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Social media archive: 2016 (part 4)

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Feb 02, 2016 00:15

Darin’s episode airs soon… Enjoy our archive of interviews with Darin “Flukeman” Morgan, all the way back to “Humbug”, 1995!


Feb 02, 2016 18:07

@[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records] will be reissuing @[114444205294473:274:Mark Snow]’s 4 CD @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] Volume 1 (2000 copies) – the first edition has been long sold out since its release in 2011. On Feb-9 is your chance!



Feb 04, 2016 00:19

10X3: Mulder and Scully get their mojo back! — a review

10X3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

Feb 04, 2016 00:57

10×06 “My Struggle II” synopsis


The investigations that Mulder and Scully previously began with conspiracy theorist and web-TV show host Tad O’Malley (guest star Joel McHale) seem to have awakened powerful enemies. A widespread panic begins as people all over the country suddenly start falling gravely ill, and Scully must look within to try and find a cure. Meanwhile, Mulder confronts the man whom he believes to be behind it all, but another figure from Mulder and Scully’s past may prove to be the key to their salvation in the all-new “My Struggle II” Season Finale episode of THE X-FILES airing Monday, Feb. 22

Screen Spy: The X-Files Episode Guide

Feb 04, 2016 15:08

Marvel at the @[177204758982718:274:Iam8bit] “CONSPIRACIES, MONSTERS & MYTHOLOGY: AN X-FILES ART SHOW”! (Los Angeles, Feb 4 to 14)

io9: The Truth Is in This X-Files-Themed Art Show

Feb 04, 2016 18:05

Mark Snow interview: “It’s the same main instrument but a whole bunch of different libraries” #TheXFiles

Musique Fantastique: Mark Snow: The Return of THE X-FILES

Feb 04, 2016 18:31

#TheXFiles: science, conspiracy theories and populism – the point of view of the sociologist, a very interesting analysis (with an EatTheCorn reference!) – in Italian…

Massimo Polidoro: Torna X-Files: complotti e populismo, ecco perché piace sempre

Feb 08, 2016 22:32

#TheXFiles 10X1: My Struggle – UPDATED for readability & photos! Welcome UK philes!

10X1: My Struggle


Feb 09, 2016 18:20


Feb 12, 2016 16:00

@[114444205294473:274:Mark Snow]’s The X-Files Volume 1 reissue by @[56031953754:274:La-La Land Records] – now is your chance! LIMITED EDITION OF 2000 UNITS
And mark my words, Volume 3 is coming VERY SOON!


Feb 13, 2016 23:28

“Home Again”: Morgan strikes again – quite possibly the revival’s best!

10X4: Home Again


Feb 14, 2016 20:25

This article came right after “Founder’s Mutation” aired and before “My Struggle II” aired (obviously): #TheXFiles is *very* topical!

The Guardian: British researchers get green light to genetically modify human embryos

Feb 15, 2016 16:27

Carter teasing “My Struggle II” + s11: “it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t come back to us”

EW: X-Files finale: Chris Carter previews the last two episodes of the revival series

Feb 18, 2016 00:27

Carter’s “Babylon” in review. More than meets the eye: an encapsulation of everything in The X-Files!

10X5: Babylon

Feb 18, 2016 21:29

Twitter poll: Would #TheXFiles revival have been better as a 6-part mytharc mini-series?


Feb 18, 2016 23:55

10X2: Founder’s Mutation — UPDATED with photos, welcome UK philes! Also, what may be going on in the background here may underlay future mytharc developments: the creation of a new race to do what? Be a slave hybrid race to future alien colonists, or a mutated race of humans immune to alien viruses?

10X2: Founder’s Mutation

Feb 19, 2016 9:32

“It seems clear, today, that there won’t be a third film. Fox isn’t interested. Why not, on the other hand, and depending on the success of these new episodes, engage into another mini-season?” – Gillian Anderson (re-translated from French) #TheXFiles #XF3

Le Figaro: Gillian Anderson : «Dana Scully est une des premières figures féministes de la télévision»

Feb 19, 2016 12:26

Behind the scenes of #TheXFiles with special make-up effects designer Bill Terezakis! Lizard-Man, Roswell alien and…spoilers for CSM

Makeup Mag: The X-Files Returns with a New Group of Monsters

Feb 20, 2016 11:03

Back Gallery Project owner Monica Reyes (yes, that’s who the character is named after) presents #TheXFiles exhibit in Vancouver, “all the original scripts, props and objects that are included in this exhibition were used during the last summer’s production in Vancouver. The material comes directly from director, producer and writer Chris Carter”.
Art gallery website: http://www.backgalleryproject.com/

Canadianart: X-Files Storyboards and Props on Exhibit in Vancouver

Feb 21, 2016 3:24

#TheXFiles finale preparation: 7 things Carter says influenced him for the revival. 2 things haven’t surfaced yet:

Mycelium Running: The Paul Stamets book, subtitled “How Mushrooms Can Save the World,” looks at how certain fungi could be bred to decompose toxic waste, stop viruses and protect humans from nerve gas.

Crispr-Cas9: This new genetic technique enables DNA to be easily edited. Those tweaks would then be inherited by the person’s offspring, making permanent changes to the human gene pool and potentially altering the nature of humans. In December, a group of scientists called for a moratorium on proceeding with such changes.

–> Both of these could come into play in how we might all have alien DNA activated in ourselves, in how the apocalyptic plague is released, and in how a cure against it might be found…

TV Insider: Edward Snowden and 7 More Things That Inspired ‘The X-Files’ Return

Feb 21, 2016 22:04

“X-Philes: They Wanted To Believe”: an all-new 90min documentary on X-Files fandom, from the 1990s to today, including certain interviews with cast! [in French]


Feb 23, 2016 00:39

#TheXFiles mythology in Chris Carter’s words. Will tonight’s “season 10 finale” make true on the promise held by these sentences? I want to believe…

Fight the Future : The Album : The Truth Revealed

Feb 24, 2016 20:46


Feb 27, 2016 20:58

#TheXFiles finale: “My Struggle II” reviewed: a hard sell, to say the least! A rush to the credits, likely inconsistencies abound. But a story worthy of a feature film, and surely the world of The X-Files will never be the same.

10X6: My Struggle II


Mar 02, 2016 10:26

“The beginning of an abduction scene”…


Mar 08, 2016 00:12


Mar 09, 2016 19:30

A summary of possibilities long discussed by fans for a return of Frank Black! The IDW Joe Harris comics went the “MM: Apocalypse” way (@[109148669162593:274:Millennium Apocalypse Season Two\: The Dark Inside You]). However, probabilities that this will happen are wearing thinner and thinner every year.



Mar 14, 2016 19:07

XF: The musical, a top quality production! by @[476772695667640:274:Loot Crate]


Mar 15, 2016 18:39

Interview with Dr. Margaret Fearon, Chris Carter’s advisor on medical issues in IWTB & My Struggle!

Canadian Blood Services: Helping put the science fact in science fiction

Mar 24, 2016 19:16


Mar 28, 2016 20:42

Interview with James Wong by XF Lexicon – could this be an EatTheCorn reference? If so, very humbled and *cool*!
“surprisingly, or not surprisingly, there’s a whole website devoted to the mythology of The X-Files. So, knowing that I wanted to deal with William, the baby, for me that was a very emotional , interesting connection that they have that hasn’t been dealt with. So, knowing that, I went onto a website where a lot of fans have written about things that have happened, about the mythology, which episode that occurred, and all of that. So, I went through that and had a basic understanding of what’s happening. That’s how I approached it.”


Mar 28, 2016 20:42

Confirmed: coming Summer 2016: Mark Snow’s 4-CD #TheXFiles Volume 3 by La La Land Records!

Mar 30, 2016 15:22

Out today: @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] Season 11 #8, “Endgames, Part 3”, the last issue of @[8473603278:274:IDW Publishing]/Joe Harris’s Season 10/11 series — the culmination of 35 issues and a nearly 3-year journey! It’s been a great ride since June 2013. EatTheCorn Lowdown coming soon…


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