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Primer Section 2

Section 2 : New World Order
World War II to 1973
The Cold War and Project Paper Clip

At the end of the Second World War in 1945, two countries emerged as super-powers in a ravaged world: the United States and the Soviet Union. The two enemies raced to recruit allies while Europe was weakened and the United Nations Organization was given birth; they offered economic help through the Marshall Plan and the COMECON; they offered political and military support through new alliances and lobbies. Aiming at technological superiority, the USA and the USSR fought over who would take the most scientists from the defeated Axis countries on their side. Many important figures escaped the Nuremberg and Tokyo trials by fleeing to the USA, where they were given political immunity in exchange of their services to their country of adoption. This was Project Paper Clip, conducted by the State Department from 1946 to 1957. The USA succeeded in recruiting rocket scientists like Wernher Von Braun, German doctors like Victor Klemper and Alvin Kurtzweil, Japanese doctors like Takeo Ishimaru, and rich German industrialists like Conrad Strughold.

The Zeus Faber Incident

The military really became aware of the existence of aliens during WWII. There were many UFO sightings by Air Force pilots; UFOs came to be known as ‘Foo Fighters’. On June 24, 1947, the first mediatized sighting would earn them the name of ‘flying saucers’.

During the war in the Pacific in 1945, the USAF tried to bring down one of these Foo Fighters. The UFO took down a number of planes with it. The submarine Zeus Faber was sent to salvage it; the cover story was that the downed planes were carrying the third atom bomb bound to Japan and the Zeus Faber was going to recover it. Once on site, the Black Oil of the UFO took control of the sub’s Captain. This, coupled with leaking radioactivity and the danger of Japanese patrols on the surface, resulted in mutiny; the Black Oil was made to leave the Captain’s body. Of the sub’s crew, only 7 survived the radiation emitted by the downed UFO. The last irradiated sailor died in 1953, after being interviewed by 3 men (William Mulder and CGB Spender among them). This was the first source of information the government had of the Black Oil, and the only source for a long time.

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The Roswell Crash

The famed incident at Roswell, New Mexico, on July 2, 1947, involved a crash of a UFO. The US military recovered the remains of the craft and the bodies of its occupants. The truth was hidden to the public, and as this was the first crash cover-up, it was not executed as well as those that would follow. The cover story involved a weather balloon. The organization known as Majestic 12, or MJ-12, was created, composed of high-ranking military and top-notch scientists that dealt with the hiding and study of the alien craft and bodies.

The USAF quickly saw that technological superiority over the Soviets could be obtained through study of the UFO. Research began to manufacture a military UFO by retro-engineering the Roswell craft in top secret military bases like Groom Lake in Nevada and Ellens in Idaho. The military were more than happy to shoot down UFOs, feeding their retro-engineers with more material from which to create more breakthrough technology — a technology that would be used in new military aircraft or that would be developed in cooperation with major civilian aerospace companies.

The cataloguing and SEP

With the beginning of the Cold War, fear of an impending nuclear holocaust took over the public and the political figures. So that a deceased could be identified after a nuclear attack, genetic information had to be gathered. The US government ordered the creation of a secret database of tissue samples from every citizen. The samples were taken very officially upon the smallpox inoculation, which became obligatory under the blessing of the World Health Organization as part of the SEP (Smallpox Eradication Program). William Mulder was among the persons who conducted the cataloguing.

Strughold, a rich German industrialist protected in the USA under Project Paper Clip, had made many strategically placed contacts. He furthered the favors of government by giving away one of his mines in Virginia and converting it into a storing facility for the cataloguing database.

Governmental and UNO measures

Increasing numbers of UFO sightings in the June-July 1947 period and the Roswell crash buzz drew public attention to the UFO phenomenon. As a consequence, “Project Sign” was created in late 1947 as an official US government study, backed by the USAF. Extensive research only resulted in the truth getting out, that these were real crafts, certainly not of Soviet origin and of unknown but probably menacing purposes. As an attempt to bury the truth behind a haze of paperwork, “Sign” was renamed to “Project Grudge” in late 1948, then again to “Project Blue Book” in 1952.

Analyzing the data gathered in the Roswell craft, the threat the aliens represented was quite obvious. There was a global colonization ahead, it would take place in 2012, it was well planned and mankind was not in the least prepared to counter it. It became a matter of national security to hide the real nature of the UFOs from the general public in order to prevent mass panic. The threat the aliens represented was greater than any feud between the USA and the USSR. The matter was secretly brought to the United Nations Organization: the USA, the USSR, Britain, France, the two Germanies (GDR & FRG) and China all participated in a UN council. The Security Resolution 1013 was voted: any country that would capture an alien being would have to exterminate it.

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The birth of a conspiracy

In the USA, on the more hidden side of things, following the Roswell events, the highest spheres of power deemed it necessary to act against the alien invasion. More had to be learned of the enemy, it was necessary to gather information. In the late 40s and early 50s, teaming up with the members of MJ-12 came many government officials, from the Department of Defense or the State Department. Among them, CGB Spender, William Mulder and the man we only know as Deep Throat. This core unit was top secret and was given broad leeway by their superiors. Their task was to learn everything of the alien presence on Earth and hopefully find a way to defend ourselves against ‘them’: an investigative unit with executive power and all the US government’s agencies at its disposal.

The Native American language Navajo was used for keeping records of all this group’s doings. Navajo had already been used by the US military during WWII as a coding method, very successful because of its uniqueness. Some of the same ‘code talkers’ translators were used again, like Albert Hosteen.

In the same way the alien menace had to be kept secret, the public was not to know the actions of this group. In a delicate game of information even among the highest power spheres of the government and military, very few people were allowed to know that there were aliens in the first place, and among them few knew of the Security Resolution 1013. Even fewer knew what the investigative group was up to.

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The conspiracy within the conspiracy

For those unaware of the reality of alien presence on Earth, a very simple way to cover up governmental experiments that would not be approved by the civilian population or that had to be kept secret from foreign countries was to make believe that they were conducted by aliens. A systematic effort of covering up any tangible evidence began, along with a campain of misinforming and discrediting that made ridicule out of any true ‘believer’, simultaneously discouraging anyone that would want to dig deeper into the web of lies they were building. Fake photos were created, false accounts were circulated and fed to the appropriate media, and hoaxes were meticulously conceived for the sole strategic purpose of being seen by hardcore ‘believers’. The USA became the country with by far the most UFO sightings and alien abduction accounts. Those aware of the real aliens would find this strategy useful too: denying the existence of the very being they were after was a way to make the truth of their existence even more improbable.

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Project MK-Ultra and mind control

Inspired by mind-control techniques conducted on prisoners of war in the USSR, China and Korea, the CIA began a secret research program on mind control, brain manipulation and mind reading in 1953: Project MK-Ultra. Its many projects involved experimental drugs, torturing, the use of electronic signals, or hypnosis. Project Stargate attempted to develop psychic remote viewing. The truth serum was produced and many civilians and military were experimented on, mostly unwittingly.

The revelation of human experimentation done by the CIA and the Department of Defense to the general public in 1974 effectively ended Project MK-Ultra. But the experiments never ended, taking different names and financing, always with the justification of assuring the USA’s superiority over its enemies. Experiments which led to a series of murders encouraged or triggered by everyday electronic devices in 1994 or another in 1996 involving electronic signals added to television transmissions can all be considered as heirs of MK-Ultra.

Hallucinogenic drugs were also developed. In 1989 was tested a drug that could trigger specific hallucinations to the subject: hallucinations of little grey aliens. Such a drug could be very useful to disguise secret governmental operations as the acts of aliens.

Selective memory erasure was also developed by the military, perhaps derived from alien technology found on fallen UFOs. Coupled with drugs and hypnosis, this could firmly convince a test subject of the government that he had been abducted by aliens.

The government continued to be on the watch for scientific discoveries with potential military applications. It tried to salvage, violently sometimes, work in the field of artificial intelligence, human tissue regeneration, or subatomic particles physics.

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The xenotransplantation experiments

An experiment led by German doctors brought in the USA through Project Paper Clip was xenotransplantation, the grafting of a species’ body part into another species. Only that this experiment involved the grafting of an entire organism, quite possibly alien, perhaps found in the Roswell craft. When the test subjects, unwitting employees of the State Department, tried to revolt, they were declared communists. The witch-hunt led by Senator McCarthy was useful not only to eradicate the Soviet menace in the USA, but also to neutralize an unwanted enemy. If any person was declared as communist by the government, then everyone, government agencies and civilians, were against him and he had no hope of escaping.

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The beginnings of genetic engineering: The Lichfield Experiments

Genetic biology was at its beginnings, knowledge of genetics at that time was very small — DNA was officially discovered in 1944 and its structure was identified in 1953. But already the military applications of genetics were seen: to make a superior soldier, more resistant and more efficient. The Russians began a program of raw eugenics, which is simple crossbreeding in order to isolate specific traits and abilities. In the USA, the Lichfield Experiments began: the first human clones. The male ones were named Adam, the females Eve. However, an increased chromosome number led to increased violent behavior. Ultimately the project was shot down and the remaining Eves were locked in prison.

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First hybridization attempts

Studying the Roswell bodies, the biological hazard of the aliens’ presence was identified immediately. It was thought that the colonization would consist in “simply” the Black Oil infecting every human being on Earth. This led the investigative group to believe that a hybrid being was most likely to survive a potential alien biological attack. Moreover, a hybrid would survive conventional (ie, terrestrial) biological warfare and would make a fine “super-soldier”. The medical expertise of German and Japanese doctors of Paper Clip was summoned to begin studies on the hybridization technique. The main goal was to create a being immune to the alien biology, “simply” by having its genome integrating both human and alien DNA: an alien/human hybrid.

With experience gained in the Lichfield Experiments and thanks to people like Victor “The Butcher” Klemper, results were considerable. These experiments were not exactly genetic engineering yet, as they only consisted in inoculations of alien material that, it was hoped, would modify the human nature of the test subjects towards something greater. The genetic data gathered at Strughold’s mine during the cataloguing of the population was deviated from its original purpose and was used to facilitate the doctors’ work in the search for certain genetic profiles.

The Roswell bodies were used to obtain alien tissue. As for the human test subjects, they were found among those whose disappearance would attract the less attention: the poor, the homeless, the insane, the elderly. The dehumanizing code-name for these test subjects was “the Merchandise”. Prior to the experiments, every test subject was given a smallpox vaccination that would be used for subsequent identification: indeed, the hybridization process changed the physical appearance of the humans into something close to a grey alien. This among other things was why these experiments were considered a failure. The hybrids were put inside buried train box cars and were exterminated using the gas developed by the Nazis, hydrogen cyanide.

Hybridization attempts did not cease though, as few results as they offered. Dr. Ishimaru, taking on the identity “Shiro Zama”, joined the effort in 1965 or earlier. The knowledge gained on human experimentation and human endurance was great, and it came handy when JFK launched the race for landing an American on the Moon. Apollo 11 in 1969 was another victory of the American block over the Soviets.

The Vietnam supersoldiers

Another governmental project to produce a superior soldier was conducted during the War in Vietnam (1965-1973). Conducted on Parris Island, it was based on brain surgery that led to sleep deprivation, and ultimately sleep eradication. The experimental platoon that was sent to Vietnam was highly successful in exterminating Vietnamese, so much so that it went on doing so without orders.

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