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X-Files music: Event Series release + more to come

After their impressive multi-CD box sets with music from all Ten Thirteen shows, The X-Files in particular, soundtracks specialists La La Land Records released a set with music from the recent season 10 of The X-Files — or, as it is officially known, “The X-Files Event Series“.


The 2-CD set with music by Mark Snow was released on April 25 2017, just over a year after the series aired. Soundtracks for each season of television series have become common practice over the past ten years, so this should not come as a surprise. However, given how scarce Mark Snow XF material was until LLL started focusing on the franchise, it is some event!

2 CDs with a total running time of XXX just for 6 episodes means that this release is close to being a complete score — compare with 12 CDs for 89 episodes covered by the “original series” box sets, there’s a lot more material per episode here. Here is the track list:

Disc One


1. Prologue (2:59)
2. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 9) (0:36)
3. Ride to Roswell (2:09)
4. Call to Mulder (1:49)
5. Sveta (4:31)
6. Sveta Exam (1:47)
7. Alien Replica Vehicle/Element 115 (3:09)
8. Lab Labors (2:16)
9. Sveta’s Story (3:17)
10. Mulder’s Office (1:58)
11. Deep Throat (2:35)
12. Home Fire (1:55)
13. Conspiracy Montage (5:14)
14. Sveta Confesses (1:48)
15. Parking Garage (2:26)
16. Sveta Gets Zapped (1:18)
17. Smoking Man (0:44)


18. Insecure Insecurity (2:30)
19. Hand Message (3:33)
20. Pull the Thread/Semi-Alien Boy (10:04)
21. Capsules (5:01)
22. Aquaiescent (1:46)
23. A Mother Never Forgets (2:23)
24. The Farm House/Catching Kyle (3:32)
25. The Real Molly (2:46)
26. Mulder’s Memories (2:47)

Disc One Total Time: 75:55
Disc Two


1. City Shower Services (1:15)
2. No Prints/The Call (2:17)
3. Extubation (0:37)
4. Remorse (1:41)
5. Sub-Urban (3:05)
6. Tulku (3:33)
7. More Remorse (2:20)


8. Prayer (1:13)
9. Einstein/Miller (2:01)
10. Mugwump (5:02)
11. Evacuation (3:25)
12. Ummu (2:48)
13. Motel (1:35)
14. Walk With Me (1:24)


15. Recap (1:31)
16. Scully’s Story (2:27)
17. Fed Ford/Alien American DNA (4:35)
18. Vaccine Alienation/One-Class Infection (2:27)
19. Smokin’ God (6:58)
20. The Spartan Virus (7:48)
21. Crispr Cas9 (6:33)
22. William Is Out There (4:32)
23. THE X-FILES End Credits (New Orbit) (0:35)
24. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare*(0:08)


25. Bonus Track: Suite (4:32)

Disc Two Total Time: 79.14
Total Set Running Time: 154.69

The music in the aired episodes is notoriously absent: it is there, but the audio mix has the music sound track usually turned low and the unusual amount of dialogue left very little space for the music to shine (and the episodes to breathe — one major drawback for season 10). This left me disappointed at Mark Snow, but my misgivings were wrong.

A mix of old and new

The music in this set is nothing short of excellent! Mark Snow shines by writing music that feels both modern and in continuation with his soundtrack for the ‘original series’. This is very much intentional: the series might not have been perfect but its clear intention was to try to be modern while attempting to recall the classic, early seasons of the show.

The tone of the music harkens back especially to the early seasons of the show, seasons 3-4 especially, rather than the comedic seasons 6-7 or the horns melodies-heavy seasons 8-9. There are some specific audio libraries that Snow dug up from some twenty years ago and reused them here: that very same paranoid piano melody from E.B.E. (in Founder’s Mutation: A Mother Never Forgets), those pensive horns like in Quagmire, these piano melodies on top of bass synth moods like in Little Green Men, these awe-filling choirs like in All Souls, that unsettling undulating drone like in Colony, even melancholic violins like in Millennium (in Home Again), there is plenty here that feels like home. Even the comedic cues sound like Small Potatoes or Bad Blood.

This is all mixed with the music style explored by Snow in the soundtrack for I Want To Believe: splicing his trademark synthesizer orchestral-like sound together with elements of electronic music. There is a lot of old-school Mark Snow synthesizer mixed with electronic pulsating rhythms and tempo beats here, similar to IWTB tracks A Higher Conscious or Mountain Montage/The Plow.

Six Episodes

Here is the breakdown of the set per episode:

10X1: My Struggle39:55
10X2: Founder's Mutation34:22
10X3: Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster04:32
10X4: Home Again14:48
10X5: Babylon17:28
10X6: My Struggle II36:51

Mark Snow establishes a soundscape for the two My Struggle episodes, reprising some of the music of the first in the second, in particular the music for the teaser (which we might get a third time in the new season?); the sense of rising tension and world-spanning stakes as My Struggle II develops is very palpable and really is X-Files at its most blockbustery massiveness.

Founder’s Mutation alternates between action-oriented music, horror and warmer tones in the William dreams. The music for Home Again, like the episode, is an odd mix between horror music like in Home, and the warmer music of the “relationship” scenes of I Want To Believe. Home Again ending includes a soft rendering of the X-Files main theme; thankfully, Mark Snow didn’t overdo it by quoting that melody too much (unlike the show’s taglines in the dialogue!).

Very unexpectedly, even the music for Babylon was a pleasant surprise — outside of the short comedic cues of which I was never a big fan of (including a quote of Beethoven’s Letter for Elise)– what is there makes one think of a tense, dark episode. Were-Monster gets just a medley, and it is true that its music was not that memorable.

The set wraps up with Snow’s remix of the main theme, with heavy use of electronics, used in the end titles. The opening titles used the original mix of the iconic original theme.

All of this makes me look forward to Mark Snow’s score for the upcoming season.



Volume 4 and beyond

We are still waiting for Volume 4 of La La Land’s music for the original X-Files, after Volume 3 was released in 2013.

The massive list with requests for cues has been updated — music from 147 episodes!

What was covered in Volume 3 was removed, more requests were added (cues gathered at FSM or sent to EatTheCorn).

The latest news from LLL is that they are indeed considering a Volume 4 given the sales of previous volumes, however indications are that this would be the last volume. The focus is expected to be on episodes not covered in previous volumes, however requests for important cues that were skipped the first time around are so recurring that I hope LLL might reconsider.

Another idea that has been floated by LLL is that of complete episodic soundtracks: the complete score of episodes instead of episode selections, with one CD containing perhaps 2 episodes. This has been attempted before with, for instance, the episodic scores to Babylon 5; the limited edition would be fewer than the 3000 units for the Volumes releases. This approach would make sense once the “best of” Volume 4 will be out, given the amount of material out there and the dedicated fanbase of Snow’s music.

Volume 3 was an odd mix of selected cues and complete episodic soundtracks where precious time could have been saved for short cues that are considered of higher priority. Volume 3 featured a peculiar selection of music, with some excellent material from the first couple of seasons that many had asked for (Deep Throat, GenderBender, 3) but also spending comparatively a lot of CD space on episodes for which a selection would have sufficed (Small Potatoes) or that were not on anyone’s list (El Mundo Gira, Trust No 1) or giving select episodes the complete soundtrack treatment. For example Drive was covered in its entirety with 32 min (only missing: two very short cues that are actually samples of the released cues), and Field Trip and Essence were also very close to complete.

Despite these quips, LLL has been issuing high quality box sets with material that was only the stuff of dreams a few years ago, so the fact that LLL does have plans for more releases to come can only be good news!


MM at 20 + LLL Vol.3

MillenniuM XX

October 25 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of MillenniuM!

Chris Carter’s second-longest creation saw its pilot premiere on October 25 1996, replacing the Friday night time slot of The X-Files, while The X-Files moved to Sunday nights early in its fourth season. MillenniuM went on for 67 episodes during three very different seasons which had one thing in common: the character of Frank Black, who, Christ-like, seems to bear the worries for the sins of the whole of humankind on his shoulders, and his memorable portrayal by Lance Henriksen.


Since the 2008 release of the second X-Files movie I Want To Believe (very Millenniumistic, by the way) in 2008, the MillenniuM fandom is marked by the Back To Frank Black campaign, which did everything in its power to bring MillenniuM back in some form — and gave the world many interviews of cast and crews in the process, and produced a remarkable book of interviews and analysis in 2012.

Additionally: In 2014, IDW published a comics on MillenniuM, written by Joe Harris, but it did not continue beyond the initial five issues. In 2008, La La Land edited a 2-CD compilation of Mark Snow music from MillenniuM, and unexpectedly followed suit in 2015 with a Volume 2.

One more reason to celebrate: a new Millennium documentary project has been launched by a team involving B2FB, fan-made but professional-grade! The documentary Millennium after the Millennium is open for crowdfunding support.

Millennium after the Millennium is a new documentary focused on Chris Carter’s  landmark television series Millennium. Set twenty years after the show ended,  we take a look back at what makes Millennium so enduring to fans and critics alike. With virtually every major crew and cast member including Chris Carter, Lance Henriksen, Frank Spotnitz, Chip Johannessen, James Wong, Glen Morgan and many, many more,  we delve into how Millennium came to be and explore its turbulent production history while finding hope for the future. This documentary will be packed with thoughtful reflections and candid never before seen interviews. Want to know about that infamous missing Millennium script? Or the definitive answers to how Millennium ended up with three very unique seasons? How about the REAL reasons why Millennium was canceled? It’s all here including all the major players’ thoughts and ideas on how to bring our beloved Frank Black back!

It is expected to be released in 2017.

The X-Files Volume 3

Today is also another important date: Volume 3 of Mark Snow’s music for The X-Files is edited by La La Land Records! Limited edition of 3000 units.


After Vol.1 in 2011 and Vol.2 in 2013 (The X-Files‘ own 20th anniversary), Vol.3 is another 4-CD compilation of music from across the whole length of the show, covering episodes not included in the previous two. EatTheCorn had compiled a long list of requests for Snow music worthy of a clean release for LLL’s consideration — the Massive Music Compilation, massively updated in 2015 — and I’m glad to see many requests made the cut! It will be updated again soon to incorporate Vol.3.

The TRUTH is out there OCTOBER 25, 2016
LLLCD 1370

Here is the tracklist:

Disc One

1. THE X-FILES Main Title (Season 1) 0:47
2. UFO Kids 2:15
3. UFO Technology 2:15
4. Confrontation 2:09
5. Trek to Yellow Base 2:53
6. Eye Poke 1:06
7. Transfer and Release 3:26
8. Shaky Ground 2:13
9. Weather Balloons 1:00
10. Kevin, the NSA Menace 1:59
11. Switching Channels / Deciphering 1:11
12. Shallow Grave 2:03
13. Another X-File 1:48
14. The Young Col. Belt 1:23
15. Lift Off 4:00
16. Car Crash 0:57
17. Digital Data Banks 2:09
18. Aerial Burial 1:17
19. Sex Kills 1:32
20. Arrival in Town 1:18
21. Intro to Kindred, Part 2 3:19
22. Finding Kindred 3:24
23. I Called Him Marty 2:12
24. Indian Prince-(ss) 2:02
25. Fire in the Mind 2:51
26. A Call to Autopsy 1:21
27. Meet the New Throat 4:02
28. Top Secret Eyes 2:22
29. Spy Boy 1:25
2X7 – “3”
30. Bloody Jacuzzi 2:46
31. Old Files 3:06
32. Blood in the Loaf 4:26
33. Protector 5:22
34. Just Ashes and Bones 0:25

Disc One Total Time: 78:10
Disc Two

1. Alieness 1:14
2. Light Sabre 1:08
3. Obie Gyn 1:13
4. Sugar Patootie 4:21
5. Identity Crisis 3:47
6. Potato Vault 0:40
7. Perk Prisoner 0:44
8. Mugging 4:00
9. Ain't No Eddie 0:55
10. Sulphur Water 3:47
11. Killer Enzyme 3:02
12. Fungi Man 6:32
13. El Quasicabra! 7:05
14. Pachyderm 2:32
15. Cat Food 3:41
16. Tiger Walk 3:26
17. Crushed 2:40
18. Jog 4:21
19. Fungus Among Us 2:24
20. Swamp Ooze 3:08
21. Dream Time 9:55
22. Still Underground 1:52
23. Migraine Mushroom 4:04

Disc Two Total Time: 77:19
Disc Three

1. Stake In The Heart/Main Title 2:18
2. Can Kickin'/Ticket/Exuberant 1:55
3. Mushrooms 3:05
4. Fangs 1:30
5. Rolling Acres 2:40
6. Vibro-Pizza 4:04
7. Living Dead 4:40
8. Fell's Point 2:37
9. Hackland 1:49
10. Holly Sugar 3:04
11. Molar Wire 3:29
12. Cleaners 4:13
13. The Truth Is 4:09
14. Bush Monster 2:14
15. Trail of Stolen Pebbles 4:26
16. Forest Fridge 5:28
17. Barbecue Ludi 3:04
18. Malchik 2:51
19. The Krycek Diet 3:13
20. Skyland Barbecue 4:38
21. Les Saboteurs 6:05
22. Bridge of Sighs 5:33

Disc Three Total Time: 77:57
Disc Four

6X02 – DRIVE
1. Special Report 0:09
2. Road Rage 1:58
3. Head Blow 4:22
4. Hijack 4:07
5. Westward Ho 3:54
6. Inner Ear 10:00
7. ELF Wave 7:19
8. Manure Piles 1:20
9. Recap 0:52
10. Parenti’s Showroom 4:18
11. Billy the Terminator 5:12
12. Head Bag 2:17
13. Vitamins 3:14
14. Lizzy's Labours 6:10
15. Compacted 4:17
9X06 – TRUST NO 1
16. Computer Lab 1:42
17. Spies Like Us 2:32
18. Puppet Master 9:11
19. Jumper / Scully's Serenade 5:10
20. THE X-FILES 1st Season End Credits 0:28
21. I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare* 0:09
* - Music By Alfred Newman

Disc Four Total Time: 78:02

Total Set Running Time: 5:10:28

Vol.3 covers just 18 episodes (and no episodes from seasons 3 and 7) compared to 40 and 33 from the previous two volumes. This means much longer cues and more time spent per episode on average — which is great news given the atmospheric nature of Snow’s soundtrack, especially in those early seasons. But it also means that many essential cues from many episodes still haven’t been released and are postponed to a potential Volume 4.

Here are the running totals summed across all three volumes:


Seasons 2, 4 and 5 get the most music, season 7 the least by far. Today it is almost common practice for TV shows to have a 1-CD release per season, thanks in no small part to labels like La La Land, and thanks to these 3 releases The X-Files has now caught up. But as the Massive Music Compilation list shows, there is more than enough material for 4 more CDs of a Volume 4! However, the latest news is that La La Land would be planning of a limited 2-CD release to wrap everything up. I hope at least Duane Barry/Ascension, Apocrypha, Never Again will be on that, not to mention episodes already covered but still have great music that was skipped, like Talitha Cumi or Redux II.

Still: Thank you La La Land!

EDIT Oct-27-2016: More good news: Day+1 sales were so good for La La Land that they are considering a full 4-CD Volume 4 after all!

La La Land Records : The X-Files Volume 2


After Volume 1 was released on May 10, 2011 and came to fill a gap for audio(X)philes everywhere, who were waiting for this since 1996’s The Truth and the Light, we were waiting for a second volume that was then promised for 2012.

Meanwhile, Volume 1‘s 3000 copies went out of print, in August 2012. An in-depth music selection process and a busy schedule for La La Land pushed the release to 2013, first to Q1 2013, then May, then August/September. Dan Goldwasser revealed it would be a 4 CD set at the Festival Internacional De Musica De Cine (International Film Music Festival) in Cordoba, Spain, in June 2013. And eventually, the date for the release of Volume 2 was set for September 10th 2013, to coincide with the show’s 20th anniversary (thanks to a message to LLL from yours truly) — this marked the only official (i.e. not fan-initiated) XF-related event on that anniversary date.

Leading up to the release, LLL teased us with a list of the episodes that were selected for Volume 2 on Facebook and the FilmScoreMonthly message boards on September 3. LLL also promised that a Volume 3 is “most likely unless sales of Volume 2 are terrible“. For 2014? LLL also did not close the possibility of a release of a complete score for Fight the Future.

The press release for Volume 2:

Music by Mark Snow
Limited Edition of 3000 Units


ORDER “THE X FILES: VOLUME TWO: LIMITED EDITION (4-CD BOX SET)” starting Sept 10th at 12pm PST at www.lalalandrecords.com and get your CD tray card (clamshell front cover) autographed by composer Mark Snow at no additional charge. Autographs are available while supplies last and are NOT guaranteed.

La-La Land Records and Twentieth Century Fox mark the 20th anniversary of the beloved television series THE X FILES with this second, 4-CD volume of Mark Snow’s original score to the award-winning landmark program. More than 5hrs of incredible X-Files music, complied from many episode favorites, have been assembled in this strikingly attractive collection, produced by Mark Snow, Nick Redman and Mike Joffe and mastered by James Nelson. The 40-Page CD booklet contains exclusive, in-depth liner notes from film music writer Randall Larson and features comments from show creator Chris Carter and writer/producers Frank Spotnitz, Glen Morgan and James Wong. Limited to 3000 units, the set’s CD Booklet and 4-CD Clamshell case are housed in a hard cover slipcase, in the same fashion as our acclaimed, sold-out first volume. The truth is in here – this is truly some of the most daring and enthralling music ever created for television.

The 400 autographed copies were sold within 10-15 minutes of the release!

Compared to Volume 1, the tone of the selected cues is consistently darker, where Volume 1 had a mix of dramatic/horror music with interspersed lighter/comedic cues. This makes Volume 2 a more coherent and enjoyable listening experience — but it’s not music that you might listen to hours on end! Nevertheless, there are some of my most awaited pieces here, making Vol 2 an instant favourite! Many cues are also often longer and more immersive than on Volume 1, very atmospheric and nearly more sound design than music — especially from the first two seasons.

Again, some statistics, to be compared with Volume 1 (considering all these early episodes apart from E.B.E. as stand-alones, and F. Emasculata as mythology):

Episodes Tracks Length
Season 1 5/24 13 40:26
Season 2 6/25 13 50:38
Season 3 5/24 9 24:37
Season 4 6/24 11 75:56
Season 5 4/20 7 40:31
Season 6 2/22 3 10:55
Season 7 2/22 3 16:23
Season 8 2/21 5 26:34
Season 9 1/20 1 09:00
Miscellaneous 7 04:00
Total 33/202 72 299:00
Mythology 20/72 39 208:10
Stand-Alones 13/130 26 86:50

For a grand running total of:

Episodes Tracks Length
Season 1 10/24 26 69:28
Season 2 10/25 27 93:11
Season 3 9/24 16 52:19
Season 4 10/24 20 114:23
Season 5 8/20 12 71:19
Season 6 8/22 18 57:50
Season 7 8/22 13 45:30
Season 8 5/21 9 36:32
Season 9 5/20 9 45:05
Miscellaneous 16 14:41
Total 40/202 166 600:18
Mythology 22/72 80 355:39
Stand-Alones 18/130 70 229:58

That’s about one CD per season, which is what most TV shows get nowadays. Season 4 is particularly well-treated!

In 2010, LLL had released a preliminary list of episodes they had opted for release. Sure enough, many of them are in here: Young at Heart, E.B.E., Blood, Soft Light, The Blessing Way, Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose, Talitha Cumi, Home, Redux II, The Red and the Black, All Souls, S.R. 819, Biogenesis, Theef, Requiem, DeadAlive, Existence, 4D.

Volume 2 is much more focused on the first, “classic”, seasons of the show, whereas the first volume was much more evenly spread: 7 episodes from the Los Angeles era in Vol 2 against 19 in Vol 1. This is also reflected in the number of photos in the booklet. Clearly, what fans have requested and what the show is associated with resides much more in these early seasons. Actually, all of the opted music from seasons 8 & 9 from the 2010 list has been included here — which makes me wonder whether future sets will focus exclusively on earlier seasons!

Vol 2 is also much more focused on the mythology: two thirds in Vol 2 against half in Vol 1. In essence, all mythology two-parters have been covered, apart from Duane Barry/Ascension and certain parts of two-parters (Apocrypha, Patient X).

Over seasons 6-8, particularly for the mythology episodes, Mark Snow mixed his music with recordings he made for Fight the Future, and whereas running time could be saved on those they are featured in both volumes (One Son, Essence). If there are more volumes down the road and we come closer to a complete music collection, we can’t complain!

Finally, apart from the episodes not yet covered, there is still some very interesting music that was not selected in the episodes already covered — it’s difficult to satisfy rabid fans! For example: Paper Clip, Grotesque, Talitha Cumi, Redux II, The Red and the Black, Requiem… more on that on a separate post.

Full tracklist follows (reordered for some tracks in seasons 8 and 9, which were out of order for reasons of listening experience):

Episode # Track Name Time
1.1 THE X FILES Main Title (Season 1) 0:47

Season 1

1X11: Eve 1.2 Swinging Dead Daddy 1:26
1.3 Meet Your Clone 1:19
1.4 Attached 0:53
1X16: Young at Heart 1.5 The Eyes Don’t Lie 1:46
1.6 Ain’t Dead Yet 4:03
1.7 Youth 3:37
1.8 Shot in the Crowd 2:29
1X17: E.B.E. 1.9 Swimming With Sharks 5:14
1.10 Here We Go 2:42
1X21: Tooms 1.11 Druid Hill 2:42
1.12 Rats & Babes 1:59
1.13 Toilet Tooms 5:49
1X22: Born Again 1.14 Psycho-Electric Attack 6:27

Season 2

2X03: Blood 1.15 Drive for Blood 3:26
2X14: Die Hand die Verletzt 1.16 Prayer 0:45
1.17 Suicide Exam 2:34
1.18 Snake Hold 1:22
2X16: Colony 1.19 Hypothermia 2:43
1.20 Alta 2:35
2X17: End Game 1.21 Scully’s Discovery/Mulder’s E-Mail Message/Skinner Helps Scully 8:19
1.22 Showdown/Saving Mulder/Faith to Keep Looking 1:18
Disc One Total Time: 74:49
2.1 THE X FILES Main Title (2nd Season) 0:49
2X23: Soft Light 2.2 Eaten by Light 2:44
2.3 Spontaneous Combustion 4:39
2.4 Shadow on the Wall 2:21
2X22: F. Emasculata 2.5 Flesh on Bone 4:31
2.6 Pustule Package 3:21

Season 3

3X01: The Blessing Way 2.7 Blown Up and Beaten 2:50
3X02: Paper Clip 2.8 Smoky Gets in Your Eyes 2:52
2.9 Outmined 2:23
2.10 Sacrifice/Skinner Gets Skinned 4:04
3X04: Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose 2.11 Yappi 2:18
2.12 Dumpster 3:00
3X14: Grotesque 2.13 Disarmed 1:28
3X24: Talitha Cumi 2.14 Fries and Faith 2:38
2.15 Discreet Distance 3:04

Season 4

4X01: Herrenvolk 2.16 Needle Neck 6:54
4X02: Home 2.17 Newborn 2:11
4X09: Tunguska 2.18 Worm Rock 2:48
2.19 Chicken Wire Wrap 7:57
2.20 THE X FILES End Credits (Extended #1) 0:35
Disc Two Total Time: 74:23
3.1 THE X FILES Main Title (7th Season) 0:35
4X10: Terma 3.2 Black Vermiform 6:03
3.3 Fire of Terma 8:47
4X17: Tempus Fugit 3.4 Pieces 6:28
3.5 Nine Minutes 3:24
4X24: Gethsemane 3.6 Trails 5:37
3.7 Thawed 1:30
3.8 Deep Dupe 4:17

Season 5

5X01: Redux 3.9 Little Vials of Proof 8:23
5X02: Redux II 3.10 Remission 5:42
5X14: The Red And The Black 3.11 Red Letter 2:46
3.12 Resist or Serve 3:45
3.13 Lil’ Cabin in Quebec 8:42
Disc Three Total Time: 76:35
4.1 THE X FILES Main Title (9th Season) 0:36
5X17: All Souls 4.2 Baptism 3:45
4.3 Four Faces 7:28

Season 6

6X09: S.R. 819 4.4 Orgell 2:26
4.5 Bill of Health 4:29
6X22: Biogenesis 4.6 Map of the Genome 4:00

Season 7

7X14: Theef 4.7 Voodoo Doll 7:19
7X22: Requiem 4.8 Déjà vu 3:55
4.9 Ray 5:09

Season 8

8X15: DeadAlive 4.14 Deep Six 2:53
4.15 AliveAlive 1:03
8X21: Existence 4.11 Something Feels Off 3:03
4.12 Replicant Revolution 6:21
4.13 Under Investigation 3:14

Season 9

9X04: 4-D 4.10 Pulling the Plug 9:00
4.16 THE X FILES End Credits (1st Season) 0:30
4.17 I Made This/20th Century Fox Fanfare* 0:08
Disc Four Total Time: 76:04
Total Set Running Time: 298:27

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