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X-Files Italian Fan Site: XFIFS Interviews Frank Spotnitz

??-??-2008 (May-2008?)
X-Files Italian Fan Site
XFIFS Interviews Frank Spotnitz

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Q: Are you upset for anything leeked out on internet? Were you bewildered by fans’perspicacity in catching spoilers and informations?

FS: We are grateful for all the interest in the movie! Fortunately, there has been so much disinformation on the Internet that no one trusts any of the spoilers, which has allowed us (so far) to preserve the element of surprise. And yes, we are constantly impressed by how perceptive the fans are.

Q: We saw pictures where Mulder has a beard and we know Scully has long hair in this movie. Was it your choice or Gillian and David has something to do with it?

FS: If these descriptions turn out to be true, we can talk about them after the movie opens!

Q: Who missed most among the people you used to work with during the series?

FS: I’ve missed so many people, particularly among the crews in Vancouver and Los Angeles. I’ve been able to keep in touch (more or less) with many of the actors and writers. But one of the nicest things about making “I Want to Believe” was the chance to reconnect with so many colleagues I hadn’t seen in a long time.

Q: Is there any important actor who wanted to be in the second movie and you didn’t choose him/her?

FS: Honestly, no. We got the cast we dreamed of.

Q: We know you haven’t released it yet, but does the title have a connection to something?

FS: Yes. In addition to harkening back to the original idea of the series, “I Want to Believe” speaks perfectly to the conflict that’s at the heart of the new movie.

Q: We don’t know if William is mentioned in this movie (we hope so) but if he is not, do you think you will talk about him in the 3rd movie in the case there will be a 3rd movie?

FS: All I can say is I hope there is a third movie!

Q: What can you tell us about XF2 which you didn’t tell anybody before?

FS: We’ve just finished editing the picture!

Q: Where does the name Frankie come from?

FS: One of Chris’ dogs, a standard poodle who sadly passed away during the filming of the movie.

Q: Considering the point where X-Files is right now, can you say that it’s where you planned it to be when you created the series?

FS: No, I don’t think Chris Carter could’ve imagined the life and longevity “The X-Files” has had when he created the series 16 years ago.

Q: What was the hardest thing you both have to face with writing the script or the story?

FS: Working in all that freezing cold weather we’d written into the movie!

Q: Is there going to be a cliffhanger at the end of the second movie that might be connected to a possible 3rd one?

FS: No. We didn’t want to set this up as a tease or hook for another movie. We just wanted to make a really great movie that would stand on its own.

Q: Did you get an ispiration from something (movie, book, anything) for the plot?

FS: Yes. (But I can’t tell you what right now.)

Q: What are you most afraid of fans opinions or bad reviews?

FS: Hmm. I try not to be afraid of either. Our attitude has been to work hard to make something that we really love. We can’t control or predict how others will react.

Q: When (the year or the season) did you plan the storyline about Scully’s pregnacy?

FS: We had thought about it for some time (at least since Season 5), but we didn’t definitely decide on Scully’s pregnancy until Season 7.

Q: At the end of the series Mulder gave us a glimmer of hope, what can Mulder and Scully still hope for their personal lives? Can you answer both?

FS: Sorry, I can’t say. But you’ll find out soon enough…!

Q: Can you tell me your favorite episode by the direction’s point of view (not necessarily one of yours also by the other X-Files’ directors)?

FS: Two of my favorite episodes, from a directing standpoint, would have to be “The Post-Modern Prometheus” and “Triangle,” both directed by Chris. I love “Post-Modern Prometheus” because of its quirky and unique point of view, and “Triangle” is technically an incredible feat. Other than that, I would say anything directed by Rob Bowman, Kim Manners, Dan Sackheim or David Nutter. They are all masterful.

Q: Why every time there is a kiss between Mulder and Scully the lights are off? On the behalf of all the italian x-philes, can we pay the power bill?

FS: Ha! Is that true? I thought the lights were on in “Millennium!”

Q: If there was any reason that can make Scully leave Mulder and vice-versa what would it be?

FS: There are conflicts that could drive apart anyone. As for what they might be, I can’t say…

Q: For us X-Files is like a life’s philosophy, during the past 5/6 years how much were Mulder and Scully present in your lives?

FS: I would say I tried not to think of them directly because I was working on different projects, and wanted to find different ways of depicting characters and telling stories. But on a deeper level, I would have to say Mulder and Scully have always been with me (and always will).

Q: Have something paranormal ever hapenned on The X Files’ set?

FS: Good question. Yes, there have been a few strange things – a healthy and giant tree falling where a catering truck had been parked moments earlier; people feeling the presence of ghosts. Nothing weird enough to make for an episode, though!

Q: I really admire your work, Frank, and I`m curous do you have any idol?

FS: I am inspired by so many people! From my colleagues on the show… to historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr… to great cultural figures, ranging from the chef Thomas Keller and the novelist Graham Greene… to filmmakers like John Ford and Woody Allen… and musicians like Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty.

Q: I know Chris doesn’t watch much the TV, so the question is for Frank. Do you have any fav tv show?

FS: “Breaking Bad,” Vince Gilligan’s new show.

Q: I must say that I watched and own all your tv series and I am so sorry Harsh Realm and Night Stalker didn’t get the chance to be on air a little more. Did you plan the end of the 2 shows? May I know it?

FS: “Harsh Realm” would’ve ended with Hobbes defeating Santiago and reuniting with Sophie – we hadn’t worked it out yet any more specifically than that. As for “Night Stalker,” you can find my thoughts about the ending at length on the DVD commentary.

Q: Who got the idea of the scene in the opening title of season 8 where Mulder falls into an eye?

FS: I don’t remember!

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