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Dec 11, 2017 19:29

#46DaysOfMythX D-23 5X01: Unusual Suspects

Between this episode, Travelers and the introduction of Jeffrey Spender and Diana Fowley, season 5 is the season that looks back at the foundation of #TheXFiles! Vince Gilligan has fun with the Lone Gunmen, brewing his concept for the spin-off show that would become reality some 3 years later. Interesting that this episode comes straight after the MKULTRA-heavy “Demons” and could reinforce the perception that Mulder’s belief in aliens is completely constructed from a conspiracy of men, in continuity with the “Redux” trilogy — “My Struggle I” hardly added anything new. And look at that mobile phone!

5X01: Unusual Suspects

Dec 11, 2017 19:46

#46DaysOfMythX D-23 Part 2: 5X15: Travelers

With its never-heard-of-again experiments, this is not the best of episodes, especially given the huge untapped story potential of doing a story set in the 1950s with Mulder’s father and the CSM and J.E.Hoover. But at least after David Vincent in “Talitha Cumi” Mulder got to meet his other ancestor Carl Kolchak, Carter must have felt very vindicated!

5X15: Travelers

Dec 12, 2017 17:31

We interrupt our #46DaysOfMythX to look forward:
Of drafts, cliffhangers, mass-produced vaccines, cut scenes, Trojan viruses and arc (de)coherence: exploring additional info on #TheXFiles S10 mythology, mainly based on a post-My Struggle II Q&A discussion with Anne Simon, and theorizing about @[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] S11 in light of recent promotional material. Some spoilers therein, but this is mainly what fans do: theorizing!

Some Complementary Season 10 Mythology Elements

Dec 14, 2017 00:05

#46DaysOfMythX D-21 5X13: Patient X / 5X14: The Red and the Black

This is it! The triptych of Patient X + movie + One Son will essentially explain nearly everything in the mythology of #TheXFiles! Developments are so dense, characters are so many that Mulder & Scully enter the action about mid-way into the first episode, the mythology has become that ever-burgeoning monster, far away from the independent investigations of the early seasons. The story where Mulder finds his faith into searching for alien life is also the one where the alien-as-divine beings metaphor is the strongest. The memorable abduction scene on the bridge, directed by Chris Carter, is echoed in My Struggle II — will we also see a second UFO overpower the first in season 11?

5X13: Patient X / 5X14: The Red and the Black

Dec 14, 2017 00:13

We are at D-21 and here is 11X01: #MyStruggle3 press release! Or, the art of being vague in order to preserve spoilers!
“Picking up after the last event series’ cliffhanger, Mulder and Scully learn that they aren’t the only ones desperately searching for their long-lost son, William. The very fate of the world may depend on it in the all-new “My Struggle III” season premiere episode of THE X-FILES”

SpoilerTV: The X-Files – Episode 11.01 – My Struggle III – Sneak Peek, Promotional Photos & Press Release

Dec 14, 2017 20:32

#46DaysOfMythX D-20 5X20: The End

“Burn it” (again)! Goodbye Vancouver (for now)! Hello “the key of everything in #TheXFiles” (1st iteration)! A mix of a setup of the situation in the movie, with the closure of XF, and an introduction to themes to be developed later, with the alien origin of Gibson Praise’s abilities, peppered with relationship tension that is now part of what the series is, with the introduction of Diana Fowley, a character whose purpose is essentially to delay the consummation of Mulder & Scully’s relationship!

5X20: The End


Dec 14, 2017 22:23

#TheXFiles Season 11:
11X01: My Struggle III
11X02: This
11X03: Plus One
11X04: The Lost Art Of Forehead Sweat
11X05: Ghouli

Den of Geek: The X-Files Season 11 Episode Descriptions Give Us New Hints

Dec 15, 2017 18:58

#46DaysOfMythX D-19 #TheXFiles Movie: Fight the Future

Noir 70s conspiracy film meets summer blockbuster. After one year of buildup, this is the apex of TXF-mania and TXF’s moment of glory in the zeitgeist! Fans were frustrated there were not more answers, but there’s a lot: not only connecting much of mythology threads since season 3 (bees, Black Oil, vaccine) but also having the viewer privy to inside conversations of the Syndicate, where collaboration with aliens and the whole colonization plotline is confirmed. This very explicitly contradicts the turn of events in the season 10 #MyStruggle episodes.

The X-Files Movie: Fight the Future

Dec 16, 2017 17:46

#46DaysOfMythX D-18 6X01: The Beginning

Hello Southern California! #TheXFiles are reopened but we don’t follow those assigned to them, Fowley & Spender: the series has become more about Mulder & Scully by now. Soft reboot with Scully remaining a skeptic after the events of the movie, but in exchange we get a great final shot that connects Black Oil, big clawed alien monster, and grey alien. The alien origins of mankind developed in Biogenesis are introduced here.

6X01: The Beginning

Dec 17, 2017 16:52

#46DaysOfMythX D-17 6X11: Two Fathers / 6X12: One Son

This is it! With some mental gymnastics, Carter & Spotnitz manage to do what many (most?) thought impossible: explain the mythology and give a chronology of events! Few scenes with M&S though, CGBS gets the spotlight (too bad more flashbacks didn’t make it to the final edit) and Cassandra is the key to everything (2nd of its name). The Syndicate mythology that essentially started with “Anasazi” is closed here, unexpectedly at mid-season, clearing the way for simpler mythology episodes. The connections made here are so air-tight that later games with the mythology menace for the coherence of the whole to crumble – I’m looking at you, season 10!

6X11: Two Fathers / 6X12: One Son



Dec 18, 2017 22:07

#46DaysOfMythX D-16 6X10: S.R.819

We back-pedal a bit for this Skinner-centric eepisode, a race against the clock in the vein of F. Emasculata. The story thread introduced here is very interesting – nanotechnology, potentially of alien origin – but it is inexplicably almost not picked up again in the rest of the series! Apart from the return of Krycek and the last appearance of Senator Matheson (unfortunately), the Tunisian connection is probably a hidden reference to Strughold!

6X10: S.R.819

Dec 19, 2017 14:40

#46DaysOfMythX D-15 6X22: Biogenesis / 7X03: The Sixth Extinction / 7X04: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati

After the second-longest analysis at EatTheCorn, here comes the longest one! After the very conspiratorial/political mythology of the earlier seasons, this next chapter is much more philosophical/spiritual and incredibly refreshing despite it being jarringly different. Story threads from seasons 4 (Black Oil) and 5 (alien origins of mankind) converge and as Mulder & Scully’s beliefs grow closer. And so we enter #TheXFiles’s last season!

6X22: Biogenesis / 7X03: The Sixth Extinction / 7X04: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati



Dec 20, 2017 13:25

[French] X-philes francais! La mythologie expliquee en 3 parties – une video basee sur les articles egalement accessibles chez @[351006395090488:274:LVEI – La Vérité Est Ici] – des articles que j’ai utilise pour ma propre analyse disponible en anglais, espagnol et allemand ici: http://www.eatthecorn.com/mytharc-primer/ A partager! Merci @[100001033573206:2048:Bertrand Keufterian]!


Dec 20, 2017 18:24

#46DaysOfMythX D-14 7X10: Sein und Zeit / 7X11: Closure

This being the last season of #TheXFiles, it is only normal that the series closes its mysteries chapter after chapter. A stand-alone turning into mythology, many portents accumulate to get Mulder to accept an ironic truth: that Samantha has been dead all along. With Fowley out of the picture too, no burden can come to interrupt Mulder and Scully’s romance anymore. At odds with the rest of the mythology in tone, very spiritual and elegiac, if not in content, with previous promises she’s alive, this is a controversial two-parter of incredible beauty if one is willing to get carried away.

7X10: Sein und Zeit / 7X11: Closure


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