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Jan 06, 2017 19:59

Happy new year! Here is an oldie – a near-episode-length X-Files parody written and directed by @[107974612558003:274:Stefan Petrucha], the writer of the excellent early issues of the Topps XF comics! Mulder & Scully investigate the Chicken-Man.


Jan 06, 2017 23:50

FOX confirms: no more X-Files any time soon – an official confirmation of what we have been reposting since November. I still suppose it could happen, but not before 2018, at least. XF cliffhangers are the Sisyphus torture.

Variety: Remote Controlled: Fox TV CEO Gary Newman on ‘24’ Reboot, ‘Prison Break,’ ‘X-Files’

Jan 19, 2017 18:13

2 years ago, the XF revival was essentially announced at the Television Critics Association annual event. Today, the future looks…complicated. *IF* (and as time goes by, it’s an “if”) there are new episodes, most likely it won’t be before “Fall 2018 or [Winter] 2019”, according to FOX — i.e. 3 years later after the My Struggle II cliffhanger! And as time goes by, I believe that FOX’s patience with the Carter-DD-GA trio will decrease, and FOX’s appetite for an inevitable reboot with different people involved will increase.

IndieWire: ‘The X-Files’ Update: Renewal Talks are Progressing, But It’s Not Likely to Return Next Season

Jan 20, 2017 19:16

CSM: “Don’t try and threaten me, Mulder. I’ve watched Presidents die!” I wonder where that guy is, this day. #Inauguration

Jan 21, 2017 15:58

A look at the recent #TheXFiles comics since the launch of the new revival series + a review of the first 9 issues. Verdict: can do better (and the same team did better in the past!)

XF comics update + #1-9 review


Jan 24, 2017 23:40

The X-Files Event Series, as it’ officially called, started airing one year ago today – already! – also called “revival” and “season 10” by fans. For me this was the beginning of a period of both excitement and frustration, and some sleepless nights… How about you?

FOX.COM: Watch THE X-FILES Opening Scene from The X-Files on FOX NOW

Jan 28, 2017 20:34

“Writing The X-Files”: recommended!


Amazon.com: Writing The X-Files by Jason Morris

Jan 31, 2017 21:44

Isometric 3D modelling of the X-Files office! From https://www.reddit.com/r/XFiles/comments/5q8d2z/oc_mulders_office/

Feb 04, 2017 13:10

@[362989843738755:274:The X-Files] revival filming locations! Guide+map, an excellent resource!

MovieMaps: The X-Files Filming Locations

Feb 09, 2017 19:32

Short video on the CGI effects for the X-Files 2016 event series!


Feb 10, 2017 19:27

More X-Files? David Duchovny radio interview: “We are talking about doing some more. I should have some news, either yes or no, pretty soon.” So: “no” is a real possibility — far from the certainties 12 months ago!

MEDIA.WEEI.COM: Enough About Me – Ep. 51: David Duchovny

Feb 13, 2017 19:15

Echoes of The Erlenmeyer Flask & My Struggle II! A pair of extra, non-naturally occurring nucleotides inserted in DNA of bacteria with the help of CRISPR-Cas9. Artificial organisms are a reality!

BBC: Extra letters added to life’s genetic code

Feb 14, 2017 20:40

Behind the scenes of the digital effects for last year’s X-Files: video, before/after images, interview with the folks at Image Engine! Impressive how much CGI there is on TV now, but it looks like post-production length is longer as well. Thanks to Juliane Kempe!

Imagine Engine: The X-Files – Season 10

Feb 15, 2017 17:48

Duchovny reflecting on last year’s revival: he had mixed feelings about the 2016 return. “I was happy to come back and do it,” he says, “and there were some episodes that worked better than others, but I thought that six was too few. We had to find too much ground to make up, too much backstory to tell and then it ended up there wasn’t enough [story] left to do. So, I feel like the next time if we did it, we’d do more episodes. Certainly never 22 again, but more than six. It’d be a better story to tell.”

Also, the usual about more: “Very possible,” says Duchovny. “At this point it looks good, but I don’t have anything specific to tell you. But we’re all kind of crouching.”

WBUR: Acting, Writing And Singing — David Duchovny Redefines The Triple Threat

Feb 15, 2017 20:53

Welcome to member #400, [redacted]! Trust No One!

Feb 21, 2017 00:11

@[15925638948:274:IMDb] closed down its message boards today. Another historic corner of the internet for cine/seriesphiles is no more.


Feb 22, 2017 23:12

One year since My Struggle II aired and the “event series” ended. A year since thid wreck of an episode, in terms of narration, pacing, characterization, dialogue, continuity, despite some good initial ideas and ambitious concepts. “This is the end” the tagline said, but could more episodes in the future make things more interesting?

10X6: My Struggle II

Feb 23, 2017 23:22

Happy 53rd birthday Dana Scully! Here is an interview from yesterday with Gillian Anderson, where…she talks about choosing characters to portray that are as far from Scully’s as possible, and where she says she doesn’t particularly miss portraying Scully compared to many of her other roles. Scully was an important role in the past, but I think “season 11” is not a done deal yet!

Getty Images: INTERVIEW Gillian Anderson on adapting to the role, X Files and upcoming plans at ‘Viceroy’s House’ – Interviews

Feb 25, 2017 2:21

“She’s dead, wrapped in plastic!” Feb-24, a day to celebrate The X-Files’ great cousin series, which is also getting a revival this year: Twin Peaks!


Fans, 11:30 a.m., February Twenty-fourth. Entering the 18-part return to the town of Twin Peaks. #TwinPeaksDay


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