

6 Oct 2015

An #XFilesRevival episode 7 had been considered (but obviously did not happen)

6 Oct 2015

[French] review, spoilers for the beginning of the ep – non-fans are excited

6 Oct 2015, 20:20

Full liveblog of Chris Carter at world premiere of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files].

“It’s really a dream come true for me to do something.”

“Every day I look at the newspaper and I see a possible X-Files episode, so this is obviously something that – I did it for a long time and you never quite lose the eye for what would be good X-Files storytelling. It’s a perfect time to come back with the X-Files considering global politics.”

Asked about the future potential for new episodes, Carter was optimistic. “I love telling X-Files stories. The truth is out there! If we satisfy audience expectations, certainly there’s an opportunity,” he said.

BLOG.MIPWORLD.COM: Liveblog: Chris Carter talks new X Files: “Believe it or not, I’m a sceptic”

6 Oct 2015, 21:01

The first #XFilesRevival review! “The audience broke out in spontaneous applause multiple times” — sounds good!

The Hollywood Reporter: MIPCOM: New ‘X-Files’ Wows at World Premiere

6 Oct 2015, 21:25

Carter described the show as “a story about the modern pursuit of science by scientists” Nice!

The Guardian: X-Files revival inspired by surveillance revelations, says show’s creator

6 Oct 2015, 22:06

The visual of the upcoming X-Files BluRay boxset – coming in December! https://www.foxconnect.com/x-files-collector-s-box-set.html

7 Oct 2015, 10:56

#XFilesRevival premiere first reactions by French journalists Romain Nigita Alain Carrazé: Great! + thank you for the non-spoiler policy!

7 Oct 2015, 11:11

#XFilesRevival premier Italian review: “uno dei più grandi ed importanti eventi televisivi dell’anno prossimo” — did Carter really say “dopo le prime sei puntate” (after the *first* six episodes)?

Giornale dello Spettacolo: Cannes: Chris Carter riapre ufficialmente gli X-Files

7 Oct 2015, 16:41

#XFilesRevival premiere press in German: its fulfilling! “Um es kurz auf den Punkt zu bringen für diejenigen, die an dieser Stelle lieber nicht weiterlesen möchten um so wenig wie möglich zu wissen, nur so viel: Es werden viele Erwartungen erfüllt.”

DWDL: “Akte X” kehrt zurück und will es allen recht machen

8 Oct 2015, 00:20

Excellent French itw w/ Carter. #XFilesRevival not a rewrite of XF3

Télérama: Chris Carter : “La première raison du retour des ‘X-Files’, ce sont ses fans”

8 Oct 2015, 00:27

#XFilesRevival premiere press — with considerable spoilers… (I wonder when I will have to pull the plug on my internet connection)

Télérama: “X-Files” : Mulder et Scully sont de retour, et on a vu le premier épisode

8 Oct 2015

@VinceBrusio gets all conspiracy-like with solicitations for S11#5 & X-mas special by @joeharris @matthewdowsmith


8 Oct 2015

#XFilesRevival premiere press (French): reassured, excited

8 Oct 2015, 19:15

@[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] on BluRay official site! Bonus contents seem the same as with DVDs though


9 Oct 2015, 08:46

#XFilesRevival premiere: short Carter interview: answers coming, but questions too

9 Oct 2015, 08:57

#mythXplained “Zero Sum”: Skinner specialist Howard Gordon teams with @[108381559187017:274:Frank Spotnitz] for an episode making the fullest out of the very serialized story-telling in the last half of season 4

4X21: Zero Sum


9 Oct 2015, 17:37

#XFilesRevival premiere press: Carter only mentions seasons 1-3 eps as essential viewing before the revival. That + forgetting that the opening credits were different in seasons 8-9 says quite a bit!

10 Oct 2015, 21:46

#XFilesRevival press: US premiere at #NYCC before a crowd of 3000: despite some fans who know how to keep a secret, expect spoilers to hit the internets soon (and, who knows how good rule-keeping was, perhaps video clips of the episode will surface as well). The January premiere is still over 3 months away.

TVLine: X-Files @ NY Comic-Con: Chris Carter Reveals Why He Broke Up Mulder and Scully — ‘They Had Difficulties’

11 Oct 2015, 13:46

#XFilesRevival premiere press: It’s back to classic X-Files!

Alien conspiracy theorists treated as an X-Files in of itself: “Mulder has been diagnosed as depressive by his wife” Will we learn more about what happened between Mulder and Scully? “I don’t think so, that’s for other shows” + teasing the stand-alone episodes, like Darin Morgan’s “Curse of the Were-Lizard” (interview below does go into some spoilers)

There have been plenty of articles and some interviews that have come out, some go into extremely spoiler territory. I will not relay all this here, those who want them can look for them.

I am very intrigued and interested to see where this goes. It really feels like Carter took a long break and is back with an X-Files for present times, and has kept a good memory of old-school seasons 1-3 X-Files as if these defining seasons is what should really remembered about the show. Wait and see.

12 Oct 2015, 00:25

Lets we forget! #mythXplained “Demons”: producer Bob Goodwin provides the story, Chris Carter turns it into a mytharc episode full of half-truths, deliciously ambiguous about what is real and what is memory warped by obsession. An oft-forgotten gem

4X23: Demons


12 Oct 2015, 21:56

#mythXplained “Gethsemane”: Carter’s very personal themes of faith and skepticism cry out in pain for the whole world to hear in this episode that tries to shake everything in the world of the show’s mythology, kicking off one of the show’s very best multi-part episodes

4X24: Gethsemane / 5X02: Redux / 5X03: Redux II

This philosophical existential dialogue between our two heroes is one of the best in the series:

MULDER: I’m as skeptical of that man
as you are, but proof… definitive proof of sentient beings sharing
the same time and existence with us, that would change everything.
Every truth we live my would be shaken to the ground. There’s no
greater revelation imaginable, no greater scientific discovery.

SCULLY: You already believe, Mulder. What difference would it make?
I mean, what would proof change for you?

MULDER: If someone could prove to you the existence of God,
would it change you?

SCULLY: Only if it were disproven.

MULDER: Then you accept the possibility that belief in God is a lie?

SCULLY: I don’t think about it, actually, and I don’t think it can be

MULDER: But what if it could be? Wouldn’t that knowledge be worth
seeking? Or is it just easier to go on believing the lie?


14 Oct 2015, 17:32

Apart from some other anniversaries, October 13 is also the anniversary to one of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files]’ best episodes.
Read genius Darin Morgan with his typical self-depreciation:
“A lot of that free will and fate stuff had to do with the fact that I was really bad, at the time, at plotting.”
“I left it in there as my own inside joke; I laugh every time I see it.”
“My pitch to Chris was, because Mulder’s interested in the psychic ability, that’s all he focuses on, and doesn’t really treat Clyde Bruckman as another human; he’s just interested in the phenomenon. Because Scully didn’t believe in it, she could treat him as a person, and see how his belief that he could see the future had ruined his life.”

The Hollywood Reporter: Inside One of ‘The X-Files’ Most Important Episodes Ever on its 20th Anniversary

14 Oct 2015, 22:46

#mythXplained It’s 1989! Vince Gilligan professes his love for the Lone Gunmen, gets all MK-Ultra on them, plus we get those vintage shoebox-sized cell phones

5X01: Unusual Suspects


16 Oct 2015, 18:15

Anne Simon interview for the BBC: science in #XFilesRevival

BBC Radio 5 live: X-Files advisor: I have an ‘open-mind’ about alien life

20 Oct 2015, 14:29

The leaks are out there! 4 promos with unfinished VFX are spreading through the internet. Our first glance at the non-mythology episodes — monsters, mutants, psi powers, medical experiments — and it’s touching all the notes it’s supposed to touch (maybe too much so?). The X-Files are back!


20 Oct 2015, 21:20

#mythXplained “Christmas Carol/Emily”: an acute sign of torture porn on Scully on the second half, but brought about so smoothly, beautifully, ethereally in its first part. A wonderful mix of mythology and character study — despite a link of these episodes with the core mythology that is problematic at best, besides they were written by John Gillnitz and not Carter

5X05: Christmas Carol / 5X07: Emily


23 Oct 2015, 19:50

#XFilesRevival is going to be a mix of same-old same-old and radical break with what came before.

Chris Carter: “I jumped at the idea when I found out the actors were interested. I can tell you the idea of a reboot wasn’t the way I wanted to go. I didn’t want to come back to do a victory lap, to do sequels, or anything like that. I wanted fresh, new material, and that’s what we’ve done.”

Then why not do an original series instead of more X-Files? And why not use the opportunity to wrap up the X-Files properly instead of opening all-new mysteries?

The Hollywood Reporter: ‘The X-Files’: Chris Carter on the Franchise’s Future, Who He Wanted for Reboot

24 Oct 2015, 13:05

@[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] Massive Music Compilation has been updated! Find @[107907589230040:274:Mark Snow] music requests from no less than 150 episodes! FYI @[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records].

More Music from the X-Files

26 Oct 2015, 18:31

#mythXplained Patient X/The Red and the Black: A pivotal 2-parter. The aliens-as-God parallel at its apex, a continuation and reversal of Mulder’s crisis of faith, the introduction of the Faceless Rebels, cinema-quality direction by Manners & Carter and memorable music by @[114444205294473:274:Mark Snow]. As “Fight the Future” approaches, definitve answers in the mythology come in spades.

5X13: Patient X / 5X14: The Red and the Black

This exchange in particular becomes more and more relevant as the #XFilesRevival approaches:

Mulder: It all comes down to a question, one that hasn’t been answered or I don’t think honestly addressed. Who made that chip in your neck? That chip was found in a military research facility. Our government made that chip, implanted it in your neck as part of a secret military project to develop a biochemical weapon, to monitor your immunity or to destroy you like a lab rat… if the truth were to be exposed. Your cancer, your cure. Everything that’s happening to you now. It all points to that chip. The truth I’ve been searching for? That truth is IN you.
Scully: (pauses, looks down) Mulder, when I met you five years ago, you told me that your sister had been abducted… by aliens. That that event had marked you so deeply that nothing else mattered. I didn’t believe you, but I followed you… on nothing more than your faith that the truth was out there, based not on facts, not on science, but on your memories that your sister had been taken from you. Your memories were all that you had.
Mulder: I don’t trust those memories now.


28 Oct 2015, 21:41

#mythXplained Travelers: It’s back in time within a back in time episode, exploring a very Dark Skies-like type of alien we never see again. Also never referenced again: Mulder’s ring, a Duchovny improvisation, that could be linked to the later introduction of Diana Fowley. Nice reuse of actors (young version of Mulder’s father from “Musings”, “Demons”; same actor for J.E.Hoover in Millennium’s “Matryoshka”)!

5X15: Travelers


29 Oct 2015, 19:46

Two interviews with Chris Carter on the big twist in the mythology in the #XFilesRevival, preparing the ground for what ought to be some massive questions:

(6:40) Question: we’ve been lied at the whole time
“Not necessarily the whole time, he [Tad I guess] makes a reference to something. But you don’t know to take people to face value and to trust what they’re saying. Everyone’s got their version of the truth and they may be lying as well. So, we wanted to sort of throw that out there.”

(1:05) “People are not necessarily to be trusted. So when someone says something you can’t necessarily take it at face value in The X-Files.”

30 Oct 2015, 11:42

New poster, new evidence from 1947. The coordinates are indeed at the town center of Roswell, New Mexico https://www.google.com/maps/place/33%C2%B023’39.0%22N+104%C2%B031’21.0%22W/

31 Oct 2015, 20:15

#mythXplained This is the end…of the best period for XF, the Vancouver era, and of Carter’s initially planned 5-year span for the series. The first of many ends. For the occasion, a scene actually takes place in Vancouver (@[802493469802487:274:Every Frame a Painting] 😉 ), we meet a boy who is “the key to everything”, and with Spender and Fowley and the Syndicate shenanigans the show is more an ensemble than ever. Bye bye Bob Goodwin & Vancouver crew!

5X20: The End



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