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Social media archive: 2017 (part 3)

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May 03, 2017 18:46

A great interview with comics writer @[506008038:2048:Joe Harris]! Big news: current comics run to end unexpectedly in August with #17! (because of decreasing sales? pause before re-relaunch with season 11? change of writer?) + confirmation that the “Cold Cases” audio drama will be his whole S10 comics, incompatible with the revival TV canon.



May 05, 2017 11:00

Gillian Anderson approaches more X-Files hoping closure (again!):

“I actually don’t know, we know absolutely nothing, we have been working on the deal for many months and it’s really us taking an opportunity to maybe bring closure. I didn’t really feel like the end of the last season was a place for us to finish definitely. There was a lot of consideration about whether there really was an audience for it, whether it was something that we could improve on and how if we were moving forward, could make them even better. In the end, we agreed that we would like to have one more go at it. We know that the fans are still there. The surprising thing was that there are new fans. There’s a whole other generation of fans who discovered it through Netflix and I think to be met still by 13 years olds who are talking about how they have seen all the episodes or they just start watching a year ago and they obsess and they can’t wait for the new season. The show has a longevity beyond what we had ever imagined.”

Emanuel Levy: American Gods (Starz TV Series): Interview with Star Gillian Anderson

May 10, 2017 19:36

This is too good an opportunity to pass on! The optimistic version has Skinner finally getting a promotion!

May 14, 2017 18:08

X-Files comics to end their run soon (?) + review of the latest issues

XF comics update: Comics to end soon? + #10-13 review


May 15, 2017 16:41

The X-Files “next installment”/”NEW CHAPTER OF EVENT SERIES” (note: nothing “final” here) to premiere mid-season, i.e. around January 2018 — 2 years after the first revival event.

SpoilerTV: FOX Announces 2017-18 Primetime Schedule

May 15, 2017 22:58

Happy birthday, Rob Bowman! Hope you’re available soonish!

May 17, 2017 23:06

@[1125066530909911:274:The X-Files\: The Video Game Project] – a stunningly looking point-and-click game in the true spirit of the show, now in the making!


May 26, 2017 17:55

Under development: drama based on Project Blue Book, Dr. Hynek’s (real) 1950s USAF investigation into the UFO phenomenon. Very X-Files- and Dark Skies-like!

Deadline: Robert Zemeckis-Produced UFO Drama ‘Blue Book’ Gets Series Order By History

May 31, 2017 14:06

XF in the age of Trump. Joe Harris interview: “I’m a little bummed because I’d like to keep doing it, but I’ve got very few complaints. I don’t know what’s coming next, so I’m just trying to find some kind of resolution here.”
Comics to end with #17 — 25 issues were originally planned but it was cut short like with “Season 11”, no explanation why nor hints at what happens next. Confirmation that unused material from “Season 11” is re-used in this comics run. He approached the last arc as a series finale.

I don’t know what’s going on at IDW! 25 issues would have brought the series to an end in April 2018, more or less concurrently with the live season 11 so there wouldn’t be much of a conflict. Harris wanted to leave fast? Dropping sales? Behind the scenes disputes?…

ComicBook.com: As He Leaves, Joe Harris Offers A Vision For The X-Files In the Age of Trump

May 31, 2017 22:59

S11 news! Glen Morgan to write 2 episodes, Darin Morgan to write one! Great, great news!

Den of Geek: X-Files Season 11: Glen and Darin Morgan To Pen New Episodes

Jun 01, 2017 13:08

X-Files S11 shooting in Vancouver Aug-08 to Dec-21! 4 1/2 months, that’s very tight for 10 episodes! (compared to 3 months for 6 episodes last time) But that means we might get that rainy Vancouver atmosphere this time around in the later episodes.

Hollywood North Buzz: START: THE X-FILES Season 11

Jun 01, 2017 15:23

For anyone that was still wondering: the X-Files “Cold Cases” audio drama directly adapts Harris’s comics without any changes and is thus incompatible with the live series canon. Harris: “There are incompatible turns of character and plot, and the simple answer is, it really doesn’t. They really just straight adapted my comics in ways that, if you’re looking for it to perfectly line up as canon, you’re going to be disappointed I would say, but it needs to be thought of that way.”

ComicBook.com: The X-Files: Season 10 Writer Joe Harris Talks the Audible Series

Jun 02, 2017 18:30

More good news: James Wong to write & direct 2 episodes of XF season 11! That brings the total of known episodes to 6. Carter could write all 4 remaining for all we know (2-3 mythology + 1 stand-alone).

Den of Geek: X-Files Exclusive: James Wong Confirmed To Write, Details On Season 11 Plot

Jun 07, 2017 18:02

Welcome to member #500!!! Somebody among [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]… Thank you for your trust and keep following this space for more things X-Files!


Jun 13, 2017 16:07

“Only 6 more months to #XFiles season 11!”: Premiere in January 2018?


Jun 27, 2017 19:48

Season 11 complete writers roster hint at no resolution taking place and Carter pulling things to a season 12. New writers: Brad Follmer (with 1013 since 2000), Gabe Rotter (with 1013 since 2000) and Benjamin Van Allen (with 1013 since 2013). All were present during season 10, all were assistants that have proved their worth to the showrunner and are ascending the ladder — it keeps with Carter choosing people he trusts intimately, and I’m interested to see their work, however it implies a similar mythology/stand-alone mix as any run-of-the-mill season.
So we have:
– 2 Glen Morgan
– 2 James Wong (including one semi/mythology, à la Founder’s Mutation)
– 1 Darin Morgan
– 1 Gabe Rotter & Brad Follmer (episode was to be produced in season 10)
– 1 Benjamin Van Allen
– up to 3 Chris Carter, season opening and ending (mythology) and one in the middle (I can’t imagine he would pass the opportunity to do a stand-alone)

TVLine: The X-Files Season 11 Writers Revealed: Who’s Back? Who’s Missing?


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