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Social media archive: 2016 (part 7)

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Nov 01, 2016 2:43

The X-Files 4X06: Sanguinarium
SCULLY: October 31. #Halloween.
MULDER: On Samhain… the Fourth Witches’ Sabbath.

MillenniuM 3×07: The Curse of Frank Black
CROCELL: You know what #Halloween is all about? Halloween is believed to have been started by the ancient Druids who believed that on this evening, Saman, the lord of the dead, summoned evil spirits. For the Celts, it was the last evening of the year, and an especially propitious time for examining portents of the future. And the devils and witches were free to roam the earth. And on this night the spirits of the dead returned to visit past family and acquaintances from this life. Hmm? So, kid, for your trick, I want you to tell me… is it true? Is it possible that the, uh, dead can return? Just for, uh, five minutes.

Nov 07, 2016 23:37

On the occasion of the US elections tomorrow, here’s a topical article: X-Files, Trump and conspiracy theories: they’re all connected! – article by @[24351219578:274:Leonard Pitts].
Conspiracy theories have become both more name-dropped in the mainstream and become more vehemently anti-science since the 1990s. Hitting too close to home or yet one more source of disinformation to disprove — the sense of uneasiness that conspiracy theories generate today is perhaps one reason why Carter’s kitchen-sink conspiracy episodes in the revival were not as well received as in the past.

Miami Herald: Conspiracy theories will outlast Trump

Nov 09, 2016 19:50

It’s all CGB Spender’s fault!


Nov 16, 2016 18:45

3 *very* modern promo spots from FOX, very diverse styles: The X-Files is returning to syndication! Production company: @[113024505391167:274:2C Media] http://promaxbda.org/brief/content/hot-spot-2c-creative-helps-twentieth-bring-back-the-x-files-in-weekend-synd

VIMEO.COM: 20th X Files_100416_PR

Nov 21, 2016 22:55

UFO sighting and lost WWII nuclear bomb found at the bottom of the sea: echoes of Piper Maru/Apocrypha?

The Guardian: Diver may have found ‘lost nuke’ missing since cold war off Canada coast

Nov 25, 2016 19:24

Fresh Mark Snow interview!


Nov 25, 2016 19:31

“Noho on the rojo!” 20 years ago today I started watching The X-Files with Morgan & Wong’s “Little Green Men”! The start of a long journey!…

Nov 28, 2016 14:47

RIP Fritz Weaver – Sen. Sorenson in Tunguska/Terma

Deadline: Fritz Weaver Dies; Patrician Star Of Stage And Screen Was 90

Nov 29, 2016 15:54

“Probably not. I think it is finished.” Gillian Anderson on an 11th season of @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files]. This is too big an announcement to come as a by-the-way remark at the end of an unrelated interview — I suppose to be confirmed (or denied?) in future interviews.

Reuters: Actress Gillian Anderson says horror of child trafficking cast her in real-life role

Dec 03, 2016 11:30

Petition to have an X-Files season 11! In light of recent developments and rumors of negotiations stalling, fans wasted no time to organize themselves. English version: http://wewantxfiles11.altervista.org/x-files-11-protest-campaign/


Dec 03, 2016 11:45

S11 of The X-Files will not happen. At least not before a long while. Anne Simon: “We just know that negotiations have ended. But to me, it doesn’t mean that something can’t change and they can start again. I do not know why negotiations ended. Probably no one wants to offend, in hopes that resumption is possible. My guess.” So long for the feelings right after S10 that treated S11 as a done deal.

X-Files brings a lot of money for FOX to completely let it go, so my guess is that we will certainly see more of X-Files later. S10 talks and negotiations started in 2013-2014 for a 2016 airing date, so we might not see S11 before 2019. By then I cannot imagine that FOX won’t have developed plans for a “Next Generation” type soft reboot of the series, independently from CC, GA and DD — sadly, this is the way franchises go. S11 might even be a TV-movie also serving as a backdoor pilot for the next generation. All possibilities exist. But CC should not take anything for granted, and plan for an ending.


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